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[French vs English] S2 - Part 2
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 Season 2 - Part 2
Episodes 40 to 52

It's widely known that dialogue can differ between two different language versions of a TV show. It's often a concern when someone is watching a show in something other than its native language that the translators may have made changes, small or large, that diverge from the intent of the original dialogue. French is the original language of Code Lyoko and here we've finally answered that question by making a list of the differences between the original French and the English dubbed episodes.

Differences range from small wording changes that make a significant difference, to entire lines that were added or removed. From season 2 onwards, the English dub was based on the original French scripts. The French episodes often changed certain parts of the dialogue for the final episode but the English usually stuck to the scripts, sometimes resulting in small inconsistencies with the animation. Discover all the major differences for yourself below! Have a nice read!

[Episode 40 - Attack of the Zombies] [Episode 41 - Ultimatum] [Episode 42 - A Fine Mess] [Episode 43 - XANA's Kiss] [Episode 44 - Vertigo] [Episode 45 - Cold War] [Episode 46 - Déjà Vu] [Episode 47 - Tip-Top Shape] [Episode 48 - Is Anybody Out There?] [Episode 49 - Franz Hopper] [Episode 50 - Contact] [Episode 51 - Revelation] [Episode 52 - The Key]

Episode 40 - Attack of the Zombies
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Attack of the Zombies
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:48, 22:42 In the French version, Milly asks how Sissi feels about her father wanting to set up a language exchange programme with England. In the English version, the language exchange programme is with France...

2:11, 23:00 In the French, before Milly says she hates Sissi she says "Oh, what a pest!"

2:19 Line swap with Jeremy and Odd.

FrenchJeremy: J't'assure qu'tu te trompes, Odd ! J'ai jamais dit que Kiwi était un chien stupide !
French translationJeremy: But you're wrong, Odd, I tell you! I never said that Kiwi was stupid!
EnglishOdd: You're wrong, I tell you!
Jeremy: But I didn't say that Kiwi was stupid...

2:32 In the French, the menu items offered by Rosa are sausages and fries, and ravioli. In the English, the first thing she offers is sausages (franks) and beans.

3:51 Odd's French line plays on the way Ulrich likened him to a cow. The English line references the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood and its well-known line, "All the better to [something] you with, my dear."

FrenchOdd: Ouais, et une vache d'appétit !
French translationOdd: Yeah, and one heck (lit. cow) of an appetite!
EnglishOdd: All the better to pig out with, my dear...

4:07 When describing Doctor Schrank, in the English version Odd specifies that he's a brain surgeon.

4:38 Hiroki sounds much more childish in the English than the French.

FrenchHiroki: Alors c'était encore Ulrich ? Moi j'suis sûr que c'est ton p'tit copain !
French translationHiroki: So that was Ulrich again? I'm sure he's your boyfriend!
EnglishHiroki: Was that Ulrich, your boyfriend?

4:57 In the French version, Yumi says goodnight to her family before leaving. In the English, she doesn't say goodnight, adding to how annoyed she sounds.

5:41 Odd's line is different before they retreat into the cafeteria.

FrenchOdd: Holà vaut mieux pas traîner ici !
French translationOdd: Hoo boy, better not hang around here!
EnglishOdd: About face, everybody!

6:21 In the French, Ulrich calls the zombies "uglies." In English, he uses the more zombie-related insult "maggot faces."

7:07 When he's on the phone to the police, William's French line sounds better in terms of convincing emergency services to send a police car to the school. His English line references an in-universe movie.

FrenchWilliam: Oui, c'est encore moi ! Et non je ne plaisante pas ! Envoyer une voiture au collège !
French translationWilliam: Yes, it's me again! And no I'm not kidding! Send a car to the school!
EnglishWilliam: Zombies! That's right, like in Out of the Tomb!

7:55 A small change to Ulrich's line.

FrenchUlrich: Bon, là c'est la galère. Je pourrais jamais passer !
French translationUlrich: Ok, that's not good. I'll never get through!
EnglishUlrich: What do I do now? Can't get through...

8:04 A difference to Ulrich's line.

FrenchUlrich: Là-bas, on verra avec les autres, d'accord ?
French translationUlrich: We'll check with the others there, ok?
EnglishUlrich: Then get some help. Ok?

8:39 Odd confronts William differently (and referencing a different action movie star!), earning an ever so slightly different response.

FrenchOdd: Eh Bruce Willis, c'est marqué où dans l'scénar que c'est à toi d'sauver l'monde ?
William: Nulle part, mais j'ai envie qu'on sorte tous indemne de cette histoire.
French translationOdd: Hey Bruce Willis, where does it say in the script that you're the one who's gonna save the world?
William: Nowhere, but I want us all to get out of this unharmed.
EnglishOdd: Hey! Jackie Chan! So you think you're the boss around here, or somethin'?!
William: Yes! And I want us all to get out of this unharmed!

8:50 An additional sentence for William in the French when he pushes Jeremy away from the door, and a different response from Jeremy.

FrenchWilliam: Tu restes là, pigé !? Désolé mais c'est pour ton bien. Tu verras, quand on sera sorti d'là sains et saufs, tu m'remercieras !
Jeremy: Sain et sauf... Ouais bah ça, ça reste à voir !
French translationWilliam: You're staying here, got it?! Sorry, but it's for your own good. You'll see, you'll thank me when we get out of this safe and sound!
Jeremy: Safe and sound... Yeah, well that remains to be seen!
EnglishWilliam: Sorry, but it's for your own good. You'll thank me when you get out of this safe and sound!
Jeremy: Safe and sound... Yeah. Thanks a lot.

10:35 Before saying the zombies are coming from all sides, in the French Odd also says "It's horrible."

10:48 Milly's English line almost makes it sound like she doesn't recognise Kiwi as Odd's dog. Odd also has an additional line in the French.

FrenchMilly: Hé ! Odd attends, ton chien ! Il était dans le couloir quand Tamiya a été changée en zombie... Arrête, Odd !...
Odd: Kiwi, alors mon beau ?
French translationMilly: Hey! Odd wait, your dog! He was in the hallway when Tamiya got zombified... Stop, Odd...!
Odd: Kiwi, hey boy?
EnglishMilly: Hey! That's the same dog we saw in the hallway just before Tamiya got zombified! Wait, Odd!

11:00 When Odd realises that Kiwi has been possessed by XANA, in the French he also says "Oh no."

11:15 In the French, when Jeremy grabs zombie-Odd he says "Hey, Odd!"

11:37 In the English, Jeremy pins the blame firmly on William.

FrenchJeremy: Et maintenant, il est dans le coin prêt à nous mordre.
French translationJeremy: And now, he's somewhere nearby ready to bite us.
EnglishJeremy: But now, thanks to you, Kiwi's somewhere ready to bite us.

11:46 William insults Jeremy in the English. There's also a difference to what he says he's fed up with Jeremy and Aelita talking about.

FrenchWilliam: Arrête ! Si je t'avais laissé sortir maintenant tu serais un zombie comme les autres ! Je commence à en avoir marre de vos plans science-fiction à la noix !
French translationWilliam: Stop! If I'd let you leave, now you'd be a zombie just like the others! I'm getting tired of hearing about your pathetic science-fiction plans!
EnglishWilliam: Listen, if you'd gone out, you might be a zombie yourself by now, idiot! I'm getting tired of hearing about this factory and your supercomputer!

12:01 Ulrich has rather more fun with this taunt in the English.

French translationUlrich: KILL THE ZOMBIES! YAAAHHHH!
EnglishUlrich: KILL THE ZOMBIEEES! (poking tongue out) Blehhh! Come on, you deadheads! Haha! Blehhh! Bleh blehhh!

13:12 Ulrich's line is different after he kicks zombie-William to the ground.

FrenchUlrich: Et 1-0 pour bibi !
French translationUlrich: Ulrich 1, William 0!
EnglishUlrich: That one's on me!

13:29 After Ulrich shoulders the zombies out of the way and starts helping the others close the doors, in the French he says "Come on!"

14:58 Aelita makes a food reference in the French version.

