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The findings of Dude Dudu #87
Posted by Etienne on 07/08/2014 at 12:00 (0 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hello everyone!

It's true that this news is a little late, but this is the first time, so it's excusable. This week, we're looking at the Code Lyoko Social Game and adding 4 background images of Lyoko Sectors.


And a small anecdote, because even though Sector 5 never went live (and will certainly never be put online seeing the disastrous fate Moonscoop met), it has almost always been possible to see a glimpse of what this Sector would have been like. The proof? You just have to look at the official site for the game, and what do you find if you search well enough?

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