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Questions on Code Lyoko
1) Which statement is false?
A) Ulrich has used the Overboard
B) William has used the Overwing
C) Yumi has used the Overboard
D) Odd has used the Overbike

2) What is Aelita's eye color on Lyoko?
A) Black
B) Green
C) Pink
D) Blue

3) Which power did Odd lose after Season 1?
A) His teleportation
B) His shield
C) His future flash
D) His feline instincts

4) Which Replika have our heroes never visited?

A) The forest Replika
B) The desert Replika
C) The polar Replika
D) The mountain Replika

5) Which of Odd's outfits depict a peeing Kiwi?
A) Lyoko Season 1
B) Lyoko Season 2
C) Lyoko Season 4
D) Translation Season 4

6) In the episode "XANA's Kiss", which characters did not kiss (specter/real person confused)?
A) Sissi & Ulrich
B) Jeremy & Aelita
C) Odd & Aelita
D) Yumi & Matthias

7) What purpose does a tower serve?
A) connecting the Earth and Lyoko
B) providing power
C) traveling within a sector
D) protecting all of XANA's monsters

8) Classify XANA's monsters in chronological order of appearance in the series.
A) Krabe
B) Mégatank
C) Kankrelat
D) Frelion
E) Blok

9) Which Subdigitals song do we hear throughout the series?
A) Virtual World
B) School is Out
C) Planet Net
D) Break Away

10) How many times has Jeremy been devirtualized?
A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3

11) In which vehicle have we never seen our heroes in?

A) A bus
B) A truck
C) A plane
D) A bulldozer

12) How many of the known virtual avatars have never had bugs?
A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3

13) Which colors have we seen for XANA's lightning?
A) Green
B) Blue
C) Violet
D) Red

14)Who almost drowned?
A) Jeremy
B) Yumi
C) Odd
D) Ulrich

15) Which movies has the series made obvious allusions to?
A) Matrix
B) The Birds
C) 2012
D) The Mummy Returns

16) Which name has never been heard in the series?
A) Valerie
B) Takeo
C) Noémie
D) Grigory

17) Which animal(s) have never been seen in the series?
A) Ants
B) Eagles
C) Cats
D) Wolves

18) What has Jim never fought?
A) Electric eels
B) Hurricane John
C) Grenades
D) Triple H

19) Who would you never see out at night?
A) Jean-Pierre Delmas
B) Jeremy Belpois
C) Yumi Ishiyama
D) Franz Hopper

20) Which continent has never been visited in the series?
A) Europe
B) Asia
C) America
D) Oceania

Question on Code Lyoko Evolution
01) Who of these is the most gifted?
A) Odd
B) Jérémy
C) Ulrich
D) Yumi

02) Who was injected with fake codes to counter a specter during Episode 9?
A) Aelita
B) Odd
C) Ulrich
D) Yumi

03) Who was the first person to lose all their codes?
A) Odd
B) Aelita
C) Yumi
D) Ulrich

04) In how many episodes so far have the Megatanks appeared?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

05) Starting from which episode is William definitely part of the team?
A) 2
B) 4
C) 5
D) 6

06) In which sector was the first tower deactivated?
A) The desert sector
B) The mountain sector
C) Sector 5
D) The Cortex

07) Which of these Lyoko Warriors' powers has not been used (yet?) in CLE?
A) Yumi's Telekinesis
B) Ulrich's Supersprint
C) Aelita's Shield
D) Ulrich's Triplicate

08) In which episode did Laura's father appear?
A) 9
B) 10
C) 11
D) 12

09) What ability do the Ninjas not have?
A) To become undetectable.
B) To move underground
C) To multiply
D) To survive in the digital sea

10) What pirated game does Odd buy in Episode 2?
A) Cyber Byker 6
B) Cyber Byker 7
C) Cyber Byker 8
D) Cyber Byker 9

11) Who has never driven the Skidbladnir?
A) Odd
B) Aelita
C) Yumi
D) Ulrich

12) Which monster is invisible in Episode 5?
A) A Krabe
B) A Ninja
C) A Kankrelat
D) A Tarantula

13) What ability do XANA's specters not have?
A) To change their appearance
B) To hypnotize their prey
C) To teleport
D) To phase through walls

14) In which of these episodes has Laura appeared?
A) 5
B) 6
C) 7
D) 8

15) What is the access code for the Cortex?
A) 25062003
B) 25032003
C) 25032006
D) 25032004

16) What are the colors of Dark William's sword in CLE?
A) Grey and White
B) Grey and Orange
C) Grey and Green
D) Grey and Black

17) Which sentence did Odd not say in Episode 7?
A) Il y a le loup qui court après les gogo-danceuses
B) Des bières, des cahiers, la fièvre des beignets
C) Il mange le virage, il tranche le sillage
D) Le sketch, le flex, le presque

18) What is written on the football player specter's T-shirt in Episode 15?
A) Gonzales 10
B) Marauders 15
C) Marauders 20
D) Gonzales 15

19) In what order are the characters presented in the introductory photo sequence in Episode 1?
A) Jim, Aelita, Jeremy, Odd, Ulrich, Yumi
B) Aelita, Jeremy, Odd, Ulrich, Jim, Yumi
C) Jim, Jeremy, Aelita, Odd, Ulrich, Yumi
D) Ulrich, Odd, Jéremy, Aelita, Jim, Yumi

20) Bonus Question: How many Bloks make up the Wall of Bloks in Episode 7?

Questions on the Universe
These questions are on the expanded Universe of the series. You'll need to take into account the first two volumes of the Code Lyoko Chronicles, the official video games of the series, the two series' pilots "Les Enfants font leur Cinéma" & "Garage Kids", the comics from the magazine, etc...

01) Which code(s) doesn't/don't exist in the universe of the series?
A) Code Lyoko
B) Code Scipio
C) Code Carthage
D) Code Xana
E) Code Chimera

02) Which world(s) doesn't/don't exist in the Code Lyoko Chronicles?
A) Lyoko
B) The First City
C) The Mirror
D) The Source of XANA

03) Which element(s) of Code Lyoko doesn't/don't exist in the Code Lyoko Chronicles?
A) Xanafication
B) The men in black
C) The underground leading to the factory
D) The translation

04) Which monster(s) doesn't/don't exist in the universe of the series?
A) The Scorpion
B) The Insekt
C) The Guardian
D) The Whale

05) Which method(s) of attack was/were used more than once by XANA in the universe of the series?
A) Creation of a spectre on Lyoko
B) Xanafication
C) Taking control of bees
D) Translation

06) Which element(s) appear(s) in all the video games?
A) Franz Hopper
B) William Dunbar
C) The Ninjas
D) The Scyphozoa

07) Who were the first characters of the universe to be created by Tania Palumbo and Thomas Romain?
A) Ulrich, Odd and Yumi
B) Kiwi
C) Milly and Tamia
D) Aelita

08) Who was dating during throughout the shooting of CLE?
A) Gulliver Bevernaege and Pauline Serieys
B) Quentin Merabet and Melanie Tran
C) Luccio Di Rosa and Sandrine Rigaux
D) Diego Mestanza and Clémency Haynes

09) Which actor(s) never met their fans during a fan event?
A) Léonie Berthonnaud
B) Bastien Thelliez
C) Pauline Serieys
D) Marin Lafitte

10) In which nation(s) was episode 5 publically aired?
A) France
B) Spain
C) United States
D) Hungary