Code Lyoko History
 Welcome to the immense file on Code Lyoko's history.
This file doesn't recount the story of Jeremy, Aelita and their friends. It retraces the long history of the Code Lyoko franchise. That implies, certainly, the release of episodes on TV...but also an enormous amount of other things. The development of related products, the negotiations about the series between professionals, life in the community, etc...

From a project at the end of the studies of two students at Gobelins to a dinosaur of animation to become the first hybrid series (i.e. live action/3D-CGI) in the history of animated series...Code Lyoko has come a very long...long way...which spans, at the time this file was created (1st September 2013), more than 10 years!

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 The history of Code Lyoko
Before 2003, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

The history of Code Lyoko Evolution

The history of Code Lyoko
YearSeries/airing/promoSpecial eventsRelated & Community
Before 2003June 2000: Presentation of "Enfants font leur cinéma" ("Children make their films") at the Annecy Animation Film Festival 2000
2001: Elaboration of Garage Kids, the pilot of Code Lyoko.
16 January 2002: Scripting for season 1 commenced
20038 July: Scripting for season 1 ended
3 September: Début of the series on France 3
19 April: Début of season 1 in the United States of America on Cartoon Network USA
September: Début of the airing on Canal J.
7 October: Scripting for season 2 commenced
14 February: Release of the first DVD and VHS volume of the Code Lyoko series (FR)
February: Release of the Code Lyoko single 2004 (season 1 clip)
25 August: Release of the second DVD and VHS volume of the Code Lyoko series (FR)
15 September: Release of the first Code Lyoko book (cine-manga collection)
21 October: Release of the DVD volumes 1 and 2 box set (FR)
27 July: Birth of, under another domain name.
18 April: Scripting for season 2 ended
31 August: Début of season 2 on France Truc (France 3)
19 September: Début of season 2 in the United States of America on Cartoon Network USA
28 December: Scripting for season 3 commenced
8 June: Release of the second Code Lyoko book (cine-manga collection)
20 September: Release of X.A.N.A. Unleashed DVD (region 1)
5 October: Release of the 1st Bibliothéque Verte book
October: Release of the Panini album
7 December: Release of the 2nd Bibliothéque Verte book
20 December: Release of Moves, Music and Mayhem DVD (region 1)
2 May: Purchase of the CodeLyoko.Fr domain name.
1 September: Opening of V4 - becomes a quality site on the series with a proper design.
15 April: Début of season 2 on Canal J
18 April: Scripting for season 3 ended
9 September: Début of season 3 on Toowam (France 3)
2 October: Début of season 3 in the USA on Cartoon Network, first time in the world the prequel was aired (in English) on Cartoon Network
21 October: Début of season 3 on Canal J, first French airing of the prequel on Canal J
8 November: End of season 3
18 October to 30 November: Code Lyoko exhibition at the Gobalins school (Paris)
16 December: Code Lyoko receives the export prize of 2006 in the animation category
14 March: Release of X.A.N.A. Possessed DVD (region 1)
14 March: Release of complete season 1 DVD disc set
24 May: Release of the 3rd Bibliothéque Verte book
May: Release of the Code Lyoko single CD 2006 (season 2 clip)
August: Release of two Code Lyoko games via mobile phone subscription
6 September: Release of the 4th Bibliothéque Verte book
20 September: Release of the figurines in stores
20/23 September: Code Lyoko event in Toys 'R' Us in Paris, La Défense: world launch of the figurines and photo opportunity with backgrounds from the series
26 September: Release of the 3-disc DVD box set of the first part of season 2 (13 episodes, FR)
November: Release of the first Code Lyoko cards in stores
20 November: Release of the single CD and Subdigitals album
28 November: Release of Sector 5 Mystery DVD
21 February: Creation of the Files and Press Review sections.
26 April: The 500 000 visitor cap is crossed.
10 September: Opening of the Episode Guide.
8 November: Record of visitors reached with 105 people connected at once.
Christmas: Interview with Sophie Decroisette.
Christmas: Appearance of the Carthage Community.
18 May: Début of season 4 in the USA
13 August: Début of season 4 on France 3
October: Début of season 4 on Canal J
10 November: End of season 4 on France 3
5 July: Advance screening of season 4 + Wii game demo
17 January: Release of the 5th Bibliothéque Verte book
7 March: Release of X.A.N.A. Unleashed DVD (region 4)
7 March: Release of Movies, Music + Mayhem DVD (region 4)
3 April: Season 2 part 2 DVD (FR)
23 May: Release of the 6th Bibliothéque Verte book
6 June: Release of X.A.N.A. Possessed DVD (region 4)
22 June: Code Lyoko DS in France
4 July: Code Lyoko 2.0 issue 1
1 August: Season 3 DVD (FR)
22 August: Release of the 7th Bibliothéque Verte book
October: Début of Code Lyoko press releases
23 November: Code Lyoko Wii: Quest for Infinity
End of January: 1 000 000 visitors.
Spring: Lunch of "Objectif Lyoko": the colourful attraction of the series at Futuroscope
23 May to 29 June: Expo on the Ile Seguin
9 January: Release of the 8th Bibliothéque Verte book
5 February: Release of the season 4 DVDs (part 1, FR)
14 March: Release of the 9th Bibliothéque Verte book
2 April: Release of the season 4 DVDs (part 2, FR)
14 September: Release of the second DS game: Fall of X.A.N.A.
23 September: Release of the season 1 DVDs (parts 1 and 2, FR)
26 September: Release of the PSP and PS2 game Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity
8 October: Release of the 10th Bibliothéque Verte book
14 January: Release of the 11th Bibliothéque Verte book
11 May: Release of Code Lyoko Chronicles book 1 (in Italy)
27 November: Release of Code Lyoko Chronicles book 2 (in Italy)
2 December: Release of the 12th (and last) Bibliothéque Verte book
July: The discussion about season 5 is begun.
30 April: Release of Code Lyoko Chronicles book 3 (in Italy)
1 September: Release of Code Lyoko Chronicles book 1 (in France)
October: Release of Code Lyoko Chronicles book 4 (in Italy)
31 May: Code Lyoko Evolution is announced with 26 episodes and the replacement of the 2D animation with live action
2 April: Fan event in Spain. Large gathering of fans with appearance by Tania Palumbo
19 January: Release of Code Lyoko Chronicles book 2 (in France)
30 November to 19 December: Release of complete seasons 1-4 disc sets and box set
November: First regular contacts between and Moonscoop.

