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This page gives a quick overview of Code Lyoko's mentions in the press. Here you will find PDF files that are compilations of press articles (from newspapers, magazines, Internet sites, etc...) ordered by subject/date. You can also find presentation PDFs and the official posters of the series!

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[The press review compiled by CodeLyoko.Fr] [PDF Presentation] [Promotional posters] [Code Lyoko Evolution publicity]

The press review compiled by CodeLyoko.Fr
[Code Lyoko: 2003 - 2007]

This first PDF is a compilation of press articles on Code Lyoko. You'll mostly see articles on the animated series, but also some talking about behind the scenes, the creators, and even the Renault factory.
Since the site wasn't as large or well-known during the period of 2003-2007, the amount of articles can seem a bit low given the period. We recovered everything we could!
[Code Lyoko Magazines 2.0]

These 3 PDFs correspond to the scans from 3 official Code Lyoko 2.0 magazines, released between 2007 and 2008. More information on the magazines in the "Related products" section.
[Promotion of Code Lyoko Evolution: 2012]

This second PDF is a compilation of press articles on the long preparation period and teasing of Code Lyoko Evolution. Calls to fans, partnership between Moonscoop/Norimage, searching for actors, visiting the set, trailers for TV... There are numerous articles to read here from this rich promotional period.

This PDF recounts the entirety of the articles regarding the judiciary conflict that hit Moonscoop during the year 2013, until Dargaud's purchase in 2014.
[Code Lyoko Evolution: 2013]

This third PDF is a compilation of press articles on Code Lyoko Evolution, after its TV debut. Critiques, commentary, presentations... Everything's here!

PDF Presentation

  • Promotional flyer for the series (from during season 2)
  • This extremely rare document, purchased and scanned by Dude Dudu, is a presentation flyer of the series designed for professionals. It presents the series' figures through its audience ratings and related products. It's a form of publicity for potential buyers in the world of television entertainment.

  • Promotional flyer for the series (from post season 2)
  • This document, whose origin is the same as the previous one, is also a presentation flyer for the series made for professionals. In addition to the figures already presented by its predecessor, it focuses on the increase of DVD sales of the series' episodes (the season 2 DVD sets.)



  • The PDF presentation of Code Lyoko Reloaded released after the end of season 4.
  • Released after season 4, this PDF presents the state of the Code Lyoko community at the end of the original series. It proposes several projects to preserve the commercial success of Code Lyoko. Among these projects, there was a Code Lyoko MMORPG, a 3D experience (without glasses,) a WebTV Code Lyoko, and a basic idea for a live series.... Sound familiar? Smiley

  • PDF presentation of the series at MIPTV 2010
  • This document is from 2010, a year where Code Lyoko had begun to be forgotten in the hearts of fans, but Moonscoop was already working on its return. This PDF presents the animated series, notably from the point of view of its international performance (through its audience ratings in the US, Spain and Italy, its related products and its commercial partners.)

  • The scope of Spanish related products
  • This PDF was released during the golden age of Code Lyoko in Spain. It presents the success of the license there and the immense range of related products that were sold at the time in the Iberian peninsula.

  • PDF presentation for Code Lyoko Reloaded
  • This document summarizes the core of Moonscoop's project to give a continuation to the series under the name Code Lyoko Reloaded... before becoming Code Lyoko Evolution. It's a presentation of the project during its development. It contains some funny information as to what Code Lyoko Evolution could have become...

  • The first PDF presentation for Code Lyoko Evolution
  • Discovered in April 2012 due to a mistake on Moonscoop's website, this PDF quickly spread across the internet through fans. Through it, the first, yet rough, information was discovered about Code Lyoko Evolution. Some of the concepts were used, but not all! This PDF was the sole source of concrete information on Code Lyoko Evolution for months.

  • The second PDF presentation for Code Lyoko Evolution
  • Published on Moonscoop's website, this second generation PDF presented Code Lyoko and Code Lyoko Evolution, which was planned to be produced. It reestablished the commercial success of the series and shared some information regarding Code Lyoko Evolution. This PDF was made to share some conceptual images with the community. Rough plans for some projects were also included.

  • A flyer on related products of Code Lyoko
  • This flyer dating from October 2013 summarizes the marketing license for Code Lyoko on two pages and focuses on its related products, while promoting them in the hope of distributing them to other countries.

Promotional posters
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Code Lyoko Evolution publicity
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