FrenchAelita: Eh ! C'est un beau pâté d'Krabes !
French translationAelita: Hey! It's a nice Krab pâté!
EnglishAelita: Oh! Krabs also in sight!

16:09 Ulrich offers some words of encouragement in the French.

FrenchUlrich: Allez. Courage.
French translationUlrich: Come on. Be brave.
EnglishUlrich: Ok, guys. This is it.

16:19 When Rosa wakes up again, she speaks in the English. In the French, she makes some strange noises as though trying to process what's happening before she faints again.

French translation-
EnglishRosa: Oh, I think I'm... Ah! Uuuhhh... (faints)

16:31 After a Krab starts following the girls away from the tower and Jeremy says he hopes they know what they're doing, Yumi's reply is different.

FrenchYumi: C'est exactement c'que je voulais.
French translationYumi: It's exactly what I wanted.
EnglishYumi: Yeah. So do I, Jeremy.

17:52 In the French version, Ulrich has some final words of encouragement for Sissi as the zombies close in on them and Milly.

FrenchUlrich: Courage, Sissi !
French translationUlrich: Stay strong, Sissi!

19:30 Jeremy calls Yumi's name when he sees the Kankrelat coming up behind her. In the English he also says "Behind you!" which sounds like a better warning than just saying her name.

22:22 In the English, zombie-Jeremy says Aelita's name before he launches the Return to the Past. His line "Return to the past now" can be heard as the light washes over the school.

FrenchZombie-Jeremy: Retour... vers... le passé...
(Retour vers le passé.)
French translationZombie-Jeremy: past...
(Return to the Past.)
EnglishZombie-Jeremy: Aelitaaa...!
(Return to the Past.)
Zombie-Jeremy: Return to the past nooow...!

Episode 41 - Ultimatum
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:14 Odd asks Jeremy to give them the short version of his explanation. In the English he uses the term "CliffsNotes version," CliffsNotes being a series of student study guides available in the USA. The term "CliffsNotes version" has come to mean a condensed or summarised version of information, like the study guides provide. Also, in the French Odd is the only one who laughs after this sentence. In the English, Yumi laughs as well.

1:55, 22:41 In the French, Sissi greets Ulrich and then asks if he's alone. But Jeremy and Aelita are with him... Then Sissi's comment about being stupid and Ulrich's response are different.

FrenchSissi: Salut Ulrich ! Eh ben alors, t'es tout seul ? Yumi n'est pas avec toi ? Oh mais non bien sûr, je viens d'la voir avec William ! Ce que chui bête parfois !
Ulrich: Le « parfois » est d'trop !
French translationSissi: Hi Ulrich! So then, you're all alone? Yumi's not with you? Oh, of course not, I just saw her with William! I can be so stupid sometimes!
Ulrich: The "sometimes" is redundant!
EnglishSissi: Huuuh! What do you know! Yumi isn't here with you! Oh, of course not! I just saw her with William. How stupid of me.
Ulrich: You got that right.

2:20 Ulrich sounds less than pleased to run into Jim in particular in the French. In the English he just says "Oh no" but in the French he says "Oh no, not him!"

2:55 As XANA-Delmas telepathically shuts the door and starts the car, there are more protests from Yumi and Odd in the French version only. In the English, they just make occasional grunting noises. William also has an extra line in the French as the car drives away.

FrenchOdd: Mais monsieur !
Yumi: Vous faites quoi là !?
Odd: Oh répondez quoi !
Yumi: Monsieur !
(La voiture s'éloigne.)
William: Hé non, a-attendez !
French translationOdd: But Sir!
Yumi: What are you doing?!
Odd: Answer, will you?!
Yumi: Sir!
(The car drives away.)
William: Hey no, w-wait!

3:43 Aelita has an additional line in the French before Ulrich says he can't reach Yumi or Odd by phone.

FrenchAelita: Oh c'est pas vrai...
French translationAelita: Oh it can't be...

3:55 Though "liquidated" does mean the same sort of thing, "executed" is a harsher and clearer choice of words.

FrenchJeremy: « Obéissez où sinon, vos amis Odd et Yumi seront exécutés ! »
French translationJeremy: "Obey or your friends Odd and Yumi will be executed!"
EnglishJeremy: "If not, Odd and Yumi will be liquidated."

4:04 Ulrich's line is different after the teacher tells everyone to sit down.

FrenchUlrich: C'est ça ouais ! On va drôlement faire avancer les choses en restant assis, là !
French translationUlrich: Yeah, right! We'll really get things moving by just sitting around!
EnglishUlrich: How do people expect us to save the world if they don't leave us alone?

4:20 In the French version, Odd says they could be in Siberia. In the English version he says "somewhere north of Siberia."

4:39 A phrasing change here.

FrenchOdd: On fera aller, mais terminé, ce type, j'lui adresse plus la parole !
French translationOdd: I'll be fine, but I'm done. I'm not speaking to this guy again!
EnglishOdd: Yeah, sure I am. But I wouldn't count on his co-operating with us...

4:45 In the French, Jim says the day students can all go home. In the English, he says everyone can.

5:31 Some additional lines after Jeremy and Aelita are caught by the police officers.

FrenchJeremy: Non ! Lâche-moi !
Aelita: Hé !
Officer: Je le tiens ! Y'en a un qui a filé !
French translationJeremy: No! Let me go!
Aelita: Hey!
Officer: I got him! One got away!
EnglishOfficer: We got 'em!

6:26 There's some additional French dialogue when Odd puts the jacket around Yumi.

FrenchYumi: Oh merci Odd...
Odd: De rien, Yumi.
French translationYumi: Oh thank you, Odd...
Odd: You're welcome, Yumi.

8:02 When the policeman turns back to his colleague, in the French, he resumes a conversation. In the English, they just look at each other in silence.

8:30 A change to Sissi's description of her father's behaviour.

FrenchSissi: Il s'enferme tout seul dans la cave pendant des heures pour bricoler à ce qu'il dit, mais bricoler quoi ? Mystère !
French translationSissi: He locks himself in the basement for hours on end - tinkering, he says, but tinkering with what? No idea!
EnglishSissi: He's taken to locking himself in the basement to tinker around and he says strange things, too.

9:09 In the French, when they stop running Aelita asks, "Well, Jeremy?"

9:22 In the French, Ulrich says that Yumi and Odd are in the area where he's headed. In the English, it's implied.

FrenchUlrich: Yumi et Odd sont là-bas.
French translationUlrich: Yumi and Odd are there.
EnglishUlrich: I'm gonna try and set Yumi and Odd free.

10:29 Some additional bits to these French lines.

FrenchUlrich: Hé, il y a des douzaines de chambres froides par ici. Alors je fais ce que je peux !
Aelita: Oh non, c'est trop tard ! J'aurais dû me livrer !
French translationUlrich: Hey, there are dozens of cold rooms here. I'm doing what I can!
Aelita: Oh no, it's too late! I should've handed myself over!
EnglishUlrich: But Jeremy, there are dozens of cold rooms here!
Aelita: I should've handed myself over to the Scyphozoa!

11:13 In the French, Jeremy offers more detail about what Ulrich should expect the EMP bomb to do.

FrenchJeremy: En théorie, non. Elle n'affecterait que la partie XANA.
French translationJeremy: Theoretically, no. It would only affect the XANA part of him.
EnglishJeremy: Uh, well...theoretically speaking, no...!

11:39 In the French, Jeremy sounds certain that XANA-Delmas is ok and still attacking Odd and Yumi. In the English, he suggests it as a possibility.

15:15 After complaining about his sore head, in the English Jeremy also asks what's going on.

17:42 After Jeremy says there are Tarantulas present, Odd's response is different.

FrenchOdd: Chouette, ça me manquait !
French translationOdd: Cool, I've missed this!
EnglishOdd: Thanks for the tip!

19:09 A few changes here.

FrenchYumi: Odd, on prend chacun une Tarentule, comme ça, pas d'jaloux !
Odd: Ça m'va !
Yumi: Aelita ! Quand j'te le dis, tu sauts, d'accord ?
French translationYumi: Odd, we'll take a Tarantula each. That way, we can't get jealous!
Odd: Works for me!
Yumi: Aelita! Jump when I tell you to, ok?
EnglishYumi: Odd! You get one of those Tarantulas, and I'll handle the other one!
Odd: Ok!
Yumi: Aelita, you're going to have to jump at the right moment.

