Odd's battle

Odd's Battle
Odd claims to be the best Lyoko Warrior! Help him take out a ton of monsters!

-Goal of the game:

To take out as many Bloks and Kankrelats as possible before they get you instead.


You play as Odd, and you must aim your laser arrows to take out all the enemies. If the enemies are not killed within several seconds, they will attack you and you will lose a life. If you lose 3 lives, you get a game over.


Move the mouse: Moves Odd's hand in order to aim
Left click: Fire a laser arrow

-Elements of the game:

You play as Odd, and you attack the enemies that arrive from both sides of the screen. The Bloks and Kankrelats all move at a different speed.
You have 3 lives and each destroyed monster gives you 1 point.


You travel across 3 sectors: the Desert, the Forest, and the Mountain sectors. For every 15 points won, you change sectors (except for the first round where you need 25 points to advance).