Discover all the different actors in Code Lyoko Evolution. The 8 main actors each have their own page: click on their photos to access those! This page will act as a temporary home page for now Smiley A nicer one is in the works and should arrive in the months to come! 

Main Actors
In life, there are the guys who fight for the girls...

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And the girls who fight for the guys...

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And those who are without a care...
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Secondary Actors
Here we have listed all the secondary actors appearing in the end credits with a name. They do not have their own pages for the time being. We will elaborate on them according to their activities and presence in the series.


Sandrine Rigaux
Role: Anthéa Hopper
Appearances: #11 "Rendezvous" - #18 "Tenacity" - #19 "The Trap" - #20 "Espionage" - #26 "Ultimate Mission"
Other info: Is a couple with the producer of Code Lyoko Evolution, Luccio Di Rossa.

Hugues Massignat
Role: Franz Hopper
Appearances: #02 "Cortex" - #07 "Countdown"

Franck Beckmann
Role: Professor Tyron Ikonov
Appearances: #07 "Countdown" - #10 "The Warrior Awakens" - #16 "Confusion" - #18 "Tenacity" - #20 "Espionage" - #24 "Temporal Paradox" - #26 "Ultimate Mission"


Eric Soubelet
Role: Jean-Pierre Delmas
Appearances: #06 "Suspicions" - #07 "Countdown" - #12 "Chaos at Kadic" - #18 "Tenacity" - #26 "Ultimate Mission"
Other info: An interview with the actor.

Sophie Fougère
Role: Mrs Hertz
Appearances: #04 "Miss Einstein" - #12 "Chaos at Kadic" - #20 "Espionage"

Thomas Blanchet
Role: Driver
Appearances: #26 "Ultimate Mission"


Clémency Haynes
Role: Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas
Appearances: #09 "How to fool XANA" - #21 "False Pretences"

Louise Vallat
Role: Samantha Suarez
Appearances: #07 "Countdown" - #13 "Friday the 13th"
Other info: She's the adaptation of Samantha Knight from Code Lyoko. The reason why a white actress was chosen to play an originally black character remains unclear...

Max Selwood
Role: Handsome boy
Appearances: #09 "How to fool XANA"


Frédéric Anscombre
Role: Graven
Appearances: #17 "A Professional Career Guaranteed"

Pierre Allam
Role: Spectre in episode 19 [Credits role: Bald man]
Appearances: #19 "The trap"

Achille Kpodar-Folly
Role: American football player
Appearances: #15 "The Codeless"