19:27 In the English, after throwing Sissi across the bridge with electricity, XANA-Delmas laughs evilly. There's no laughter in the French.

22:23 Odd's French line actually sounds pretty deep, except that it's referring to him witnessing Sissi kiss Ulrich.

FrenchOdd: Pas de chance, nous, il faut qu'on se souvienne de toute les horreurs qu'on peut voir !
Yumi: Quelles horreurs ? Hein Odd !
French translationOdd: We're not so lucky, we have to remember all the horrible things we might see!
Yumi: What horrible things? Huh Odd!
EnglishOdd: I wonder which would be worse - being blind or having to see this.
Yumi: See what?

22:51 In the English, Sissi says "Ciao!" as she walks away from Ulrich and his friends. She doesn't say anything in the French.

Episode 42 - A Fine Mess
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
A Fine Mess
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

For this episode, "Yumi-Odd" refers to Yumi in Odd's body and "Odd-Yumi" refers to Odd in Yumi's body. Whichever name comes first is the character whose mind it is.

There are two versions of the French episode available: one where Odd-Yumi and Yumi-Odd occasionally imitate each other's voices when interacting with people outside the group, and one where they use their normal voices all the time. There's only one known version of the English episode and in it, Odd-Yumi sometimes imitates Yumi's voice, but Yumi-Odd never does the same for Odd's voice; she just speaks more quietly when other people are around.

1:07 Ulrich asks "Yumi" if she's ok a few more times in the French.

FrenchUlrich: Ça va toi ? ...Hum ? Ben t'en fais une tête ! Ça va pas Yumi ?
French translationUlrich: You ok? ...Hm? Why the long face? Is something wrong, Yumi?
EnglishUlrich: Hey, Yumi! Are you ok?

2:02 A few small changes here. Probably of note is that in the French, Odd-Yumi gets halfway through the word "bra" (soutien-gorge) before he cuts himself off, unlike in the English.

FrenchJeremy: Estime toi heureuse... Moi, j'vais pas dormir du tout !
Odd-Yumi: En plus, j'vois vraiment pas de quoi tu te plains, il est d'enfer mon corps ! Bien mieux que le tien ! Ah, bah déjà, par exemple, y'a comme un truc qui me gratte dans l'dos là ! On dirait que c'est la bretelle de ton soutien-g...
French translationJeremy: Consider yourself lucky... I'm not gonna get any sleep at all!
Odd-Yumi: And I really don't see what you're complaining about, I have a dynamite body! Better than yours! For example, something's itching me in my back! I think it's the strap to your br...
EnglishJeremy: Well I'm not gonna get any sleep at all, I'll have you know!
Odd-Yumi: And if you haven't noticed, I have a dynamite body! Better than yours! For example, something's itching me in my back! It's uh... I think it's the strap to your...

2:48 When Yumi-Odd asks if Odd-Yumi can eat with chopsticks, his answer is different. His French line plays on the phrase "t'as pas de souci à te faire" ("you have nothing to worry about") by replacing "souci" ("worry") with "sushi." There's no pun in the English version but it's still a nice joke.

FrenchOdd-Yumi: T'inquiète ! T'as pas de sushi à te faire !
French translationOdd-Yumi: No problem! You've got nothing to worry about (lit. nothing to sushi about)!
EnglishOdd-Yumi: Yeah! As long as they look like forks!

3:10 Odd-Yumi's English line is a bit strange. How would he know that Magali and Claire already know he's two-timing them?

FrenchOdd-Yumi: Bah, Magali et Claire non plus ! Enfin j'espère quoi...
French translationOdd-Yumi: Neither do Magali and Claire! At least I hope not...
EnglishOdd-Yumi: Neither do Magali and Claire! Up to now, that is.

3:41 A change to how Odd-Yumi tries to encourage Ulrich to practise asking him out.

FrenchOdd-Yumi: Allez mon grand ! Fais pas ton timide !
French translationOdd-Yumi: Come on, man! Don't be shy!
EnglishOdd-Yumi: Come on! Ask me out! I'm waiting!

3:57 Sissi picks a different insult for Yumi, resulting in a different reply from Odd-Yumi.

FrenchSissi: Tu perds ton temps avec ce corbeau femelle anorexique !
Odd-Yumi: Mieux vaut être un corbeau qu'une grue !
French translationSissi: You're wasting your time with this anorexic female crow!
Odd-Yumi: Better to be a crow than a crane!
EnglishSissi: What do you see in this string bean, anyway?
Odd-Yumi: At least I don't have the mind of a vegetable!

4:22 Odd-Yumi's line is different after he embraces Ulrich.

FrenchOdd-Yumi: Hey ! Dis donc sous tes faux airs, t'es un tendre, toi !
French translationOdd-Yumi: Hey! Say, beneath that fake exterior, you're a real softie!
EnglishOdd-Yumi: Hey! Now I see why Sissi's so crazy about you!

4:57 Yumi-Odd's last words to Kiwi are different.

FrenchYumi-Odd: Désolée Kiwi, mais tu restes là le chien.
French translationYumi-Odd: Sorry Kiwi, but you stay there, doggie.
EnglishYumi-Odd: Be a good dog, now. Goodbye, Kiwi!

5:16 Because Sissi and Odd-Yumi's previous interaction centred around a different insult, this bit's different too.

FrenchSissi: Tu diras à Ulrich que ça n'sera pas la peine de venir pleurer auprès de la grue quand son corbeau l'aura laissé tomber !
French translationSissi: You can tell Ulrich he shouldn't bother coming and crying to the crane when his crow's dropped him!
EnglishSissi: You can tell Ulrich he'll have to beg for a date with a real flower once his string bean veggie drops him!

5:33 In the French, Yumi-Odd says Sissi told her to tell Ulrich something about birds. In the English, it was something about veggies.

5:44 The newspaper gossip column has a name in the French: "Potins, ragots et confidences," meaning "gossip/rumours, malicious gossip and secrets/confessions." After Ulrich and Yumi-Odd leave, Yumi-Odd asks if he'll tell her what's going on, guessing it has something to do with what happened with Sissi earlier. In the English, she asks what's gotten into Milly and Tamiya now.

6:00 In the French, after asking what's wrong with "Yumi," Takeho asks "You're not eating?"

7:27 A couple of changes here.

FrenchYumi-Odd: Ouais, t'as raison. Pas la peine de paniquer. (elle commence à retirer une chaussure)
Ulrich: Oh là, méfie-toi !
Yumi-Odd: Oh ça va !
French translationYumi-Odd: Yeah, you're right. No need to panic. (starts taking off shoe)
Ulrich: Watch yourself there!
Yumi-Odd: Oh it's fine!
EnglishYumi-Odd: Yeah... I guess it can wait. (starts taking off shoe)
Ulrich: Watch yourself.
Yumi-Odd: Watch what?

8:32 After Yumi's mother asks for a hand in the kitchen, Odd-Yumi's response is phrased differently.

FrenchOdd-Yumi: Ouais ! Ouais, j'arrive ! Dès que... dès que je les aurai récupéré !...
French translationOdd-Yumi: Yeah! Yeah, I'm coming! soon as I get them back...!
EnglishOdd-Yumi: Uh...yes! If...if... If I have a hand to give you...

10:03 In the French, William actually seems to find it interesting that "Yumi" talks about herself in the third person. Odd-Yumi also uses a different term to explain why he's talking to himself like that: in the French he calls it schizophrenia, in the English it's a split personality. These two terms are often confused, but schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder (DID) are two different conditions and schizophrenia doesn't imply having a "split personality." The English version is more medically accurate, but it's understandable why Odd might get them confused.

FrenchWilliam: Tu parles de toi à la troisième personne ? C'est original !
Odd-Yumi: Original ? Non, c'est juste une crise de schizophrénie. Rien grave, t'inquiètes !
French translationWilliam: You talk about yourself in the third person? That's original!
Odd-Yumi: Original? No, it's just a schizophrenic episode. Nothing serious, don't worry!
EnglishWilliam: Do you always have conversations with yourself?
Odd-Yumi: Well...yes! it a split personality, but nothing to worry about!

