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Image"Since searching for the solutions to your problems yourself will save me tons of time on the IFSCL development, and since I didn't write the following stuff for dogs, please look for your questions here before asking ;).
Anyway, I'll leave you with these moustachio'd men who should all answer you perfectly..."


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I.1. I'm having trouble setting up my new version of IFSCL :
Any version older than 2.0.5 will not work with 2.0.5 or newer. Whereas it's usually automatic, you must, in this case, uninstall the older version through the configuration panel.

I.2.I do not understand how to install :
The installation procedure is available under the download link.

I.3. What is Adobe Air? :
It's a player, a program that will interpret code lines that Immu has made, to show you nice pictures and animations. You can download it here.

I.4. Why is IFSCL so slow on my computer while I can run other games much faster ?
The IFSCL is based on flash technology, which isn't the best for those kinds of high-consuming games (and Immu hasn't got time to work on a higher level of programming, to have anything faster, It would take too much time to be done, even after IFSCL development has ended.)
So you need a good computer to make it run smoothly. Immu does his best to optimize it in spite of the constant additions. You can still play without going fullscreen, and downgrade the screen resolution, and also close all other programs to make it run faster.


II.1. When will the next version be released? :
First we say "please", then :
You will find all the informations on the next-version page.
If this isn't made clear in the news, it's because Immu can't communicate a date, not even approximatively. There are many users, so just imagine how much Immu would be bombarded by messages if they all personally asked. That's why he always clearly writes in the news and those pages what he can communicate.

II.2.What will be available in the next version? :
Like the previous answer, you will find all infos that Immu can give in the next-version page.

II.3. Will this program, this function, this place, this character... be added? (Or you should add ___, I have a suggestion... etc):
Don't worry, Immu has already deeply studied the TV show and perfecly knows and has planned what will be in future versions of IFSCL. Besides, there are things that will never be in the interface, and he has stated these in the readme of the game, you only have to read it.

II.4. Will we be able to add our own lyokowarriors into the game ? :
No, and for multiple reasons
-It's too long to do, and too complicated.
-This isn't the goal of IFSCL, its goal is to be closest as possible to the original interface, not to do something customizable. If you are searching for something you can personalize, let me send you to Keuppa's LyokoInterface.

II.5.Will there be a multiplayer mode ?
Same answer as above. Althrough a ranking system might be added in the end of the developpment.

II.6.Will there be a smartphone version ?
No, it's still the emulation of a SUPERCOMPUTER, not of something that would be mobile ! But you can still try to play it on tablets that support Adobe Air.

II.7.Will the Evolution Costumes be added ? :
Apparently, no.

II.8.Will an 'IFSCLEvolution' be done ? :
Apparently, no.

II.9. When will IFSCL be ended ? :
Can't be said precisely, maybe 2015...It depends on Immu who must work on his own projects.


III.1.What programs is used to create IFSCL ?
Adobe Flash Pro. If you want to learn how to use it, Immu suggests you do like him, search by yourself on the Internet, use google, you will figure it out ! And be patient and determined, because it will take years to understand !

III.2.Is Immu the only one who works on the IFSCL ? :
Yes, because it allows him to work better and faster for organization and motivation. But he still needs other people sometimes, mostly for translation work and betaTests.

III.3.What other kinds of things has Immu worked on ? How can I contact him ? :
You can discover this in greater detail on the author page. If you want to contact him about IFSCL, make sure the answer to your question isn't on one of these pages. If it's not, use the address or the IFSCL topic on the forum (better), or even his private messaging system on the forum.

III.4.Why is IFSCL published in versions ? :
This is explained on the presentation page about IFSCL's origins.

III.5.I would like to encourage the creator of this game ! :
You're invited to check the Ifscl network page, and also to look at the two answers below Smiley

III.6.Does Immu need help ? :
Not for the development of IFSCL. On the other hand, he needs you for everything regarding :
the facebook page, the indieDB page, the forum needs people to answer questions that usually asked by users. The least one could do is to redirect them to the page they need
– the translations for each new version are needed in English, Italian, and Spanish
– the betaTest, more info on the betaTest page.

III.7.I would like to make a video, a test, a critic, etc of IFSCL :
You're free to do so, but please only under the following conditions :
-add the number of the IFSCL version in the title.
-copy this in the description :

Everything about IFSCL on the official base :
Debate about IFSCL on :
Like IFSCL on facebook :
Make a review on IndieDB :
The IFSCL is a fan game created by Immu, you can check the rest of his work on

III.8.Since when has IFSCL existed ?
Everything is detailled in the version's history.

III.9.Where to find the latest news about IFSCL ?
The news page is the most up to date, generally with the facebook page or the topic on the forum right after.

III.10.I've seen bugs, mistakes in IFSCL that I would like to report to the creator :
Signal Immu on the forum or at Be careful, Immu only considers messages regarding the LASTEST version. Also make sure that it hasn't already been reported on the forum or on the next version page.

III.11.What is ?
An older website that contains Immu's creations, with the IFSCL official page. Since then, everything has moved to, and to for the rest of his work.
If you see an article or a video linking to paradoxe upsilon, please change the address to :


IV.1.Where can I download them ? :
They aren't available for download as many of them contain major bugs and security failures. But Immu will certainly do an anniversary video of all the older versions one day.
Therefore, best not to put them up for download.

IV.2.I would like to know what they looked like :
You can go to the medias page to find videos and pictures from these versions.
There's also a historic page, that countains all those details.