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The Graphic Bible of Code Lyoko
What is a graphic bible?
The creation of a series starts by establishing a bible. This defines the base details and base rules to be used by the scriptwriters. It informs them of the general theme of the series, the places, the characters, their motivation and their behavior. This bible should contain the set of information that the producer wants to be conveyed to the scriptwriters in order to guarantee that the style of the series is uniform.
This bible contains the premier rough draft of graphic research for the characters, accessories and places. This graphic research serves as an artistic point of reference that defines the style and the spirit of the graphic production.

First there is the preliminary work: this is a matter of defining the graphic universe of the series. This information often serves as base material for the scriptwriters. At this level, the work focuses on the fundamental aspects of the places and permanent models (that are recurrent throughout the series.)

The work continues to the start of the scriptwriting: the goal is the same as above. The difference resides in the fact that it is no longer a matter of creating, but of extending and completing.

Here is an exclusive for you: the graphic bible of Code Lyoko.

Date of the document & information
This document is dated September 2003. So, let's define it correctly. It has no link to Code Lyoko Evolution. It is only the graphic bible of Code Lyoko. To be more precise, of Code Lyoko season 1 (while the general design of the series and of Lyoko notably evolved over the course of the seasons).
At this time, the world of Lyoko and the general story were only rough drafts (following the repetitive aspect of season 1). The backstory and the story of Franz Hopper were not yet completely written. This document refers exclusively to season 1.

However, if you read the frame above, you know that this document was conceived even before the plot of the episodes for this season. Therefore, it is the oldest conceptual document known at this time within the LyokoSphere. The document presents significant information on the stages of the creation of the series, though. Here is a small abstract below of the differences between Code Lyoko then and now as we know it.

  • The backstory was heavily changed:

  • Franz Hopper was a computer science teacher at Kadic Academy. It is told that he discovered the Supercomputer and that he named it XANA. He created Lyoko afterwards as well as Aelita and the virtualization process. During one of his visits to Lyoko, he mysteriously disappeared, most likely due to a bug with XANA.

  • On Lyoko, there were some changes.

  • XANA isn't a program, but the Supercomputer itself. The number of towers isn't defined. To deactivate a tower also caused its stabilization. This tower would then no longer be able to send a virus to Earth, our heroes could try to deactivate all the towers to prevent XANA from antagonizing Earth.

  • On Earth, there were also some changes.

  • XANA's field of action was more limited, because it could only affect the factory and the academy.
    As for the Return to the Past, Aelita gave the heroes the power to retain their memories so that they would never forget that Earth is in danger.

The Bible
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