You can also find bits of interviews from some of the creators, actors, and others in the "Reports" category of the "Media" section.

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Sophie Decroisette
Interview topic:Questions about Code Lyoko a feedback from Sophie Decroisette.
Interviewers:Berik, Webmaster of

Sophie Decroisette and Jérôme Mouscadet
ImageDate:April 2013
Interview topic:Code Lyoko and its concept development
/!\ French only
Interviewers:Al. & Tchouky (Lyokofans)

The 3DDuo team
ImageDate:April 2013
Interview topic:The social game, behind the scenes, its development
Interviewers:Kerian and Etienne from

Marin Lafitte
ImageDate:March 2013
Interview topic:Himself and his experience during filming
Interviewer:Shaka from

Gulliver Bevernaege
ImageDate:February 2013
Interview topic:Himself and his experience during filming
Interviewer:Shaka from

Actors respond to fan questions (France 4 & Megamax)
ImageDate:February 2013 & summer 2013
Interview topic:The actors themselves
Interviewers:France 4

Morgane Di Domenico, scripting assistant in the filming of Evolution
ImageDate:09 February 2013
Interview topic:Her point of view on the filming of Evolution, and as a fan of Code Lyoko
Interviewers:Shaka et Kerian, de

Luccio Di Rosa and Florian Ferrier, directors of Code Lyoko Evolution
ImageDate:05 December 2012
Interview topic:Their work and feelings on Code Lyoko Evolution
Interviewers:Shaka and Kerian
Moonscoop also interviewed.

Evolution secondary actors
ImageDate:November 2012
Interview topic:The casting of Evolution.

Paul Chapelle, Evolution production designer
ImageDate:November 2012
Interview topic:The creation of the shooting sets.

Sophie Decroisette
Interview topic:Season 4 of Code Lyoko
Interviewers:The team

Producer of the DS game
Interview topic:On the imminent release of the DS game