Norimage Films

Here you can discover about Norimage Films, the partner company to Moonscoop for the creation of Code Lyoko Evolution. Norimage is in charge of the creation of the live-action scenes... Basically, the shooting of the real world scenes.

This page is for the time being composed of information mainly from Norimage's site and also from the personal experiences of some of the members of the team according to their relation to those at Norimage.

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About the company
Norimage is a multidisciplinary company mainly oriented towards production. It was created in March of 2010 and directed by Pascal Lamargot. P. Lamargot already profited from a grand knowledge of the universe of the big screen just like the small screen! He has throughout his career taken on the role of an actor, filming director and producer up until becoming director of production then executive producer of Code Lyoko Evolution.

Click here to find his complete résumé from Norimage's site!

Norimage was first located in the north of France before moving to Charente in 2011 to take advantage of the Magelis du Conseil Régional de Charente program, which favors and promotes local televisual and cinematic production projects.

In the photo:
To the left: Lucio Di Rosa, creator of Code Lyoko Evolution
To the right: Pascal Larmargot, executive producer of the series
In the back: storyboards from Code Lyoko Evolution

Norimage is composed of three main sections.


First of all, there is the CINE'PROD section.

This is where the money is for the cinematic and televisual production. Norimage is indeed a company oriented towards production. This at the origin of its collaboration with Moonscoop who wished to work with Norimage thanks to their experience with live-action shoots.


Next there is the CINE'TIQUE section.

This is the technical section of Norimage. CINE'TIQUE's mission is to develop material and software solutions to problems encountered during shooting. This section of Norimage Films was, for example, in charge of managing the wild casting of Code Lyoko Evolution on the internet and developing the code for the site as well as the software allowing the casting director to manage the thousands of submissions received. During the shooting, CINE'TIQUE set up, among other things, a management service during rushes when shooting, and also a machine called “DataBox” that allowed takes to be saved despite the sustained pace of the shooting that on some days involved up to three cameras in very high definition.


And lastly, there's the CINE'TOILE section.

This section takes care of the catering for Norimage, specializing in catering to the employees and actors after a shoot. It's a real department that was born in 2010 with the appearance of this section. CINE'TOILE has had so much success that a second section for quick catering arrived in 2012.
CINE'TOILE is managed by Nadia Jimenez. Known in Angoulême for her restaurant “l'Endroit”, she joined Norimage in 2010. Her passion for cuisine is an important asset for the CINE'TOILE section.

It's up to CINE'TOILE to cater to everyone after a shoot for Code Lyoko Evolution. The member of our team who went to the shooting is full of praise for the meal he shared with the actors and the live-action team.

This section is the perfect illustration of how Norimage is.
This system of catering is an innovative and efficient concept when put to work. It provides warm and friendly breaks even in places where shootings are taking place. The familial ambiance that reigns there helps the actors and team to relax even when under pressure.


The company spirit
Norimage is distinguished by a unique spirit.

The objective of the company isn't only production for a single productive goal. In other terms, “produce to produce” doesn't interest Norimage. In the words of their website, the idea is rather “to accompany the initiators of good stories, and to create their dreams with them.”

The team of CodeLyoko.Fr, thanks to our intermediary member who visited the shooting claims this statement is not simply made of pretty words.
Indeed, Norimage knows to maintain this friendly spirit even with the rushed and tense atmosphere on set. Several elements we noticed from our visit stayed with us.

First of all, the extreme level of complicity between all the actors on the set. Whether between the various technicians or the actors or even the teams of Norimage, the workday was filled nonstop with warm discussion, private jokes of the actors and the series... And the welcome couldn't be better.

Another formal point from all the individuals present: The love of their profession and their personal satisfaction is there. In the end, once beyond the stage of professionalism and the oppressive constraints on set, we discovered a place of harmony and understanding where everyone was able to feel at place and in their proper role...
...And that can only bring respect! Norimage provides, in accordance with its spirit, a real alternative and a particular approach to shooting a series.

The end of the shooting – as friendly as lively!

Code Lyoko Evolution and Norimage
The shooting of Code Lyoko Evolution took place during the summer of 2012. It involved a tremendous amount of work. A big part of the shooting was held in the studios of one of the affiliates of the large group, TransMedia (service provider of the videoproductive industry). In these studios, the green screen scenes were shot, in other words, the bulk of the series.
The laboratory scenes and those in the tunnel leading towards the factory were also shot there. These were the only two settings within the series to be entirely reproduced. These scenes were shot during the final week on set.

The shooting also took place at the Guez-de-Balzac high school in Angoulême for the scenes at Kadic. Lastly, a week of shooting also took place outside in the woods of Soyaux for the scenes in the park at Kadic.

We hope to be able to bring you more information about the shooting, Norimage and the teams who participated in this grand adventure!

Finally, through this report by France 3, you can learn more about the association between Moonscoop and Norimage and the creation of Code Lyoko Evolution.


Photo gallery of the shooting
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