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Elisabeth Delmas
 Elisabeth Delmas

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"You're nothing but a rotten traitor!"

#00 XANA Awakens

Name: Elisabeth Delmas

Nicknames: Sissi

Age at the start of the series: 13

School: Boarder
Sissi pays more attention to her appearance and love life than school! Pinning everything on the simple fact that her father is the principal, she hopes to continue getting bad marks without having to worry! Her father seems idle about his daughter's attitude, but he does sometimes punish her like in episode 33 “Final Mix”.

Family: Her father is Kadic's principal: Jean-Pierre Delmas
We don't know anything about her mother. She has a cousin who lives “in the country”.

Sissi has a complex about her weight, which is nowhere near an alarming number.
We can note that Sissi is the character who appears in the most different clothing! Various outfits, evening and nightwear, flirting outfit, etc.

Role in the series
"I only stayed in school to find out the secret of Jeremie and his friends 'cause...the truth is I've been wanting to be a part of their group for ages, but it seems so you understand what I mean?"

#03 Holiday in the Fog

Sissi is mainly there to place obstacles in our heroes' way and complicate things between Ulrich and Yumi. She wants at all costs to discover their secret and will do anything to succeed, even if it means hurting someone she loves.
So, her presence creates a lot of difficulties in Ulrich and Yumi's love life.

This sums up well the essence of Sissi's character, who endlessly tries to meddle with our heroes...
They don't bother with her much and often underestimate the girl, which has often caused them problems because Sissi has more than a few tricks up her sleeve.

Character and behaviour

"Yes, you never know; you might just sprout a brain!"

#28 Unchartered Territory

If we only see seasons 2 and 3, we can see a stupid Sissi who never thinks about anything but the tip of her nose and who is obsessed with her image. Yes, but before seasons 2 and 3, there was season 1. Logic, I tell you. Yes. Except that between seasons 1 and 2, there was a huge change!

When we discover her in episode 1 “Teddygozilla”, Sissi appears to us as a pretentious pest, which is certainly one part of her personality. Being the principal's daughter helps the ambition of a girl like Sissi, who wants to be the star of the school.
A pest to Sissi, a young year 6 student, charming to Ulrich, her...not very secret crush!
Sissi has a number of different aspects and we're going to study them one by one, starting with the most flagrant: she's a pest.
As the principal's daughter, she makes sure everyone knows it, acting arrogant around the other students because of her father's status, she mercilessly humiliates people who are younger than her...but is immediately rebuffed by Odd, who won't miss an opportunity to humiliate her with his jokes. Because of that, she becomes even more of a pest; it's an endless circle (episode 5 “Big Bug”). She only cares about herself, she's egocentric, thinks she's the centre of the universe and knows exactly how to take advantage of her father's position when she needs to. In episode 30 “A Great Day” and episode 88 “Cousins Once Removed”, she discovers the secret of Aelita's false identity and intends to deliver this information to her father. So, under the skin, Sissi is far from stupid, and that's what makes her dangerous to the heroes. In episode 4 “Log Book”, she steals Ulrich's diary and blackmails the boy, doing it only because there was no other way he would become interested in her.

Now, let's take a look at her nosy side. How many times has she threatened the balance in the group by complicating things between Yumi and Ulrich? By spying on Jeremy and Aelita? By ceaselessly pursuing Ulrich's attention? She has placed them in danger several times by getting too close to their secret, but a Return to the Past will always save the group. Their secret is intact. Nevertheless, Sissi still suspects William's (actually his clone's) strange behaviour in episode 80 “Dog Day Afternoon”.
Sissi is also manipulative at times. Taking advantage of Milly and Tamiya's rough patch, she takes control of the Kadic News in episode 66 “William Returns”. Right up until the final moment, Sissi will always be on the heroes' backs. In episode 95 “Echoes”, Jeremy must launch the final Return to the Past to erase Sissi's memory after she rummaged through his diary, finding out their secret.

Her stupid side, which we saw more of after the first season, is justified by her preoccupation with her image. Since the end of season 2, Sissi has only appeared to be a stupid girl who acts as cannon fodder for Odd's jokes. This is a shame because her nosy side is missed by a few people, although still felt by William.

Now, let's finish by touching on the side she shows us in episodes of season 1. In “Holiday in the Fog”, she confesses to Jim that she wanted to be a part of Ulrich's group, but that it would never happen; they're too different. This is true seeing her behaviour in seasons 2 and 3, we can only approve of her words. Can you imagine Sissi saving the world together with Yumi, her perfect antagonist? Apparently not! In episode 14 “The Trap”, she mends Ulrich's broken arm and the boy realises that deep down, she's a nice person, and she simply needs more affection. Affection that her father doesn't seem to give, being busy with his work. As for Sissi's mother, we've never heard her be mentioned, and this leads us to believe that she is dead.
Sissi is only a secondary character, but she is far from a simple one. This young girl has various sides that simply define her as a human being.

"And to think I dreamed of being alone with you for such a long time, but this isn't what I had in mind at all!"

#14 The Trap

Sissi, the daughter of Kadic's principal, has loved Ulrich since she first met him, in other words since kindergarten. On the first day back at school in year 7, she asked Ulrich to meet her in her room that night...but the boy didn't come. Angry, she leaves her room and sees Ulrich sprinting down the corridor, pursued by his roommate. Not having a clue about what was happening, Sissi follows Ulrich with Odd, persuaded that there was another girl behind all of it, but Odd quickly corrects her: it's not a girl, but Kiwi, his dog!
Once in the scanner room where Odd finds his dog, he sees the boy enter one of the cabins and the doors quickly close, trapping Odd inside. Terrified, she begins to cry for help, although she wasn't in any danger.
After reassuring her, Ulrich proposes she goes to Lyoko, but she refuses...before accepting that she will go the next day, when Jeremy asks them to escort Aelita to the red tower. She swore along with the three boys to keep the secret of Lyoko.
Unfortunately, the girl will never be able to go to Lyoko, as a little later in the day she is attacked by a ball of electrical energy. When she comes to, she takes her father and Jim, the pawn, into the sewers and finally the factory, where the two adults and the girl discover Jeremy, also being attacked by the energy ball.
After Aelita deactivated the tower, Sissi took the side of her father and Jim: everything needed to be shut down. She claimed that she told them that all of it was too dangerous, which she had obviously never done, and incurs the group's hostility: she didn't keep the secret; she broke her oath.
Sissi forgets everything after the Return to the Past Jeremy launches, but the girl senses that a secret unites the four friends, and she is determined to discover it.

She often throws a wrench into the heroes' plans, either through curiosity or jealousy.
Given that she systematically sticks to the group while trying to find out what they're hiding, Sissi often falls victim to XANA's attacks...especially Xanafication (episodes 30 & 88).

Sometimes, Sissi has important moments with the heroes, whether it be getting a member of the group out of the principal's office (episode 19 “Frontier”), or taking Yumi's place for class photos (episode 34 “Missing Link”)...
Curiously, her pesky and touching sides alternate: in episode 19 “Frontier”, she only helps the heroes after a kiss from Ulrich (grinding his teeth) whereas in episode 34 “Missing Link”, she offers her help to the heroes while asking nothing in exchange.
She stole a kiss from an injured Ulrich in episode 41 “Ultimatum”!


"A Sissi attack is almost as bad as a XANA attack, and ten times more boring!"

#22 Routine

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