Race on Lyoko

Code Lyoko Race (Polish game)
Which Lyoko Warrior is the fastest? Only one way to find out: a race on their vehicles! Win the challenge by avoiding any crashes!

-Goal of the game:

To win the race!


Complete 5 laps around the track while taking the best course possible while keeping a close eye on your fuel reserves... and beating your friends!


Translation of the options:

« Powrot » = Return
« Dalej » = Next
« Zagraj » = Play
« Kontynuuj » = Continue the game
« Gracz » = Player
« Winiki » = Records


« Echap » to quit or pause.

Player 1:
Touches directionnelles pour se déplacer.
Touche « Ctrl » pour activer la nitro et aller à grande vitesse !

Player 2:
Use the W (up), A (left), S (down), D (right) keys to move.
Use the F or Shift keys to activate the nitro and go super fast!

-Elements of the game:

When you arrive on the home page, click right away on ZAGRAJ.

Next, the options of the game are: at the top, you can choose the mode; against the clock (to the left) or tournament (to the right).
Then choose if you want to play alone (against two AI) or against a friend (and one AI).
Below, choose a character for each player (Ulrich, Odd or Yumi).

Finally, click on Dalej, and get ready to race!
The control panel is found within the background elements, a bit to the left of the center of the screen!
At the top, in green, is your time.
To the left, the number of nitros left over.
To the right, the number of laps completed.
At the bottom, your fuel tank!

Your character is represented by Ulrich, Odd or Yumi, all the players who aren't controlled by a player manually are controlled by the computer!
On the track, you move at a normal speed. On the sand, the ice, and the white lines, you move slower! Be careful not to run into the trees or your friends, that will slow you down and hurt your vehicle.
If your vehicle becomes too damaged, you disappear and reappear some time later, which will hurt your time!

If you are flashing and moving slowly, your fuel tank is empty! Enter the “Service” zone to replenish it! (You are best replenishing your fuel before you run out though.)
The Ns that appear on the racecourse represent nitroglycerine; pick them up in order to increase your speed for a brief amount of time!
At the end of the race, if you did well, save your time!


One level (school) when racing against the clock, 5 levels (school, secret passage in the boiler room, desert, ice and mountain sectors) when in tournament mode.

Game created by Zigzap (Canal + Pologne)