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The episode screen captures are images taken directly from the episodes. Classed as characters or as places, you can sort through them to collect images of your favorite heroes or to find a character in a specific pose. These image captures are separated into 3 categories. "Code Lyoko" groups together images from the original 4 seasons of the animated series. "Code Lyoko Evolution - Live Action Images" contains images from the real world part of the series. In short, it contains pictures of the actors. "Code Lyoko Evolution - 3D CGI" contains images from the virtual world in Code Lyoko Evolution.

The final section of this page will allow you to find the other image galleries from the site.
Among them is the Renders page where you can find promotional images of the heroes. These images are ideal for artists and fans, because they are in HD and have transparent backgrounds. You can also see the Backgrounds image gallery featuring HD images of the various backgrounds used in the show, which are not taken from the episodes.

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Code Lyoko Gallery

Code Lyoko Evolution - Live Action Images

Code Lyoko Evolution - 3D CGI

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