Hornet Attack

Hornet Attack
A virtual hornet massacre! Help Odd in his quest while being the quickest!

- Goal of the game:

Shoot down as many hornets as possible without being devirtualized.

- Principle:

You play as Odd, and you must shoot your laser arrows to take down as many hornets as possible. You shoot arrows at a certain speed which will slow down if you shoot too many.
It isn't enough simply to shoot, you need to move around as well. You have to stay alert when facing a large number of enemies.

- Controls:

Left; Right = Moves Odd to the left or the right in order to aim and dodge enemy fire
Space = Shoot

- Elements of the game:

You play as Odd on the bottom of the screen. He fires off laser arrows, and you must move him around skillfully.

The Hornets appear from the top left of the screen and move across while descending and shooting Odd. They are destroyed within one or two arrows. Their shots are either red (in this case, they descend in a straight line) or white (in which case, they lock on to you.) Destroying a Hornet will give you points.

Your score is at the top right, and your level and life points are at the bottom left.
At the bottom right is your energy bar (conserve it, since the lower it is, the slower you shoot) and the time bonus, which gives you extra points at the end of the level.

Sometimes bonuses will pass across the top of the screen. You should shoot them down to get either an energy or life bonus or a time bonus.

- Levels:

The game has 12 difficulty levels. The first three take place in the desert, the next three in the forest, the next three in the mountains, and the last three in the ice sector.

Game created by France 3