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Mélanie Tran

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Identity: Mélanie Tran

Date of Birth: 15 May 1992

Role: Yumi Ishiyama

Mélanie practices gymnastics at the competitive level! Hmm, doesn't that remind you of a certain Lyoko warrior?
She is the daughter of the actor, Jean-Claude Tran

Training: Unknown

Previous roles:

"Tricheuse" ("Cheater") by J.F. Davy
"Fureur" ("Fury") by K. Dridi

"Graham Hurley" by E. Baily
"Famille d'accueil" ("Host Family") (Season 9 - Episode 6: Bad Girl) by P. Dallet
"Section de recherche" ("Research Section") (Season 5 - Episode 4: Bad Encounter) by C. Barbier
"Soeur Thérè" ("Sister Thérè") (Episode 18: Crime of Love) by V. Marano
"Deux flics sur les docks" ("Two Cops on the Docks") (Season 1 - Episode 1&2)

Short Films
"Le Chemin" ("The Way") by J-C. Tran/C. Lapierre
"Sous le surface" ("Under the Surface") (Teaser) by M. Saliva
"60 secondes" ("60 Seconds") by Jean-Claude Tran

"Au bout du rouleau" ("At the Limit") by T. Binisti

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Casting revelation video:
Featuring Mélanie Tran as Yumi
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  • Live commentary of episode 9:
    With Quentin and Gulliver
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  • Mélanie's first demo:
    By her agency
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  • Mélanie's second demo:
    By her agency
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  • Twitcam from 27 December 2012:
    With Quentin Merabet
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  • Twitcam from 6 February 2013:
    With Quentin Merabet
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  • Twitcam from 28 March 2013:
    With Quentin and Morgiane Merabet
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  • Message to the fans of
    For reaching 5 million visitors
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  • Report on Japan Expo 2013
    Quentin&Mélanie meeting the fans
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  • Short film : "60 secondes"
    With Quentin and Jean-Claude Tran
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    [Press and files]
    [07 July 2013]
    Report on the Japan Expo 2013
    With photo-shoot and dedication from Quentin and Mélanie for the fans
    [14 August 2013]
    News about Quentin & Mélanie's holidays
    [Personal photos]
    Photo of Mélanie Tran & Quentin Merabet for the fans
    Valentine's Day 2013
    Photo for Quentin Merabet's birthday
    09 July 2013
    Congratulations Queen of Fairys
    Congratulations Nelbsia
    Congratulations Bassoonist From hell
    Congratulations Nelbsia

    Photo Gallery of Mélanie Tran
    Gallery of Mélanie in Code Lyoko Evolution

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    Gallery of Mélanie (outside episodes)

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    Mélanie's Twitter Feed
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