The history of Code Lyoko Evolution
YearSeries/airing/promoSpecial eventsRelated & Community
3 February: The casting is announced. The Code Lyoko Evolution logo is discovered
6 February: Opening of the casting and reopening of the site
April: Discovery of a presentation PDF for Code Lyoko and Code Lyoko Evolution for MIPTV, on Moonscoop's site
27 May: First image of our heroes' new 3D avatars (except William)
2 July: Filming commences
31 August: End of the filming of live action scenes
27 September: Moonscoop reveals the first teaser of the 3D part of Evolution. From this day forward, Moonscoop airs an Evolution teaser almost every Tuesday
29 September: First high-quality photo of the actors in costume
19 December: Airing of the first episode of Code Lyoko Evolution at an advance premiere on France 4's site
4 July: Extras casting at Futuroscope
8 July: Code Lyoko Cosplay at Japan Expo 2012
24 October: Code Lyoko Evolution focus group held
From 7 November to 21 November: Contest held by France Television to attend the post-production of Code Lyoko Evolution
5 December: Advance premiere of Code Lyoko Evolution in Paris with the directors and actors. At the same time, teasers officially revealing the identity of the actors
2 July: Opening of the Facebook Social Game
March: The team becomes the beta testers for the Facebook Social game.
28 August: is invited to the filming of Code Lyoko Evolution
Beginning of September: validates the rumours about the identity of the actors in a non-official way.
16 October: Meeting between Moonscoop and the tema to agree on how the partnership will work, special events and such.
24 October: is invited to participate in the Code Lyoko Evolution focus group.
2 November: Reopening of the Media section, larger, stronger, prettier.

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