Code Lyoko & CL Evolution Renders
To the graphic artist's Heaven!

Here you can find the largest renders gallery on all the net of Code Lyoko & Code Lyoko Evolution.
What is a render? It is an HD image of a character or an element from an animated series in a large size with a transparent background. What is the advantage of this? These images can easily be used by a digital artist, because there is no background to crop out, and the large images can easily be scaled to almost any necessary size without loss of quality.

These are only official renders. None of these were cropped from episodes. If you have or find a render that is not here, don't hesitate to let us know through this page!

To find episode images, check out the image galleries!

Warning: please read the following!

Click on the thumbnails below for the full-size image in HD (/!\ on a white background)
To obtain the images with transparent backgrounds, open them in a new tab or in a new window, or right-click on them and click "Save Link As..."

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Code Lyoko Characters
groupe 000groupe 001groupe 050groupe 150groupe 151groupe 152
groupe 153groupe 154groupe 350groupe 351groupe 353groupe 355
groupe 357groupe 359groupe 370groupe 371groupe 372groupe 373
groupe 374groupe 380groupe 398groupe 450

aelita 000aelita 010aelita 049aelita 050aelita 051aelita 052
aelita 053aelita 100aelita 101aelita 102aelita 150aelita 151
aelita 152aelita 153aelita 154aelita 155aelita 180aelita 250
aelita 251aelita 300aelita 330aelita 331aelita 340aelita 350
aelita 360aelita 361aelita 362aelita 363aelita 364aelita 369
aelita 370aelita 371aelita 900aelita 901z3 skidbladnirz4 navskid


jeremy 050jeremy 051jeremy 052jeremy 053jeremy 100jeremy 101
jeremy 101jeremy 102jeremy 300jeremy 900jeremy 901jeremy 902
jeremy 950


odd 000odd 001odd 002odd 003odd 049odd 050
odd 051odd 100odd 101odd 102odd 103odd 104
odd 106odd 150 odd 151odd 152odd 250odd 251
odd 252odd 253odd 254odd 255odd 300odd 329
odd 330odd 331odd 340odd 350odd 351odd 352
odd 353odd 354odd 355odd 357odd 358odd 359
odd 360odd 361odd 362odd 363odd 900odd 901
odd 902odd 950z0 overboard


ulrich 000ulrich 001ulrich 002ulrich 050ulrich 051ulrich 100
ulrich 101ulrich 102ulrich 103ulrich 105ulrich 120ulrich 150
ulrich 151ulrich 152ulrich 250ulrich 251ulrich 252ulrich 253
ulrich 254ulrich 300ulrich 329ulrich 330ulrich 331ulrich 340
ulrich 350ulrich 351ulrich 352ulrich 353ulrich 354ulrich 355
ulrich 356ulrich 357ulrich 358ulrich 359ulrich 361ulrich 362
ulrich 363ulrich 900ulrich 901ulrich 902ulrich 950z1 overbike


yumi 000yumi 001yumi 002yumi 050yumi 051yumi 100
yumi 101yumi 102yumi 103yumi 105yumi 150yumi 250
yumi 300yumi 329yumi 330yumi 331yumi 340yumi 350
yumi 351yumi 352yumi 353yumi 354yumi 355yumi 356
yumi 357yumi 900yumi 901yumi 902yumi 950z2 overwing


william 100william 250william 300(dub)william 340william 349william 350
william 351william 353william 354william 355william 360z5 rorkal

Secondary characters
secondaire 000secondaire 110secondaire 305secondaire 306secondaire 307secondaire 320
secondaire 321

XANA & Monsters
monstre 000monstre 001monstre 003monstre 100monstre 110monstre 111
monstre 120monstre 121monstre 130monstre 140monstre 200monstre 201
monstre 210monstre 211monstre 220monstre 230monstre 400monstre 410
monstre 420monstre 421monstre 430monstre 900monstre 901


Lyoko backgrounds
virtuel 01virtuel 02virtuel 03virtuel 04virtuel 05virtuel 06
virtuel 07virtuel 08virtuel 09virtuel 10virtuel 11virtuel 12
virtuel 13virtuel 14virtuel 15virtuel 16virtuel 17virtuel 18
virtuel 19virtuel 20virtuel 21virtuel 22virtuel 23virtuel 24
virtuel 25virtuel 26virtuel 27virtuel 28

Fonds Lyoko
fond 001fond 002fond 003fond 004fond 005fond 006
fond 007fond 008fond 009fond 010


Code Lyoko Evolution Virtual Characters
Image Image Image
Image Image Image


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