Death of the Hornets

Death of the Hornets
Think you're quick and on target? Then go to Lyoko to see what the Hornets have to say about it! Test your aim and destroy the hornets!

- Goal of the game:

Shoot down as many Hornets as possible before they escape!

- Principle:

You must aim at the Hornets crossing the map and hit them before they escape to get points. Watch your time and try to beat your records.

- Controls:

Mouse = Moves your sight
Left-click = Shoots

- Elements of the game:

The countdown is to the right and is important for setting records.
You have 10 laser arrows to start, just like Odd. The number remaining is to the right.
The eye of XANA on the bottom right allows you to recharge when you run out of arrows.
Your score is at the top left.

- Levels:

Only one

Game created by Half