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The international team
 The international team has a partnership with for the purpose of uniting our two sides of the Code Lyoko fandom, English-speakers and French-speakers alike. The group provides English translations to news and articles found on as well as English subtitles to the French videos released by the site. 

ImageFunctions: Subbing team manager, translator, subber
First Name: Kel
Date of birth: 7 February 1994
Personality: Calm, easygoing, positive, serious, and ambitious
Hobbies and interests: Studying languages
Location: USA
Discovered CL in:2004
Favourite character(s): XANA, Jeremy, Odd
Favourite episode(s): #11 Plagued, #24 Ghost Channel, #37 Common Interest, #49 Franz Hopper, #52 The Key, #81 A Lack of Goodwill, #82 Distant Memory
Rating for CL: 16/20

ImageFunctions: Translator, occasional artist
First Name: Alexis
Date of birth: 16 November 1994
Personality: INFJ
Location: Sydney, Australia
Hobbies and interests: IT (web design in particular), drawing, obsessing over TV shows
Discovered CL in:September 2006
Favourite character(s): Odd
Favourite episode(s): A lot of them
Rating for CL: 18/20

Functions: Administrator of the CL-Evolved forum
First Name: Ziggy
Date of birth: 1700
Personality: ISTJ
Hobbies and interests: Swimming in the sea, anime, computer science, son kittycatte
Location: Miami
Personal website: CL-evolved
Discovered CL in:2004
Favourite character(s): William
Favourite episode(s): #23 Rock Bottom?
Rating for CL: 20/20

Soul Jelly
ImageFunctions: Translator
First Name: SJ
Personality: Creative, talkative
Hobbies and interests: Writing, art, baking
Location: United Kingdom
Personal website: My profile on
Discovered CL in:2004
Favourite character(s): Jim, Sissi
Favourite episode(s): #25 Code Earth, #26 False Start
Rating for CL: 18/20

ImageFunctions: Translator, editor
First Name: Roxie
Date of birth: 1993
Personality: Determined and opinionated, can get completely insane about tv shows. Very shy or outgoing depending on who I'm with. And extremely chatty.
Hobbies and interests: Reading, watching tv shows, ranting about said shows on tumblr, complaining (I'm French after all). Doctor Who and Harry Potter (yes they are valid hobbies and passions).
Location: South-east of France, but London soon
Personal website: My twitter
Discovered CL in:13 April 2005, with Gravité Zéro on Canal J
Favourite character(s): Yumi, with Ulrich as a close second
Favourite episode(s): ROUTINE. Then Frontière, Mauvaise Conduite, Marabounta, Attaque en Piqué, Nouvelle Donnée, Saint-Valentin, Souvenirs (my favourite couple is kind of obvious). Of Evolution, I like Cortex and Le Réveil du Guerrier best so far.
Rating for CL: 18/20 - always room for improvement!

ImageFunctions: Video editor, subber
First Name: Secret !
Date of birth: 1992.05.22
Personality: Nice and wicked, depending on the situation and mood.
Hobbies and interests: Drawing, computer science, languages, piano, reading, chatting with my friends.
Location: Rome, Italy
Discovered CL in:2011
Favourite character(s): Aelita
Favourite episode(s): XANA Awakens Part I-II, #60 Temporary Insanity, #89 Music To Sooth the Savage Beast, #95 Echoes
Rating for CL: 18/20

ImageFunctions: Subber
First Name: Christine
Date of birth: 02/02/1994
Personality: Hard-working, quiet, friendly.
Hobbies and interests: Video games, reading, internet.
Location: California
Discovered CL in: April 2012
Favourite character(s): William
Favourite episode(s): #26 False Start, #39 A Bad Turn, #05 Rivalry
Rating for CL: 17/20