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Diego Mestanza

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Identity: Diego Mestanza

Date of birth: 4 juillet 1993

Role: William Dunbar

Others: He practices hip-hop as well as the following sports: Basketball, soccer/football, baseball, and American football. He is completely bilingual knowing both French and English. His mother is the director, Kim Massee.

2008: The Jack Garfein studio (with Jack Garfein in Paris)
2009: HB Studio (in New York City)
2009/2010: Black Nexxus (Suzan Batson/Marishka Phillips in New York City)

Previous roles:
Short Films
"Le problème de la nudité" ("The Problem with Nudity")
"The Streets are Hungry Baby"

2007: "Musée haut, musée bas" ("Museum High, Museum Low") by Jean-Michel Ribes
2008: "Cowboy Angels" by Kim Masse (He took the main role)
2008: "La nuit des enfants rois" ("The Night the Children are King") by Antoine Charreyron
(He played the role of Justin)

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Diego's demo:
By his agency
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    Valentine's Day 2013

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