10:38 Yumi-Odd's French line could be interpreted as both "Did you manage" and "Did you make it out of there," so Odd-Yumi makes a joke out of it.

FrenchYumi-Odd: Tu t'en es sorti ?
Odd-Yumi: Ouais, en quatrième vitesse, direction l'infirmarie !
French translationYumi-Odd: Did you make it out?
Odd-Yumi: Yeah, like a shot, straight to the infirmary!
EnglishYumi-Odd: Did you manage?
Odd-Yumi: Well, if you mean...sharpening my pencils and all that, yeah.

11:38 When Ulrich and Aelita land in the Ice Sector, their grunts are performed by their English voice actors in both versions.

11:59 Yumi-Odd's line is more sarcastic in the English.

FrenchYumi-Odd: Ohh non me voilà changée en Catwoman !
French translationYumi-Odd: Oh no, I've turned into Catwoman!
EnglishYumi-Odd: And now, let's hear it for...Catwoman!

13:07 In the French, Odd-Yumi responds to Jeremy before trying to attack the Kankrelats.

FrenchOdd-Yumi: Merci, c'est rassurant ! Allez flèche laser !
French translationOdd-Yumi: Thanks, that's reassuring! Laser arrow!
EnglishOdd-Yumi: Laser arrow!

16:41 After the wall opens, Odd-Yumi says "Come on!" in the French.

16:53 As Ulrich enters the lab, he asks "Well?" in the English. In the French, he just makes a noise.

17:35-19:56 In the French, Yumi-Odd says "Laser arrow" almost every time she shoots. She never says it in the English.

17:37 The distance said in Odd-Yumi's line is 10 metres in the French and 10 yards in the English.

17:52 After he checks down one side of the platform to try and find the Creeper, Odd-Yumi has an additional line in the French, but his mouth doesn't move.

FrenchOdd-Yumi: Bah... où est-ce qu'il est ?
French translationOdd-Yumi: Huh...where is he?

18:44 Odd-Yumi says he's swimming through guacamole. In French, the phrase "pédaler dans le guacamole" (or variants with other similar foods) means "to get nowhere fast." This additional meaning doesn't exist in English.

20:01 In the English, after Yumi-Odd asks if Aelita is ok, Aelita replies with "Yeah." She doesn't reply in the French.

21:47 A change to how Jeremy describes what he's doing.

FrenchJeremy: Je relance le programme de rematerialisation.
French translationJeremy: I'm relaunching the rematerialisation program.
EnglishJeremy: I'll transfer back to the rematerialisation program.

21:51 In the English, after Yumi-Odd is devirtualised, Yumi-Odd cries "Yumi! Noo!"

23:18 Ulrich's English line refers back to when Odd (in Yumi's body) offered to give him pointers on asking Yumi out.

FrenchUlrich: Oh, non désolé ! Sur ce coup, t'es tout seul mon vieux !
French translationUlrich: Oh no, sorry! You're on your own for this one, good buddy!
EnglishUlrich: I warned you! Sorry I can't give you any pointers, good buddy!

23:22 After Yumi yells Odd's name threateningly, in the English, Odd makes a terrified noise.

Episode 43 - XANA's Kiss
ImageMon meilleur ennemi
(My best enemy)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
XANA's Kiss
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:09 Jeremy offers two suggestions in the French and one in English.

FrenchJeremy: C'est pour la collec' ou t'essaies d'établir un record ?
French translationJeremy: Is this for your collection or are you trying to set a record?
EnglishJeremy: Are you trying to set a record or something?

1:15 In the French, it's pretty clear that Sissi has been looking for Ulrich. Not so in the English.

FrenchSissi: Ah, le voilà. Ulrich ? Je te cherchais !
French translationSissi: Ah, there he is. Ulrich? I've been looking for you!
EnglishSissi: Well, look who's here! My dear Ulrich!

1:54 In the English, Ulrich doesn't actually say whether or not he's seen the movie before, it's just implied.

FrenchUlrich: T'es dingue, bien sûr que non !
French translationUlrich: You crazy? Of course not!
EnglishUlrich: You crazy?

3:54 Jeremy's line is shorter in the English after Heidi confronts him and Aelita leaves.

FrenchJeremy: Bah ça... oh, ça c'est fort...
French translationJeremy: Oh no...oh that's just great...
EnglishJeremy: Oh, no...

4:20 Quite a difference to the dialogue here.

FrenchOdd: En tant que pro d'la drague, là je m'incline, respects ! Tu cachais bien ton jeu d'Don Juan !
(Odd s'eloigne. Ulrich prend le croissant de Jérémy.)
Ulrich: À plus, Jérémy !
French translationOdd: As a professional flirt, I take my hat off to you. Respect! You did a good job of hiding your Don Juan game!
(Odd leaves. Ulrich takes Jeremy's croissant.)
Ulrich: Later, Jeremy!
EnglishOdd: You know something? You sure threw me a real curveball there, Mister Romantic!
(Odd leaves. Ulrich takes Jeremy's croissant.)
Ulrich: Guess you won't be needing this croissant! Later.

4:37 In the French, William greets Aelita and Odd before talking to Ulrich. He also tells Ulrich to hold onto his croissant because he's about to tell him some shocking news.

FrenchWilliam: Salut vous deux ! Oh tiens, Ulrich, tu te tombes bien. Tu connais la dernière ? Accroches-toi à ton croissant ! Yumi sort avec Matthias Burel !
French translationWilliam: Hi you two! Oh hey, Ulrich, glad I ran into you. Have you heard the latest news? Hang onto your croissant! Yumi's going out with Matthias Burel!
EnglishWilliam: Hey, Ulrich! Glad I ran into you. In case you haven't heard the latest news, Yumi's going out with...Matthias Durel.

4:56 A small change here. After this line William says "I saw you," so what Ulrich says in the English ends up being repeated.

FrenchUlrich: Oh ça va fatigues pas, on est au courant.
French translationUlrich: Oh come on, don't bother, Yumi. We know.
EnglishUlrich: Cut out the acting, Yumi. William saw you.

7:12 Jim stutters a lot in French but manages to get a sentence out in English, albeit a strange question.

FrenchJim: Oh, Yo-Yo-Yo-Yolande ! C-comment va ?
French translationJim: Oh, Yo-Yo-Yo-Yolanda! H-how are you?
EnglishJim: Oh! Heh. Is that you, Yolanda? Heheh...

8:53 In the French, Jeremy finishes his sentence. In the English, he tries to continue but Odd cuts him off.

9:26 When talking about XANA's strategy, Ulrich's French line is rather more self-deprecating.

FrenchUlrich: Ouais, drôlement futé. Et on a failli marché.
French translationUlrich: Yeah, really clever. And we walked right into it.
EnglishUlrich: XANA's really smart... Not like us.

10:05 A simple change here.

FrenchJeremy-spectre: Bon, allons-y. Les autres nous attendent à l'usine.
French translationJeremy-spectre: Ok, let's go. The others are waiting for us at the factory.
EnglishJeremy-spectre: Let's go now. We have to get to the factory, fast!

10:31 Odd mishears a different word in either language. To be fair to Odd, "clone" and "clown" sound very similar in French. No such excuse for what he says in the English though.

FrenchOdd: Bon, si j'ai bien tout pigé, y'en a un des deux là qui est le clown polymorphe de XANA ?!
Yumi: Le clone, le clone polymorphe !
French translationOdd: Right, if I've got this straight, one of these two is XANA's polymorphic clown?!
Yumi: Clone, polymorphic clone!
EnglishOdd: If I've got this of these two the polydorking clone, right?
Yumi: The polymorphic clone, Odd.

10:53 A few changes here. Most notably, in the English Jeremy tells the clone to keep its hands off Aelita!

French(Le clone est abattu.)
Aelita: Allez ! On passe par les égouts !
Odd: Je m'occupe de lui !
French translation(The clone is subdued.)
Aelita: Come on! We'll go through the sewers!
Odd: I'll take care of him!
EnglishJeremy: Keep your hands off her!
(The clone is subdued.)
Aelita: Quick! To the factory!
Odd: You guys go on. I'll take care of him.

