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On this page, we have all of the images from the Code Lyoko Chronicles. It's a little bit of a mixed bag: indeed, the books are composed of several different images. Some have simply been scanned in the highest possible quality from the book (the covers, for example). Others have been scanned and redone by artists to improve their quality (for example, the icons at the start of each chapter in black and white). Finally, some have even been not only redone by the artists, but even translated, since they were only available in certain languages (like the main coloured pages of the books, of which some have never been released in French or English).

For each book, you should find in the following order:
The front cover in all of its languages.
The back cover in all the languages in our possession.
The inside of the covers that were decorated with photos and diagrams.
The coloured pages from within the novels in all the languages we have them in.
And finally, the illustrated icons from the start of each chapter.

Gallery of Book 1 - The Underground Castle
000 couv T1 ita001 couv T1 fr002 couv T1 fr003 couv T1 en004 couv T1 en050 intcouv T1 it
051 intcouv T1 fr052 intcouv T1 en201 illus pour aelita202 illus pour aelita203 illus pour aelita204 illus pour aelita
205 illus pour aelita206 illus pour aelita207 illus pour aelita208 illus pour aelita209 illus pour aelita210 illus pour aelita
211 illus pour aelita212 illus pour aelita213 illus pour aelita214 illus pour aelita215 illus pour aelita216 illus pour aelita
501 ombre kiwi502 ombre kiwi503 ombre kiwiintcouv T1 enintcouv T1 en

In book 1, there are only three icons in black and white that alternate at the beginning of each chapter.

Gallery of Book 2 - The Nameless City
000 couv T2 it001 couv T2 fr002 couv T2 fr003 couv T2 en004 couv T2 en050 intcouv T2 it
201 illus grigory202 illus grigory203 illus grigory204 illus grigory205 illus grigory206 illus grigory
207 illus grigory208 illus grigory209 illus grigory210 illus grigory211 illus grigory212 illus grigory
213 illus grigory214 illus grigory215 illus grigory216 illus grigory501 ombre chiens502 ombre dossier
503 ombre ipod504 ombre clocks505 ombre tournevis506 ombre cd507 ombre phone508 ombre gants
509 ombre disquette510 ombre addresse511 ombre ticket512 ombre indicateur513 ombre casque514 ombre laboiteapizza
515 ombre cafeaulait516 ombre arbre

Gallery of Book 3 - The Return of the Phoenix
000 couv T3 it001 couv T3 fr002 couv T3 fr003 couv T3 en050 intcouv T3 it201 illus ordinateur
202 illus ordinateur203 illus ordinateur204 illus ordinateur205 illus ordinateur206 illus ordinateur207 illus ordinateur
208 illus ordinateur209 illus ordinateur210 illus ordinateur211 illus ordinateur212 illus ordinateur213 illus ordinateur
214 illus ordinateur215 illus ordinateur216 illus ordinateur501 ombre portail502 ombre avion503 ombre jumelles
504 ombre appareil505 ombre pistolet506 ombre eventails507 ombre micro-casque508 ombre theiere509 ombre lunettes
510 ombre manta511 ombre explosion512 ombre carte green phoenix513 ombre chapeau514 ombre dynamite515 ombre clefs
516 ombre arc517 ombre casque

Gallery of Book 4 - The Army of Nothing
000 couv T4 it001 couv T4 fr002 couv T3 fr003 couv T4 en050 intcouv T4 it201 illus corbeau noir
202 illus corbeau noir203 illus corbeau noir204 illus corbeau noir205 illus corbeau noir206 illus corbeau noir207 illus corbeau noir
208 illus corbeau noir209 illus corbeau noir210 illus corbeau noir211 illus corbeau noir212 illus corbeau noir213 illus corbeau noir
214 illus corbeau noir215 illus corbeau noir216 illus corbeau noir501 ombre calendrier502 ombre tente503 ombre nunchaku
504 ombre parachute505 ombre boite506 ombre bonbonne507 ombre scanners508 ombre helicoptere509 ombre offbutton
510 ombre matrix511 ombre lunettes512 ombre katana513 ombre tv514 ombre pendentif515 ombre guitare
516 ombre panthere517 ombre jetpack518 ombre jet519 ombre valise