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Author of IFSCL
Alexis Foletto aka 'Immu' / 'Immudelki'

Big fan of the "first generation" of Code Lyoko watchers in France, he is arrived in 2010 in the community.
Afficionados of "fictives user interfaces" that appears in the movies like Minority Report, the Island, Stargate Atlantis or Mr And Mrs Smith, he decided to study them more accuratly and start to realize the one he thinks would be the best with interactivity, that was the Code Lyoko one.

Code lyoko and more particularly Garage Kids is the root of his artistic vocation. He studied drawing and animation at the prestigious Emile Cohl school in France, still working on the IFSCL, that he started a few years before. Dreaming in the same way of creating his own animated series in the the future on his own as well.

His skills goes to coding to drawing, but also traditional and digital animation, and also original activities like theater and...tap dancing !


Discover the graphical universe of Alexis Foletto on his website : (careful, he won't answer to the questions about IFSCL on his official website, for those, consult the frequently asked question page)

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