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Herb Pichon
 Herb Pichon

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"What does he have that I don't?!"

#43 XANA's Kiss

Name: Herb Pichon

School: Boarder
Herb is a very good student. Unfortunately for him, he is in the same class as Jeremy, and can't beat him (except in episode 64, “Double Trouble”) despite all his efforts, which increases his bitterness against the group!
We don't know if Herb is a hard worker or just simply clever, but his marks are overwhelmingly above average.


Herb has acne and his face, covered in pimples, earns him some teasing from the other students, mainly from his friend Nicolas.

Just like Jeremy, Herb is good in robotics! We see this in his “Iron Sissi”, the robot he made for the robotics competition, and even though it isn't very beautiful, it was very successful. He can also very quickly create a mini-bot that's capable of entering XANA's larger robot and destroying it (episode #20 “The Robots”)!

Role in the series

"And these two friends of mine are Herb and Nicolas, the worst soccer players you ever saw!"

#16 Claustrophobia

We often saw Herb in season 1, always glued to Sissi and Nicolas. Herb is only a spectator of Sissi's evil plans, only commenting them. Sissi uses Herb's knowledge in technology to aid her in her plans.
In fact, Herb is a more of a follower. He let himself be dragged into night-time fishing with Nicolas (episode #73 “Replika”) and a séance (episode #48 “Is Anybody Out There?”). He is Sissi's flunky, watching the door when she changes clothes and watching soap operas on TV when she can't.

He often provokes the heroes, but he makes himself appear more ridiculous than anything. He only takes action if someone is overly interested in Sissi, like Theo (episode 16 “Claustrophobia”). Even in this case, the heroes have no trouble making a fool out of him!

Finally, Herb, despite only having a minor role, is an almost pathetic character, through his hopelessness and his strong feelings for Sissi, which she neglects. He only once tries to smash Ulrich's face in, ending up hurting himself instead, making a fool of himself yet again (episode #43 “XANA's Kiss”)!

He helps the heroes only once, in episode 20, “The Robots”, in which, without Jeremy, he helps them to destroy a 3-metre tall killing robot, sent by XANA.
However, he's Xanafied in episode 88, “Cousins Once Removed”.

Character and behaviour

"I forgive him. He's nice every now and then!"

#20 The Robots

Herb has an unenviable character: short-tempered, obstinate, envious, frustrated, unpleasant, jealous...
This character is especially jealous of Jeremy and Ulrich! Jeremy because he steals the limelight as the most intelligent, obtaining better marks than him, making better robots. Ulrich because Sissi only sees him.

Herb is more frustrated because he refuses to see the reasoning behind Sissi's choice and by his knowledge that Ulrich will never be interested in her. Unfortunately, we can't do anything about his physical appearance... Herb is therefore ceaselessly grumbling, mumbling, shooting jealous looks, etc. He wants to punch Ulrich in the face, but he's either too scared to do so or hurts himself in a series of ridiculous events (episode 15 “Laughing Fit”)!
He always dreams that Sissi will turn to him one day, and is ready to carry out all sorts of vicious plans against anyone who gets too close to his crush (episode 16 “Claustrophobia”).
It doesn't take much for Herb to give an evil cackle. We notably see him do this when one of the heroes is told off by a teacher. He doesn't hesitate to denounce those he doesn't like.

Herb obeys Sissi to the letter and seems almost incapable of making a decision by himself (episode 30 “A Big Day”). His intellect is hardly put forward... When faced with the pest, Herb remains sheepish and quiet, frightened of being booted out of Sissi's group... He can't refrain from going wild with laugher when Sissi is snubbed by Ulrich (episode 22 “Routine”). We sometimes see him completely put out when Sissi subs him, leaving him with false hope to better rebuff him (episode 53 “Straight to Heart” or 43 “XANA's Kiss”).

When Sissi isn't with him, he stays in Nicolas' company, and the two accomplices spend most of their time quarrelling than anything else (episode 24 “Ghost Channel”), even going so far as to duke it out (episode 30 “A Great Day”).

To top it all off, Herb is fearful and always runs from XANA's attacks, especially an army of zombies (episode 40 “Attack of the Zombies”).

The only episode in which we see Herb's good side is number 20 “The Robots”, in which he helps the heroes, while being blackmailed, to fight XANA. At the end of the episode, Yumi herself admits that Herb can be nice sometimes...


"You should've left your zits down there huh, Herb?"

#44 Vertigo

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