Rediscover Code Lyoko in book form! Novelisations of episodes and an alternative season 5, among others.

The bonus: we scanned some books that are no longer available in store! You can find them for download as PDFs or with Epub in the Media section.

Note: Game books and albums are on the "Miscellaneous" page.

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Cine-manga collection (English)
ImageComic adaptations of season 1 episodes.

Publisher: Tokyopop
Language: English
Collection: Cine-manga
Format: Pocket - 93 pages
Colour illustrations
Dimensions (in cm): 13 x 1 x 19
Price: US$7.99

The Adventure Begins
Release date: June 2005
- Teddygozilla
- Plagued

Cine-manga collection (French)
Comic adaptations of season 1 episodes.

Publisher: Hachette
Language: French
Collection: Cine-manga
Format: Pocket - 93 pages
Colour illustrations
Dimensions (in cm): 13 x 1 x 19
Price: €5.89
L'aventure commence (The Adventure Begins)
Release date: 22 September 2004
- Teddygozilla (Teddygozilla)
- Enragés (Plagued)
L'aventure continue (The Adventure Continues)
Release date: 8 June 2005
- Créature de rêve (The Girl of the Dreams)
- Crise de rire (Laughing Fit)

Bibliothèque Verte collection
Book adaptations of episodes from the series.

Publisher: Hachette
Language: French
Collection: Bibliothèque verte (Green Library)
Dimensions (in cm): 13 x 1 x 18
Format: Pocket - 128 pages
Price: €4.50

Book 1: Clap de fin
(End of Take)
Release date: 05/10/2005
Book 2: Gravité zéro
(Zero Gravity Zone)
Release date: 07/12/2005
Book 3: Code Terre
(Code Earth)
Release date: 24/05/2006
Book 4: Faux départ
(False Start)
Release date: 06/09/2006
Book 5: Nouvelle donne
(New Order)
Release date: 17/01/2007
Book 6: Terre inconnue
(Unchartered Territory)
Release date: 23/05/2007
Book 7: Tentation
Release date: 29/08/2007
Book 8: Ultimatum
Release date: 09/01/2008
Book 9: Révélation
Release date: 14/03/2008
Book 10: Réminiscence
(The Key)
Release date: 08/10/2008
Book 11: Aelita
Release date: 14/01/2009
Book 12: Dernier round
(Final Round)
Release date: 02/12/2009

Code Lyoko Chronicles (Albin Michel)
This series of novels forms an alternate season 5. Although initially planned, none of the books were released in English. However, a motivated and competent team of fans led a fanslation project. You can find the novels available for download on!

As this quadrilogy is the largest morsel of the expanded series Universe, multi-page section has been dedicated to it.

Publisher: Albin Michel
Language: Italian, French (books 1 and 2 only), Spanish, and many more...
Dimensions (in cm): 14.2 x 20.3
Price: €13.50

ImageBook 1: Le château souterrain (The Underground Castle)
English fanslation date: 14 October 2013 ( release)
268 pages

Jeremy and his friends accidentally find themselves plunged into a virtual world named Lyoko. During their journey, the 4 friends meet Aelita, a young amnesiac elf whose past is mysteriously linked to Lyoko and its secrets...
ImageBook 2: La ville sans nom (The Nameless City)
English fanslation date: 13 January 2014
269 pages

When Jeremy, Ulrich, Odd and Yumi discover the recording of the video of Aelita's father, they're devastated. Anthea, their friend's mother, was kidnapped and nobody knows if she's still alive. The countdown has begun. They set off on a search for her convinced that they'll find a trace. Because they're the only ones who hold the keys to the secret history of Lyoko...almost. X.A.N.A., who we thought was destroyed, will knock when nobody expects it. With force, cruelty, and without mercy...
ImageBook 3: Il ritorno della fenice (The Return of the Phoenix)
English fanslation date: 19 May 2014
322 pages

There exists in Lyoko a place called the First City. Inside that city there is a castle that hides a secret. Jeremy, Aelita, Ulrich, Odd and Yumi must protect it at all costs, even when all seems lost forever.
ImageBook 4: L'esercito del nulla (The Army of Nothing)
English fanslation date: 29 September 2014
324 pages

All seems completely lost for Jeremy and his friends: X.A.N.A., allied with the Green Phoenix terrorists, has reactivated the terrible weapon that is hidden in the heart of the virtual world; Jeremy, Ulrich and Eva are prisoners on Lyoko; Aelita is trapped in the Mirror, a parallel virtual world created by her father; Yumi and Odd are the only ones still in the real world, but...
How will they save their friends and finally defeat X.A.N.A.?

ImagePanique à l'usine (Panic at the Factory)
Release date: 21 August 2008
Publisher: Panini Comics
35 pages
Price: €7.95

This comic is the book format publication of the comic found in the first Code Lyoko 2.0 magazine.
You can also consult its episode file, which has the pages translated into English.

Codigo Lyoko: El Gran Libro
ImageCodigo Lyoko: El Gran Libro (Code Lyoko: The Big Book)
Release date: October 2010
Publisher: MediaLive
68 pages
Price: Unknown (bought €16 secondhand)

A wonderful Spanish book that came out during the time when the series was a huge success in the country. In this book, you'll find (in Spanish, obviously) information on the main and secondary characters, important locations on Earth and Lyoko, as well as XANA's monsters. Games and anecdotes are also spread throughout.

This book is visually marvellous!

[Download Codigo Lyoko: El Gran Libro]