11:21 Odd's complaint is different when the clone turns into Jim.

FrenchOdd: Oh non ! Sérieux là ! C'est pas du jeu ça !
French translationOdd: Oh no! Seriously?! That's not fair!
EnglishOdd: Oh, no! Not the big, tough guy!

12:54 In the French, Odd asks XANA to turn into a "maigrichon," which is the word everyone always uses to call him scrawny. After the clone takes Odd's appearance, Odd then calls himself scrawny!

FrenchOdd: Eh, XANA ! Quitte à te transformer. Tu voudrais pas t'changer en maigrichon pour me faire plaisir ? Hein ?
(Le clone d'Ulrich se transforme en celui de Odd.)
Odd: Oh non ! Non, pas c'maigrichon là, je l'connais bien lui !
French translationOdd: Hey, XANA! Quit transforming. Couldn't you do me a favour and turn into a scrawny guy? Huh?
(The clone changes from Ulrich to Odd.)
Odd: Oh, no! No, not that scrawny guy, I know him!
EnglishOdd: Hey...XANA...if you're gonna keep changing appearances like that, do me a favour and turn into a wimp next time.
(The clone changes from Ulrich to Odd.)
Odd: Oh, no! Not him! I know his kind.

13:31 In the French, Ulrich says "we'll take care of them" before he and Yumi stop to face the monsters. In the English he says "I'll take care of them" but then Yumi joins him as well.

14:13 Jeremy's warning is different when XANA sends a Tarantula. He also says it at a different time relative to the Tarantula's appearance.

French(Une Tarentule est virtualisée.)
Jeremy: Yumi, derrière toi, une Tarentule !
French translation(A Tarantula is virtualised.)
Jeremy: Yumi, behind you, a Tarantula!
EnglishJeremy: XANA's sending a monster!
(A Tarantula is virtualised.)

16:02 In the English, Jeremy warns Yumi as the Hornets approach her.

French translation-
EnglishJeremy: Careful, Yumi! At ten o'clock!

18:58 In the French, Jeremy tells Ulrich to forget about the monsters plural. In English, he tells him to forget about the monster singular, but there's still more than one monster around.

19:31 Odd's line is different when he arrives at the factory.

FrenchOdd: Allez ! J'ai un poly machin truc à poly massacrer moi !
French translationOdd: Alright! I've got a poly-thingamajig to poly-beat-up!
EnglishOdd: Ok, poly-whatever. I'm gonna transform YOU now!

20:38 In the French, Odd says he'll pulverise Yumi on three. In the English, he says "we," as in he and Yumi. The clone doesn't move to help him, however.

20:53 A different insult for the Scyphozoa.

FrenchJeremy: Aelita va perdre sa mémoire !
Ulrich: Eh la saleté en gelée ! Lâche-là !
French translationJeremy: Aelita's gonna lose her memory!
Ulrich: Hey, jelly-filth! Drop her!
EnglishJeremy: Aelita's hardly got any memory left!
Ulrich: Drop her, fishface!

21:22 After Aelita says she's ok, Odd's line is different.

FrenchOdd: Ouais ! Eh ben t'as d'la chance !...
French translationOdd: Yeah! Lucky you...!
EnglishOdd: Well I'm not feeling so great...

22:30 In the French, Yolanda mentions that she's going to be married soon. She says she's engaged in the English but doesn't say when the marriage will take place.

Episode 44 - Vertigo
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:21 Yumi has some additional lines in the English before the group leaves the Arena.

French translation-
EnglishYumi: The wall's gonna open any second now.
(The wall opens.)
Yumi: Let's go!

1:51 A few changes to the dialogue here.

FrenchOdd: Oh oh... déjà va falloir trouver la porte !
Yumi: Ça y est, on a d'la compagnie.
Odd: Ah, les Rampants, toujours prêts et fidèles au rendez-vous !
Jeremy: Oui, bah tu les féliciteras plus tard, le chrono tourne !
French translationOdd: Uh-oh...we've already gotta look for where the door's gone!
Yumi: There, we've got company.
Odd: Ah, Creepers. Always ready and right on time!
Jeremy: Yes, well you can congratulate them later, the clock is running!
EnglishOdd: Uh-oh! The doors are in the wrong place!
Yumi: Oh...! Here come our old friends!
Odd: Creepers! They just can't stay away from us.
Jeremy: Remember guys, the clock is running!

2:41 When she flips back up onto the platform to attack the Creeper, in the English Yumi says "Not so fast, dummy!"

2:54 In the French, Aelita says "Yeah!" after Yumi destroys a Creeper up high.

4:08 Some small changes, plus an extra sentence for Jeremy in the English. He also says in the French that the Mantas may be on the other side of the planet (Sector 5), a term that's never used in the English.

FrenchYumi: T'es sûr de toi, Jérémy ? On n'a pas de Manta en vue ici !
Jeremy: Elles vous attendent, peut-être de l'autre côté d'la planète. Soyez prudent !
French translationYumi: Are you sure, Jeremy? There are no Mantas in sight here!
Jeremy: They're waiting for you, maybe on the other side of the planet. Stay on your guard!
EnglishYumi: Hey, Jeremy! I don't see any Flying Mantas...
Jeremy: Strange, I can see them on my screen... Stay on your guard! They may come from the other end of the Sector.

4:41 Ulrich has some extra lines in the English before they leave on the Overbike.

French translation-
EnglishUlrich: Come on!
(Ulrich and Aelita get on the Overbike.)
Ulrich: Hang on, Princess!

6:12 In the French, Odd says he's svelte and sinewy. In the English he only says svelte.

6:28 A little extra to Herb's French line.

FrenchHerb: C'est ça, rigole, Della Robbia ! Je te !...
French translationHerb: Go on, laugh, Della Robbia! I'm gonna...!
EnglishHerb: Della Robbia... I'm gonna...!

6:42 Ulrich sounds like he's attempting an explanation in the English, but in the French he's much more curt.

FrenchUlrich: Euh... non merci.
French translationUlrich: thanks.
EnglishUlrich: Uuum... Y-you see, Jim...

6:59 Jim is a bit meaner in the French.

FrenchJim: Allez Stern, vas-y, fais pas ta mauviette.
French translationJim: Come on Stern, go on, stop being such a wimp.
EnglishJim: Come on, Stern. Show us what ya got.

8:09 A difference to Yumi's encouragement as Ulrich climbs.

FrenchYumi: Allez Ulrich ! Vas-y, secoue-toi un peu !
French translationYumi: Go for it, Ulrich! Come on, snap out of it!
EnglishYumi: You can beat him! Go for it, Ulrich!

8:27 Odd's line is different after Ulrich lands on the mat.

FrenchOdd: Eh bah alors vieux ? Tu voulais tester l'matelas ?
French translationOdd: Well, good buddy? You wanted to test out the mattress?
EnglishOdd: Oh, I get it. A little nap before lunch, right?

9:35 Earlier on in the French version, Odd tells Yumi to let Ulrich "ruminate." In both languages this word can refer to going over something in your mind, but also the way a cow chews cud. Here Odd uses the word "brouter" which means "graze" and is a synonym of "ruminate."

FrenchOdd: Il est peut-être à l'usine en train de brouter !
French translationOdd: Maybe he's grazing at the factory!
EnglishOdd: Maybe he went to the factory to mope!

9:55 Same as above. The French words brouter (graze) and bouder (sulk) sound somewhat similar.

FrenchOdd: Quelque part en train d'brouter ! Enfin je veux dire euh, bouder !
French translationOdd: Off somewhere, grazing! I mean, sulking!
EnglishOdd: Off somewhere, hiding! I mean, sulking.

10:23 Some small changes here. Yumi's French line relates to Odd's earlier one about Ulrich finding his smile.

