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Writing fonts
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 Find here the fonts used in the Code Lyoko and Code Lyoko Evolution series.

[Official font of Code Lyoko: Gunship] [Code Lyoko Evolution font: CodeLyoko Evolufont]

Official font of Code Lyoko: Gunship
This is the font of Code Lyoko. With it, you can have the same characters as what Aelita gets when she enters the code "Lyoko".

How to use it:
Download and unzip the font on your desktop, then copy the extracted files into the folder C:\Windows\Fonts!



The new version of the font:

The fourth version of the font, which now includes accented letters, punctuation, italics... and much more.


Code Lyoko Evolution font: CodeLyoko Evolufont
This font is the same font as on the Code Lyoko Evolution logo. It allows you to write with the same characters.
But be careful: this font isn't official. Actually, a fan has imitated the Code Lyoko Evolution font as best he could, referencing the logo.


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