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 An old icon of the community, today gone with honours to other places, Kikou is known in the LyokoSphere for two major creations. The first is a collection of remixes of CL music (Opening and Subdigitals). The second is a video game: the first community fangame.

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ImageTalents: Mixer, video game creator
Name: Jonathan
Library: RemixesVideo game
Literary & cultural references: Code Lyoko of course, Stargate SG-1, and a lot of other things.
Favorite character(s): I hesitate between Aelita, Odd and Jim. But they all have a touching side.

Kikuou's video game
[Code Lyoko: PC game]
Created by: Kikou

Game: Downloadable for installation
Genre: Strategy
Time period covered: Season 1
This game can be downloaded. Dating back somewhat, it may be difficult to use on current operating systems (post Windows XP). But definitely don't miss out on it!

ImageLanguage: Image

Project finished: Image
Usable in current state: Image
In development: Image

A veritable institution of the community, this game developed by Kikou is a real-time isometric strategy game. Follow the characters as they move while you make them confront XANA's monsters on Lyoko. Following some setbacks, Kikou has stopped the development of the game, which mainly covers the events of season 1. However, the game is functional and as such can be used at any time! Don't miss out on this experience.

[ Access the page on Kikou's PC game! ]

Kikou's mythical remixes
Image[Un monde sans danger Heavy Clap RMX]Image[Un monde sans danger Vocal Extended Mix]

Image[Un monde sans danger Extended Club Mix]Image[Un monde sans danger Heavy Instrumental]

Image[Subsonics - Full Version]Image[Un Monde Sans Danger Code Trance Mix]

Image[Un monde sans danger Code Sfaction Mix]Image[Un monde sans danger A Capella]

Image[Un monde sans danger Light Version]Image[Sauver le monde Hard Trance Kikou Mix]

Image[Planet Net Dancefloor Kikou Mix]Image[Un monde sans danger Happy Kikou Mix]

Image[S'envoler (Hands Up Style)]Image[D'ici et d'ailleurs (Hands Up Style)]

Image[Un monde sans danger (Hands Up Style)]Image[La Tribu (Hands Up Style)]

Image[Technoïde (Hands Up Style)]Image[Planet Net (Hands Up Style)]

Image[Rodéo (Hands Up Style)]