FrenchOdd: C'est bon ? Ça y est ? Monsieur a retrouvé le sourire ?
Ulrich: Non, pas tout à fait.
Yumi: Dommage, tu vas devoir te forcer !
French translationOdd: All good? Have you found your smile again?
Ulrich: No, not entirely.
Yumi: Shame, you'll have to force yourself to!
EnglishOdd: So! Back to your usual, cool self yet?
Ulrich: Not a hundred percent.
Yumi: Well this might help you to quit sulking.

10:35 In the French, Jeremy says he's writing the final entry in "l'Histoire de Lyoko" (the History of Lyoko). In the English he calls it "the Lyoko Travel Logbook."

10:44 After Jeremy asks Aelita if she's ok, she gives him a proper answer in the French.

FrenchAelita: Pas trop, non...
French translationAelita: Not really, no...
EnglishAelita: I...I...

11:20 She said the S-word...

FrenchSissi: C'est vrai, je suis belle, je suis trop sexy...
French translationSissi: It's true, I'm beautiful, I'm really sexy...
EnglishSissi: I'm really pretty, and attractive...

12:08 In the French, Odd actually sounds like he's greeting the wolf like he would a dog; he doesn't sound so sure of himself in the English. Ulrich also points out the rest of the pack in the French version.

FrenchOdd: Oh oh, c'est quoi ça ? Oh, le gentil petit toutou !
Ulrich: Oh non non non... ça c'est plutôt un grand méchant loup ! Et y a même toute une meute !
French translationOdd: Uh-oh, what's that? Oh, a nice, little doggy!
Ulrich: Oh no no no...that's more like a big, bad wolf! And there's even a whole pack of them!
EnglishOdd: Uh-oh! What's that? A-a nice, little doggy, I hope...
Ulrich: No...ah... A big, bad wolf, Odd...

14:05 In the English, once Aelita is in the scanner she says "I'm here, Jeremy."

15:15 In the French, Odd uses the phrase "tomber dans la gueule du loup" ("falling into the mouth of the wolf"), which is similar to English phrases such as "looking into the fox's mouth" or "into the lion's den." His English line is a reference to a trope in fairy tales where a kind hunter will come to save the heroes from the wolf or wolves. Little Red Riding Hood is one such famous story.

FrenchOdd: C'est vraiment ce qui s'appelle euh... tomber dans la gueule du loup !
French translationOdd: This is really what you'd call uh...falling into the mouth of the wolf!
EnglishOdd: T-this is when the kind hunters usually come to the rescue, right?

18:38 The start of Jeremy's line is different.

FrenchJeremy: Odd, Yumi, vos véhicules sont préts.
French translationJeremy: Odd, Yumi, your vehicles are ready.
EnglishJeremy: You know what you have to do. Your vehicles are on the way!

19:56 After Odd destroys the Megatank, in the English Jeremy congratulates him with a "Well done, Odd!"

21:55 A small change to how Odd tells Jeremy that Aelita has entered the tower.

FrenchOdd: Elle est entrée, Jérémy !
French translationOdd: She's inside, Jeremy!
EnglishOdd: It's ok, Jeremy!

Episode 45 - Cold War
ImageGuerre froide
(Cold war)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Cold War
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

Thomas Vincent (TV)'s name is Jean-Claude Tourcoing (JT) in the original French. The reason why the names are so different will be explained in one of the first notes below.

1:08 Jeremy has an additional English line when he starts investigating the strange Superscan alert.

French translation-
EnglishJeremy: Something is not right here!

1:44 In the French, Odd's short film is called "Le ridicule retour du revenant radioactif" ("The Ridiculous Return of the Radioactive Ghost"). In English it's titled "I Guess Our Guest is a Ghost."

1:57 TV's French initials, JT, are to do with him being a famous reporter for le journal télévisé (TV news). In the English, his initials come from the word television, or TV.

FrenchOdd: Bah en fait, son vrai nom, c'est Jean-Claude Tourcoing, mais tout le monde l'appelle JT, parce que c'est un célèbre présentateur du journal télévisé. Du JT, quoi ! Tu piges ?
French translationOdd: Well actually, his real name is Jean-Claude Tourcoing, but everyone calls him JT, because he's a famous TV news reporter. JT, get it?
EnglishOdd: H-his real name is Thomas Vincent. But everybody calls him...TV. Because...he's the famous news reporter on TV. TV, get it?!

2:15 There's one difference to the list of Odd's spoils.

FrenchOdd: Gloire, fortune et foule de fans en folie, me voilà !
French translationOdd: Glory, fortune and crowds of adoring fans, here I come!
EnglishOdd: Fame, fortune and glory are mine!

2:34 The sexism in TV's English line is mainly heard in his tone of voice, but it's more obvious in the French when he initially calls Edna a man.

FrenchTV: Ouais ouais, c'est ça, c'est gentil, merci. Bon, le temps c'est de l'argent. Euh, alors voilà Edna, ma caméraman, euh woman, enfin bref on s'en fiche !
French translationTV: Yeah yeah, right, that's nice, thank you. Right, time is money. Uh, so this is Edna, my cameraman, uh woman, ah who cares!
EnglishTV: Ok, ok, no big deal. Uh, time is money. Uhh, this is Edna, my camera...uh...woman. Person. Whatever.

3:52 Once again, the kids' grades are out of 20 in the French and 100 in the English. TV asks for someone with an average lower than 8 in the French and lower than 60 in the English.

FrenchJeremy: Pour l'instant chui à 19,87 sur 20.
French translationJeremy: At the moment I'm at 19.87 out of 20.
EnglishJeremy: 99.87 out of 100.

4:33 After Ulrich says he'll warn Yumi about the attack, in the French Jeremy responds with "Ok." Also, Odd says they're having meatballs and couscous for lunch in the French, and meatballs and gravy in the English.

7:29 In the French, Odd calls Aelita Princess. In the English he calls her "my lady."

7:37 Ulrich's reaction is different when the tower deactivates itself.

FrenchUlrich: Bah ça c'est d'nouveau...
French translationUlrich: Well that's new...
EnglishUlrich: Well what do you know!

8:19, 23:02 A few changes when TV asks for more meatballs.

FrenchTV: Allez ma jolie ! Sois gentille, j'adore les boulettes de viande.
French translationTV: Come on, sweetheart! Be nice, I love meatballs.
EnglishTV: Come on, Cookie! Don't be shy! Load up the meatballs!

11:26 In the French, it's more obvious that Jim refers to the device he owns as a weather station. In the English, it could also sound like he used the device to find a signal from a weather station in the city. The device displays the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, which they use in French and English respectively. Since these readings are shown on screen whenever they're discussed, I won't bother listing each instance of that.

FrenchJim: Regardez m'ssieur Delmas ! J'ai retrouvé la petite station météo que j'ai eu en cadeau en m'abonnant à Sumo magazine ! C'est issu de la technologie cosmique !
French translationJim: Look, Mister Delmas! I found the mini weather station I got as a free gift with my Sumo Mag subscription! It's some cosmic technology!
EnglishJim: Look, Mister Delmas. I found the weather station. I got this free with my Sumo Mag subscription.

12:09 In the English line, TV specifies the number of "brats" Edna is filming - three, possibly meaning Ulrich, Odd and Yumi. He also makes another remark about how the footage isn't even PG.

FrenchTV: Une bande de morveux dans un sous-sol !
French translationTV: A group of brats in a basement!
EnglishTV: Three BRATS in a BASEMENT! It's not even PG-13!

12:49-22:37 In the French, Ulrich, Odd and Yumi's voices sound normal in most of the outdoors scenes despite the freezing cold. In the English, they sound cold as soon as they leave the building, like they're shivering and having difficulty breathing. Ulrich and Yumi's voices grow hoarser and weaker the longer they stay outside.

13:54 In the English, both Herb and TV say "Look out!" before the car hits the tree.

17:08 Jeremy's line is different before Aelita does a U-turn away from the tower and the Mantas.

FrenchJeremy: Aelita, devant toi ! Fais gaffe !
French translationJeremy: Aelita, in front of you! Be careful!
EnglishJeremy: About face, Aelita. Fast!

17:51 In the French, after telling Yumi to stay with him, Ulrich also says "No, don't fall asleep!"

18:33, 19:06 A couple of changes to Odd's list of warm thoughts.

