Here are all big events in the history of Code Lyoko. From fan meetings at Japan Expo to more formal events such as premieres of the series' seasons and exclusive reports by Everything that has made us move away from our computer screen and go outside is here =P

[Japan Expo 2013 : Code Lyoko Cosplay & actor signings] [Premiere of Code Lyoko Evolution] [Code at the Code Lyoko Evolution focus group] [ at the shooting of Code Lyoko Evolution] [Cosplay Code Lyoko at Japan Expo 2012] [Inauguration of the Code Lyoko attraction at Futuroscope] [Video Games Festival 2007] [Premiere of Code Lyoko season 4] [Exhibition at Gobelins: From Garage Kids to Code Lyoko]


Japan Expo 2013 : Code Lyoko Cosplay & actor signings
ImageDate:5 & 7 July 2013
Description of the file:Japan Expo 2013 was a very big event.

Friday, cosplayers came from all parts of France to show off their Code Lyoko cosplay.
Sunday, the actors who play Ulrich and Yumi came to a stand to meet fans and sign autographs.
Location:Parc des Expo, Paris Villepinte

Premiere of Code Lyoko Evolution
ImageDate:December 5, 2012
Description of the file:The major promotional event to launch the new series Code Lyoko Evolution.
On the program for fifty fans: preview of the first two episodes, meeting and Q&A with actors and producers of the series.
An unforgettable memory for the participants.
Location:Restaurant l'Entrepôt, Paris

Code at the Code Lyoko Evolution focus group
ImageDate:October 24, 2012
Description of the file:A focus group is an advance screening of an episode of a series to a small audience of all ages to have a first opinion. Testing the waters. was invited to the Code Lyoko Evolution one.
Location:Moonscoop's Paris headquarters at the shooting of Code Lyoko Evolution
ImageDate:August 28, 2012
Description of the file:Code Lyoko Evolution was shot in summer 2012. As the foremost community fansite,'s team was entitled to visit the filming location.

Report on this immersion behind the scenes of the series.
Location:Saint Yriex studios, near Angoulême.

Cosplay Code Lyoko at Japan Expo 2012
ImageDate:July 8, 2012
Description of the file:To launch Code Lyoko Evolution, it was important to wake the community up first. The first event organized by Mooscoop, aside from the casting, is a cosplay event at Japan Expo 2012. A cosplay event that took place with a small group, but with good spirit.
Location:Parc des Expositions, Paris Villepinte

Inauguration of the Code Lyoko attraction at Futuroscope
ImageDate:August 21, 2008
Description of the file:Inauguration of the attraction Code Lyoko at Futuroscope. Video clip of this little event.
Location:Futuroscope amusement park.

Video Games Festival 2007
ImageDate:October 23, 2007
Description of the file: An annual event for French gamers.

Premiere of Code Lyoko season 4
ImageDate: July 5, 2007
Description of the file:For the first time in the history of Code Lyoko, a preview of season 4. This is the first event organized by Moonscoop for the promotion of the series.
Location:L'Entonnoir, Paris

Exhibition at Gobelins: From Garage Kids to Code Lyoko
ImageDate:October 18 to November 30, 2006
Description of the file:L'école des Gobelins (Gobelins School) at Paris creates animation professionals...including the two original creators of Code Lyoko: Tania Palumbo and Thomas Romain.
This exhibition shows the evolution between the two students' end-of-study project, and the successful franchise of Code Lyoko. It was the school's showcase during a month and a half.
Location:L'école des Gobelins, Paris.