Book 4: The Army of Nothing

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The Army of Nothing

 Here you will find everything on the fourth book of the Code Lyoko Chronicles.

As none of the novels were ever released in English and only two were in French, launched a joint fanslation project so that more fans could get access to them! You can now read them on your favourite website.

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Synopsis & chapters
All seems lost for Jeremy and his friends: X.A.N.A., allied with the Green Phoenix terrorists, has activated the terrible weapon hidden at the heart of the virtual world; Jeremy, Ulrich and Eva are prisoners in Lyoko; Aelita is trapped in the Mirror, a parallel virtual world created by her father; Yumi and Odd are the only ones left in the real world, but...
How are they going to save their friends and vanquish X.A.N.A. once and for all?


Prologue: Nocturnal Meeting
Chapter 1: The Morning After the Battle
Chapter 2: Richard's Palm-Computer
Chapter 3: The Gold Necklace
Chapter 4: Parachutists Rain on Kadic
Chapter 5: Computer Virus
Chapter 6: Venture into the Hermitage
Chapter 7: X.A.N.A.'s Decision
Chapter 8: Escape into the Mirror
Chapter 9: The Breach to Lyoko
Chapter 10: X.A.N.A.'s Rebirth
Chapter 11: The Codes Enigma
Chapter 12: Council of War
Chapter 13: The Decisive Night
Chapter 14: Jeremy's Ruse
Chapter 15: The Army of Nothing
Chapter 16: Short-Circuit
Chapter 17: Mago's Escape
Chapter 18: Black Raven
Chapter 19: Code Down
Epilogue: A Party with a Surprise