FrenchOdd: Source chaude... volcan en éruption... (...) Fon-fondue s-savoyarde...
French translationOdd: Hot springs...erupting volcano... (...) Ch-cheese fon-fondue...
EnglishOdd: springs...b-blast furnace... (...) ...M-m-magma...

20:11 In the English, Jim is still trying to continue his story before he collapses. In the French, we just hear him shivering.

French translation-
EnglishJim A-and so...there I...

21:19 Odd's line is different when he shoots at the Manta.

FrenchOdd: Flèche laser !
French translationOdd: Laser arrow!
EnglishOdd: Here we go!

22:36 When Ulrich curls up into a ball, in the French he says "No..." very quietly. In the English he yells "NOOOOO!" Honestly, I'm not sure which one is more heartbreaking.

Episode 46 - Déjà Vu
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Déjà Vu
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:17 A change to the start of Aelita's sentence, and then Sissi starts to ask her a question in the English before Jim shows up and interrupts her.

FrenchAelita: Je... (elle pleure)
(Halètement de Sissi.)
French translationAelita: I... (cries)
(Sissi gasps.)
EnglishAelita: It's uh... (cries)
Sissi: What's the-

1:26 A much more coherent sentence in the French.

FrenchSissi: Moi ? Oh... moi j'étais au lit, c'est elle euh, en criant e-elle m'a réveillée.
French translationSissi: Me? Oh...I was in bed and she uh, she screamed and s-she woke me up.
EnglishSissi: Me? Uh...uh...well, uh...she uh...uhh...woke me up.

1:49 In the English, Aelita specifies that her dream took place during the day. In the French, Aelita's the first one to call it a nightmare, so Yumi agrees with her.

FrenchAelita: Et il y avait ses hommes en noir qui me poursuivaient... Un vrai cauchemar !
Yumi: Eh oui, tu l'as dit ! C'était un cauchemar, un mauvais rêve, on en fait tous !
French translationAelita: And there were these men in black coming after me... A real nightmare!
Yumi: Yep, you said it! It was a nightmare, a bad dream - it happens to everyone!
EnglishAelita: It was daytime. There were these men in black coming after me. It was horrible.
Yumi: You must have had a nightmare. You shouldn't get worked up; it happens to everyone!

2:07 The first of many times someone says "cyber-" in the French when referring to Odd's online dating.

FrenchOdd: C'est le Cybertop !
French translationOdd: It's cyber-excellent!
EnglishOdd: Great!

2:42 A Romeo and Juliet reference in the French version.

FrenchJeremy: Désolé Roméo, mais elle est pas très original ta Cyberjuliette !
French translationJeremy: Sorry Romeo, but your cyber-Juliet isn't very original!
EnglishJeremy: She may be romantic, but she's not very original!

2:52 A small change to Odd's description of Jeremy's physique, and then Jeremy's response is different.

FrenchOdd: Ouais ! Enfin on va pouvoir admirer ton physique d'athlète bodybuildé !
Jeremy: C'est ça ouais, rigoles !
French translationOdd: Yeah! We'll finally get to admire your athletic, body-builder physique!
Jeremy: Yeah yeah, go on, laugh!
EnglishOdd: Great! We'll finally get to see that buff, athletic body of yours. I can't wait!
Jeremy: You may be surprised!

3:33 A change to Jim's hypothetical (?) exclamation.

FrenchJim: « Mais bon sang, pourquoi faut-il qu'il y ait autant d'eau à la surface de cette fichue planète ! »
French translationJim: "Good grief, why must there be so much water on the surface of this darn planet?!"
EnglishJim: "Wow, that's a lot of water there. And what's more, it's only on the surface!"

3:50 Jim's French line is more specific about exactly what sort of diver he was.

FrenchJim: Ça me rappelle l'époque où j'étais plongeur de combat dans la Marine nationale !
French translationJim: That reminds me of when I was a combat diver in the French Navy!
EnglishJim: Which reminds me of when I was a salvage diver.

3:58 Odd's French line was a little less confusing than the English the first time I heard it. In the English, it's not totally clear who he's talking about not being a first-year student. According to the original script, the girl he's chatting with told him that this isn't her first year at Kadic. I didn't really make sense of this line until I read the script, so...

FrenchOdd: Azra ? Oh non... non, de toute façon ça se sent que c'est pas une gamine !
French translationOdd: Azra? Oh Anyway, I can tell she's not a kid!
EnglishOdd: Azra? No... No way. She's not a first-year student either, I forgot.

5:38 In the French, Ulrich calls the mystery girl Odd's "cyber-fiancée." In the English he calls her his "cyber-girlfriend."

6:07 In the French Odd says he mistook Sissi for a vase or a figurehead. In the English he says "doorpost."

8:28 Mainly just a difference in the measurement system used.

FrenchSissi: Ben ce qui signifie, qu'un kilo de mercure pèse au moins ah... au moins une tonne ?
French translationSissi: It means that a kilo of mercury weighs at least least a tonne?
EnglishSissi: It means...uh...that a pound of metal weighs...a...euh...nearly a ton?

15:51 Ulrich's line is shorter in the English when the Arena wall opens.

FrenchUlrich: Là, ça y est. C'est parti !
French translationUlrich: There, that's it. Let's go!
EnglishUlrich: Ok.

17:04 Odd's line is more playful in the French. On the other hand, the English one sounds pretty cool.

FrenchJeremy: Odd, à quoi tu joues, là ?
Odd: À shoot-la-Méduse !
French translationJeremy: Odd, what are you playing at?
Odd: Shoot-the-Scyphozoa!
EnglishJeremy: Odd! Mind telling me what you're doing?
Odd: Saving the day...

18:54 In the French, Jeremy suggests force as a last resort option. In the English, he says it as an order.

FrenchJeremy: Ulrich, Yumi ! Emmenez-la, de force s'il le faut !
French translationJeremy: Ulrich, Yumi! Take her away, by force if you have to!
EnglishJeremy: Ulrich! Yumi! Drag her out of there by force!

19:36 In the French, Jeremy yells Aelita's name when he sees the Scyphozoa approaching her. In the English he makes a noise, but it wouldn't do as good a job at alerting her to the threat.

FrenchJeremy: AELITA !!!
Aelita: C'est bon Jérémy, j'y suis presque !
French translationJeremy: AELITA!!!
Aelita: It's ok Jeremy, I'm almost there!
EnglishAelita: I'm...almost...there...

21:00 A line swap for Yumi and Ulrich, and then Aelita only gives a reply in the French.

FrenchYumi: Ça va, Aelita ?
Aelita: Oui, ça va aller.
French translationYumi: You ok, Aelita?
Aelita: Yes, I'll be fine.
EnglishUlrich: You ok, Aelita?

22:12 Aelita says she would like to know where her visions came from. In the French, she calls them hallucinations and Yumi calls them visions. In the English, she calls them memories...and so does Yumi.

23:02 In the French, Ulrich calls Odd's crush his "cyber-wonder." In the English he calls her his "fantastic girl." Herb then calls Sissi's mystery boy her "mysterious Romeo" in the French and her "mystery computer boyfriend" in the English.

23:16 A little extra to Sissi's French line.

FrenchSissi: Quoi ? Qu'est-ce qu'il y a, vous voulez ma photo ?
French translationSissi: What? What's the matter, you want my photograph?
EnglishSissi: What's the matter with you?

Episode 47 - Tip-Top Shape
ImageAu meilleur de sa forme
(In peak condition)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Tip-Top Shape
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:03 In the French, Ulrich asks Julien if he's studying a particular subject: mathematical physics.

2:22 In the French, Yolanda verbally instructs Odd to turn around.

4:51 Of course, all the weight measurements mentioned in the French version are in kilograms rather than pounds.

FrenchSissi: Il y a deux kilos en trop minimum !
French translationSissi: That's at least two kilos over!
EnglishSissi: That's five pounds over!

5:30 The dub cut a considerable amount of dialogue from Aelita and Sissi while they're both off screen.

