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Code Lyoko's grey areas
 Sophie Decroisette, a writer for Code Lyoko and writing director for seasons 1, 2 and 3 lifts the veil on Code Lyoko's grey areas, all these little questions we've been asking ourselves about the setting of the cartoon that we don't have answers for...

Shedding some light on our favourite series!

Shedding light on the grey areas of Code Lyoko...
1] General

With regards to the year in which Code Lyoko takes place: are seasons 1 and 2 really in 2005/2006? This was deduced from the fact that Saint Valentine's Day takes place on Tuesday the 14th of February, so this must be Tuesday the 14th of February 2006. The Prequel would take place a year before season 1, so October 2004, and "Straight to Heart" would be the 4th of September 2006.

Here's what's in the concept:




With regards to dates, obviously there will be mistakes now and then. Actually, I wrote the backstory after we finished writing season 1. So there will be things said in season 1 that are wrong or incongruous with the rest of the series, because we had to make some changes to the backstory.

Why must our heroes wait several hours to re-virtualise after devirtualisation?

Because they're too tired after what they've just been through.

Were the combat outfits created by Jeremy (episode 51 and season 4 predictions) or by analysing the Lyoko Warriors' subconscious? (XANA Awakens)

The first outfits were created by the supercomputer (see XANA Awakens)...but after that, they're improved by Jeremy.

Why don't Aelita and Hopper have weapons?

Because they're not warriors. Franz Hopper is very powerful, though...and Aelita has a weapon in S3 (her energy field)!

Aelita and her mother's pink hair - is there a story behind that, or is it just cartoon logic?

No, the art director (Tania Palumbo) decided that (she has pink hair herself).

Has Jim really done everything he's claimed he's done? If so, how did he find the time to do all of it while also being a teacher for several decades?

I started this running joke in S2. It was just meant to be a joke at first. But it became useful to us later on. But the main thing is, Jim isn't all that young. So he could've done plenty of things before coming to the school.

It started out rather vague and then grew clearer at the end of season 2...XANA really is a virus, and not the supercomputer itself? (extract from our interview with Sophie Decroisette)

Yes, XANA is a program "running" on the quantum supercomputer in the factory (which it then escapes from).

Why do the characters always wear the same outfits on Earth? (extract from our interview with Sophie Decroisette)

Because otherwise, we'd have to redo the models for every episode, and it's too expensive. It's a question of budget and being able to recognise the characters. Just look at Gaston Lagaffe, he's always wearing the same sweater and sandals!

Since Yumi doesn't go to another school when she enters 10th grade, is that because Kadic is both a junior high and a high school? (extract from our interview with Sophie Decroisette)

Yes, it's both!

Why is Aelita the Guardian of Lyoko and not any of the others? (extract from our interview with Nicolas Atlan)

Because she's Franz Hopper's daughter, and Franz Hopper is the creator of Lyoko.

2] Season 2

Why did the Marabounta go after Aelita? We later learnt that she wasn't infected by any virus that would make her look like a XANA monster! Did it just go out of control?

It's a plot hole...but we can imagine that because Aelita is considered part of Lyoko for various reasons, the Marabounta could go after her.

Is the Scyphozoa really indestructible or is it just very resistant to attack?

It's very resistant.

Why did Aelita's appearance change between episodes 26 and 27? She had different clothing and hair, her eyes were no longer green... (extract from our interview with Sophie Decroisette)

I think there were some background changes to boost the series between seasons 1 and 2!

3] Season 3

Why do the deactivated towers in season 3 have a white halo instead of blue? Is it somehow linked to Hopper?

Yes. (note: and the mystery remains ;))

The summer holidays took place between seasons 2 and 3. What did our heroes do during that time? Yumi, Aelita and Jeremy seemed to stay behind to keep an eye on XANA, but did they do that for the whole two months, or did they alternate with Odd and Ulrich (who apparently went to be with their families)?

They alternated keeping an eye on Xana. Aelita doubtlessly stayed at the Hermitage, as did Jeremy... Odd and Ulrich spent some time with their families and some time watching Xana.

Ulrich says in episode 65 he hasn't seen his father in over a year! Didn't he see him during the summer holidays between seasons 2 and 3?

I guess not...his father is a businessman and they don't get along well.

Where did Aelita spend her holiday? At Kadic? If the school is closed during summer, did she stay on Lyoko, at the Hermitage or at Yumi's house?

See above.

Are the men in black from episode 56 "False Lead" connected to the ones from Hopper's past? Or are they from a completely different secret service cell?

No, they're different agents...

4] Season 4

There's some information from the official website I'd like you to verify! They say the network is in fact the digital sea? Is this true? Is Lyoko a world being generated in the heart of the network? (extract from our interview with Sophie Decroisette)

You'll see in season 4. It's all explained! But the network is the world wide web: all the connections between all the computers in the world!

5] Characters

These characters aren't in the character roster, can you give us some more information about them, if you know of course:

- Mrs Ishiyama's first name (we know the dad's name is Takeho)?

- Aelita's mother's name?
No, I can't tell you.

- Johnny's surname?
I don't know.

- How old are Mr Delmas and Jim?
At first glance, between 40 and 50 years old.

Have you discussed Sissi's mother with the production/writing team and the creators? If so, can you tell us more?

At first glance, she lives elsewhere and is divorced from Jean-Pierre Delmas. But this information has never been used or confirmed.

Can you give us more information (first and last names/professions etc...) on:
- Odd's family?

- William's family?
You'll see his father in the next season.

- Ulrich's family?
For some information, you can read the secret chapters I wrote about our heroes for bibliothèque verte. See attached. (note: see the Characters section, "Private Diary")

Was William joking when he said he couldn't swim (because he swam very well in episode 36) or was it a mistake?

It's a mistake. But he may have been afraid of the water at that precise moment...hanging off the bridge.

What's Jeremy's mother's name?

I don't know.

Thanks for answering all our questions!