Just like Aelita, XANA's monsters can be considered guardians of the virtual world... However, they are on XANA's side, playing as the "bad guys."
They can be distinguished in many ways: places where they are encountered, speed, attack power and especially appearance. But no worries!
We'll reveal to you here all the secrets of XANA's creatures...

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General information

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Monster profiles

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General informations
Most of the time, the monsters are either flying or quadrupedal. During the exploration of the Network, later in their adventures, the heroes will discover aquatic species.
In a general way, they are armed with a simple laser, emitting a red shot, taking away life points from the target. Its efficiency and its power varies between each type of creature. Mind you that, despite indicative values, the efficiency of a shot depends.
For example, in episode 22 “Routine”, Odd is hit at point-blank range by one Kankrelat and he loses 50 life points, half of his total life points! However, in the episodes where Kankrelats machine-gun heroes across a large distance, the heroes are often shot without losing many life points.
The relation: "lost life points/impacts" is strongly influenced by distance, the part of the body which is shot, the possible movement of the target or the shooter...

Some monsters are fitted with offensive equipment other than lasers, replacing or in addition to them. In a global way, except “standard” monsters which are recurrent and mostly here in large quantities, XANA regularly resorts to more atypical monsters whose role, power and even appearance are really different than their colleagues'.


The monsters from the virtual world have two recurrent objectives:

They have one main mission: devirtualize the heroes.
This mission has various objectives, but most of them are recurrent:
- The first and most important is defending the tower activated by XANA, giving time for the attack to strike Earth.
- The second is devirtualizing the heroes, mostly when they go on a trip to Sector 5. In this case, the Carthage monsters' goal is to stop the heroes from activating the key and hindering their search on the interface (see the Locations section)...
- The third is keeping the Lyoko Warriors from the Replikas or the Cortex, blocking every attempt at destroying a Supercomputer infected by XANA (see the Season 4 and Evolution in the Story section). The standard monsters fight the heroes on the Replikas and the Cortex while the aquatic monsters must devirtualize the heroes on the Network to prevent them from reaching the other virtual worlds. Nevertheless, they have much work to do, because they fight the Lyoko Warriors inside their Navskids.

In the first season, Aelita is still the best target for the creatures because, without being able to rematerialize, devirtualizing the young girl would mean exterminating her. In that season, XANA doesn't dare to touch her because it needs her memory... In the third season, XANA never fights her because it needs her to destroy the four main Sectors. In season 4, it tried to to throw the young girl into the Digital Sea.

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Sometimes, we can find some specific missions for monsters, such as deactivating a tower under Hopper's or Jeremy's control for Megatanks, escorting the Scyphozoa or carrying William for Mantas.
Some monsters can't devirtualize the heroes or are made for totally different goals: to steal Aelita's memory for the Scyphozoa, to capture a hero for the Guardian or to destroy the Skidbladnir for the Kalamar... A monster has even been created to manipulate William on Lyoko.

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We have no way to know if the monsters are directly managed by XANA or if they're just executing XANA's orders.
The mission control of each monster (the fourth eye on the Bloks for example) shows that XANA manages them entirely, but it might only be a transmission center. Indeed, the monsters sometimes seem so stupid and clumsy that it's deprecating for XANA, which we know to be overly intelligent... Moreover, some monsters seem smarter than others, which can prove that XANA's mind is not in all of them...
It is more exact to consent to say that XANA is linked to each of its creatures and that the monsters blindly execute their master's orders, without hesitating to sacrifice themselves for this.
These creatures only have half a conscience...


The monsters are the heroes' alter-egos. They are mobilized, sent into mission and guided by XANA, like how Odd, Ulrich and Yumi are by Jeremy.