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Alexis Foletto aka 'Immu' / 'Immudelki'

Coming from the "first generation" of Code Lyoko watchers in France, he landed on the community around 2010.
Lover of "fictives user interfaces" that appears in the movies like Minority Report, the Island, Stargate, Star Trek... he decided to study them more accuratly and started working on the one that has the most interactive potential to his eyes, the one from Code Lyoko's Supercomputer.
The project was supposed to be finished within one or two years, but ambitions were going to grow with their author...

Code lyoko and more particularly Garage Kids is the root of his artistic vocation. He studied traditional drawing and animation at Emile Cohl school in France, while still increasing its skills in programming, motion design and digital art on the IFSCL, that he started a few years before.
He's now working full time in the video game industry, while continuing his own game projects on his free-time.


Discover the graphical universe of Alexis Foletto on his website : (careful, he won't answer to the questions about IFSCL on his official website, for those, consult the frequently asked question page)

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