Monster Swarm

Monster Swarm
XANA took control of the frogs that were supposed to be dissected in science class! Ulrich and Odd stay on Earth to protect the other students, while Yumi heads to Lyoko after being briefed by Jeremy!

-Goal of the game:

Reach the tower while surviving the attacks from the monsters.


You play as Yumi and you have to battle against monsters that are trying to stop you from reaching the tower.

Left; Right = Move
Up = Jump
Z = Physical attack (can also be done while jumping)
X = Throw a fan (can also be done while jumping)
Hold down X = Charge up for a special attack (two fans, KO in one hit. Yumi is unable to move while using this attack.)

-Elements of the game:

Yumi is represented in large on the screen. When you throw her fan, it flies off and can be used again when it returns to Yumi's hands!

Yumi's character is present at the bottom of the screen, you must move around in order to aim well and avoid the monsters' attacks.

The number of special attacks available and their power bar are visible at the bottom left of the screen. Recover the red lightningbolt spheres that the monsters leave behind after dying and the power bar will go up! When it is full, you can use a new special attack!

The red spheres wth an H recover your health.

The number of lives remaining and the health bar are at the bottom right of the screen. When you lose a life (when your health bar is emptied), you restart from the beginning of the level where you were devirtualized.

The score is at the bottom of the screen.

The monsters move too, and their lasers fire in a straight line (and can be avoided by jumping.)

When your fan hits the Kankrelats, they explode on the spot. A Blok will take three hits to go down, etc.

Attention: Your fans do not cancel out the lasers and if you physically touch a monster, you will take a lot of damage! You can also not return to a part of the sector that you previously were in and is now off-screen.


Several; with each new level, a new monster appears alongside the others!

Game created by Cartoon Network