AntiXANA Formation

Anti-XANA Formation
A mini-game similar to Space Invaders, except with Yumi fighting the invasion with the help of her fans. Take out XANA's monsters!

- Goal of the game:

Destroy the monsters while preserving your life points.

- Principle:

You must throw Yumi's fans to destroy the army of monsters approaching you while avoiding their lasers to preserve your life points.

- Controls:

Mouse = Left-click to throw a fan
Keyboard = Left; Right to move, Space to throw a fan, Q to quit, P to pause

- Elements of the game:

Yumi is at the bottom of the screen. You must move around and throw fans at the monsters while avoiding their lasers.

Yumi's fan can only be used again once it disappears from the screen or hits a monster or obstacle.

Between Yumi and the army are white blocks. They serve to protect you from the lasers while you are beneath them. But be careful, both the enemy fire and your fan damage them.

Your life points are the top right of the screen.
- Levels:

Only one.

Game created by Jetix