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Archetypes are the type of character you play as, we have five archetypes in CLSG. You can find all of them in animated pictures in the game's gallery. For each Level-up, 7 random stat points are gained according to a basis. If all points are in one primary stat, the others stats don't increase.

ImageUlrich > Samurai

He is based upon all stats.
Greetings to the character that is the Jack-Of-All-Trades. His gear should grant him an equilibrium of stats. He hits fast, he hits strong and he has some life to resist stronger attacks. His Ambidextrous ability allows him to chain attacks without interruption while Triplicate protects him from damage. He is an easy to play character and a precious ally in fights thanks to his versatility.
By level: +2.5 Strength, +2 Speed, +2.5 Life.

ImageYumi > Ninja

Speed is her primary stat and Life her second.
Before Lv 15, she doesn't really do much damage, but her speed allows her to make continuous attacks whereas her life protects her from heavy damage. Perfect Shot makes her first attack critical balance the lack of strength.
By level: +0.8 Strength, +4.9 Speed, +1.6 Life.

ImageAelita > Guardian

Life is her primary attribute.
Aelita's the character who has the most Life which allows her to take the strongest hits. Powers like Mental toughness and Mirror Image shape her into a survivor. She's a really good ally against several enemies with her ability to reflect attacks or absorb them with clones.
By level: +1 Strength, +1.2 Speed, +4.8 Life.

ImageOdd > Feline

Speed is his primary attribute.
This is the type of character who doesn't hit strong and has really low health but his speed is his greatest ability and can balance his low strength along with the ability Torrent of Blows. He is most useful for taking out large groups of enemies at once (if we aim well).
By level: +0.2 Strength, +5.6 Speed, +1.2 Life.

ImageWilliam > Warrior

Strength is his primary attribute.
William is the character who does the most damage per hit. Increasing his strength and critical chance increases his chance to do a sweep attack to his enemies. However, he shows a lack of speed which is compensated by his Black Manta and Super Sprint ability. He is very effective against slower enemies.
By level: +4.5 Strength, +0.7 Speed, +1.8 Life.