Code Lyoko Race

Course Code Lyoko
A racing game to test your speed and reflexes!

- Goal of the game:

Win four courses in a row.

- Principle:

You must follow a path across the sectors of Lyoko while riding one of the vehicles (Overwing, Overboard, Overbike) to win the race against Odd all while evading any obstacles.

- Controls:

Droite ; Gauche : Virement de direction
Left; Right = Direction
Up = Acceleration
Down = Brake or move back in case you are stuck behind an obstacle
Space = Jump to avoid certain obstacles

- Elements of the game:

There are four short race courses, one for each of the sectors.
There are various obstacles: trees, rocks, crevasses, but especially the Digital Sea, which surrounds the platforms and can sometimes only be crossed by jumping.
Odd is present throughout the course. He can't influence you, even if you run into each other, but he's your competitor!
A simple map is shown in the top left corner to show the positions of the two players, but obstacles are not shown.

At the end of each race course is a tower. It has no purpose other than to help mark the finish line. The race is over when the white finish line is crossed.

At the start of the game, you can choose your character (who will ride their respective vehicle.) Choose the one that suits your style best!

- Levels:

There are four levels, one for each sector. First is the desert sector, then the ice sector, then the mountain sector, and finally the forest sector. The difficulty of the level changes with the terrain: smaller platforms, faster opponent, etc...

Game created by France 3