Lost on Lyoko

Lost on Lyokô
A short, basic game, but nice. Test your eyesight!

- Goal of the game:

Find all 5 heroes, a Hornet, and a Blok.

- Principle:

The heroes and a couple of monsters are hidden on a map as tiny images. You must find and click on each one before time runs out!

- Controls:

Mouse = Move around on the map and to click on the characters.

- Elements of the game:

Miniature representations of the characters are hidden on a complex background.
The mouse cursor works as a zoomed-in lens, which you must use to find and click on the characters.

Towards the top of the screen are empty spaces that are colored in as you find each character. They help you to keep track of who has been found and who remains missing. Be careful though, sometimes the characters will be hiding behind these spaces, so be sure to move your mouse over top!

- Levels:

Only one.

Game created by Jetix