With his monster concepts that appear to have originated in an alien universe and her science-fiction backdrops that will take your breath away, this now professional artist will have you travelling to the most obscure sides of the force of XANA. Code Lyoko, through her pen, suddenly becomes much less peaceful, and that's for the better!

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ImageTalents: Artist
First name: Snakealien
Gallery work: On Deviant art [Professional page] [Fanart page]
My style: Well I can't pin point it out, but I can only guess its cartoonish and conceptual.
Literary & cultural references: H.R. Geiger's work influenced much of my designs for monsters, while George Orwell's 1984 book as well as the Hotzone by Richard Preston molded my ideas with UF fanart and its comic. Cultural wise well I think that goes without saying.
What inspires me in CL: I always enjoyed the sci-fi fantasy potential with the show ever since I first saw it in highschool. The man vs machine literary conflict was always fascinating to me. So much warring could occur in the next episode when I followed each season, but always disappointed by the sharp drop of a straight forward win or defeat. The combat of the likes in Achilles and the Illiad were what I hoped to have seen, that, I soon incorporated in monster designs and some of the works I've made. However, most of all was the character Aelita was what shaped much of my art lyoko related and otherwise. There was a literary device for her I cannot remember anymore, but I am sad they made her human, so much could have been done.
Favorite character(s): Aelita, XANA, Ulrich, Yumi, XANA monsters.

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