Code Lyoko's Galaxy

Code Lyoko's Galaxy
Can you survive in the Digital Sea against the Mantas? Pilot your NavSkid and find out!

-Goal of the game:

Make it as far as possible in the Digital Sea and take out as many Mantas and black Mantas as you can.


You are in a NavSkid, and you are fighting against the Mantas that are attacking you. Avoid their fire and destroy them before they reach the edge of the screen to avoid losing a life.


Move your mouse: Moves the NavSkid on the screen
Left click: Fire a missile
Space: Fire a bomb

-Elements of the game:

You must destroy all the Mantas before they reach the edge of the screen. For this, you have missiles at your disposal and if you ever are overwhelmed by Mantas, you also have 3 bombs that will annihilate all the Mantas visible on the screen. But be careful, you only have 3 bombs. If you ever are hit by the fire from a Manta or a Manta reaches the edge of the screen, you lose a life. If your health bar is empty, you get a game over!


There is only one level that you play over and over: the Digital Sea. The goal is to make it as far as possible in the game.