FrenchAelita: Oh écoute, c'est pas la fin du monde ! Ça s'voit même pas que t'as des kilos en trop. Tu devrais pas t'inquiéter autant de ton apparence !
Sissi: Oh, ça va ! J'ai pas de leçon à recevoir d'une nunuche à ch'veux roses !
French translationAelita: Oh listen, it's not the end of the world! You can't even tell that you're a few kilos over by looking at you. You shouldn't worry so much about your appearance!
Sissi: Oh, alright! I don't need a lesson from a pink-haired sap!
EnglishAelita: Well you can't tell by looking at you.

5:58 In the French, Ulrich says that Yolanda has been possessed by XANA and she's kidnapped Aelita. The English dub leaves out the last part, so Jeremy just guesses that XANA-Yolanda has already kidnapped Aelita.

8:59 In the English, Ulrich says that his reflexes are good after taking a direct hit from an electricity ball. Yeah. Sure they are. He's more honest in the French.

FrenchUlrich: Bon, d'accord. Pour les réflexes, il y a q'à mettre : Peut mieux faire...
French translationUlrich: Well, alright. My reflexes could definitely be better...
EnglishUlrich: Ok, guess my reflexes are pretty good...

9:27 In the French, Odd asks the group to take care of Kiwi for him if things go badly. In the English, he asks Jeremy specifically.

FrenchOdd: Si ça se passe mal, vous vous occuperez d'Kiwi, hein ? J'compte sur vous !
French translationOdd: If this ends badly, will you guys take care of Kiwi? I'm counting on you!
EnglishOdd: If this ends badly, Jeremy, you promise to look after Kiwi?

10:35 The terms "Miss Nurse" and "Nasty Nurse" were only used in the English dub.

FrenchOdd: Et alors ? On me trouve toujours aussi maigrichon ? ...Allez, ma grande. Si tu veux me soigner, va falloir m'attraper !
French translationOdd: Well? Do you think I look scrawny now? ...Come on, lady. If you want to treat me, you'll have to catch me!
EnglishOdd: Ha! So, Miss Nurse, do you think I look scrawny now? ...This way, Nasty Nurse! Catch me if you can!

11:49 "Above the Forest" ??

FrenchJeremy: Pour la tour activée, traverser la Forêt. C'est tout droit.
French translationJeremy: To get to the activated tower, cross the Forest. It's straight ahead.
EnglishJeremy: The activated tower is above the Forest, in front of you.

14:32 Yumi speaks Aelita's line in the dub.

FrenchAelita: Toute ? Tu veux dire jusqu'à... jusqu'à ce qu'il en...
Jeremy: Oui, c'est ça, Aelita...
French translationAelita: All of it? You mean until...until he...
Jeremy: Yes, that's right, Aelita...
EnglishYumi: You mean...until he...
Jeremy: Yeah...

14:42 Jeremy says the Way Tower is in the east both in the script and the French, but he says it's west in the dub. Maybe because Yumi turns left?

16:07 In the French, Aelita asks Yumi if she remembers the last time XANA turned the platforms invisible.

FrenchAelita: XANA nous a déjà fait ce coup. Tu te souviens ?
Yumi: Ouais, je- Oh ! Attention !
French translationAelita: XANA has already pulled this one on us. Do you remember?
Yumi: Yeah, I- Oh! Watch out!
EnglishAelita: XANA has already pulled this one on us.
Yumi: Hey! Watch out!

16:15 In the French, Jeremy tells the girls to grab on mid-fall instead of saying to hang on tight. He also keeps talking as they fall closer towards the platform instead of leaving them in silence until he says "Now!"

FrenchJeremy: Il va falloir vous accrochez au vol. Vous approchez. Vous y êtes presques ! Maintenant !
French translationJeremy: You'll have to grab on while you're falling. You're getting closer. You're nearly there! Now!
EnglishJeremy: You have to hang on real tight! ...Now!

17:18 This line wasn't in the script at all, so it's interesting how much it was changed in the dub. The rocks and winding pathways in the Mountain Sector aren't really XANA's doing, but they are obstacles.

FrenchYumi: Hé Jérémy, c'est quoi le prochain obstacle sur notre chemin ?
French translationYumi: Hey Jeremy, what's the next obstacle on our path?
EnglishYumi: What's XANA got in store for us next?

21:44 Odd's joke is different but still medical-related.

FrenchOdd: Moi, j'dis, c'est pas bon ces cures de XANA ! Regarde un peu les effets s'condaires !
French translationOdd: I say XANA's remedies are rubbish! Just look at the side effects!
EnglishOdd: I really think XANA needs to work on his bedside manner, don't you?

22:08 In the French, Sissi gets in some short words of protest just before Ulrich and Jeremy enter the room carrying Yolanda.

FrenchSissi: Mais, oh !
French translationSissi: But, oh!

Episode 48 - Is Anybody Out There?
ImageEsprit frappeur
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Is Anybody Out There?
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:16 A few small changes in Ms Meyer's lines as she's handing out test results. First of all, the French school system allocates scores out of 20, and they were converted to scores out of 100 in the dub. In the French, Ms Meyer uses the students' last names instead of their first names, and the stain on Jeremy's diagram is olive oil rather than ketchup. Sissi's description of a quadrilateral takes the word "quadrilatère" and breaks it into "cadre" (frame), "lier" (to link, to bound) and "la terre" (the earth/ground). In the English, "quadrilateral" becomes "quadrant" and "later."

FrenchMeyer: Leduc, 15/20. Bon travail. Ürgüp, 17. Delmas... Désolée, un quadrilatère n'est pas un cadre qui se lie à la terre. 2/20. Belpois ! Je t'ai enlevé un demi-point pour la tache d'huile d'olive sur le graphisme. 19,5. Stern, y'a du plus, mais malheureusement, pas assez pour surpasser le moins. 11,5 quand même ! Pichon, 18,5. Excellent travail, mais pas aussi bon que celui de Jérémy. Enfin, quand même ! Della Robbia, j'ai mis 10, mais c'est uniquement [...] pour ta vision originale des mathématiques.
French translationMeyer: Leduc, 15/20. Good work. Ürgüp, 17. Delmas... Sorry, a quadrilateral is not a frame bound to the earth. 2/20. Belpois! I deducated half a point for the olive oil stain on your diagram. 19.5. Stern, there's some good but unfortunately, not enough to make up for what's bad. Still, 11.5! Pichon, 18.5. Excellent. Not as good as Jeremy, but excellent nevertheless. Della Robbia, I gave you 10, but that's only [...] for your originality when it comes to mathematics.
EnglishMeyer: Emilie, 77. Good work. Jeanne, 87, very good! Elisabeth...a quadrilateral is not a quadrant you do later. 10. Jeremy, I deducted two points for the ketchup stain on your diagram. 98. Ulrich...there's some good, but not enough to make up for what's bad. 58. Herb, 93. Excellent. Not as good as Jeremy, but excellent nevertheless. Odd, 50. Now that's only because I gave you some bonus points for originality.

2:21 Part of the joke about Jim's upstairs/downstairs speech in French is that the words "on top of" ("dessus") and "underneath" ("dessous") are quite similar in spelling and pronunciation. In the English, he says "stairs" so many times he ends up adding it to the end of his speech where it doesn't belong.

FrenchJim: Et si jamais il m'arrive de coincer quelqu'un de l'étage du dessus à l'étage d'en dessous, ou de l'étage d'en dessous à l'étage du dessus, ce quelqu'un n'aurait pas le temps de le regretter !
French translationJim: And if I ever catch someone from upstairs downstairs, or from downstairs upstairs, that someone won't have the time to regret it!
EnglishJim: And if I ever catch anyone going from downstairs upstairs, or anyone going from upstairs to downstairs, he or she is really going to regret it stairs!

3:15 In the French, Sissi also insists that the "tepogram" isn't a star.

FrenchUlrich: Hé, vous êtes dans les étoiles, là ? Carrément ?
Sissi: Ce n'est pas une étoile ni un carré ! C'est un tenpacle !
French translationUlrich: Hey, are your heads squarely in the stars?
Sissi: It's not a star or a square! It's a tepogram!
EnglishUlrich: Isn't this a bit square for you?
Sissi: It's not a square! It's a tepogram!

3:36 In the English, Sissi uses a different word to refer to the pentagram: "pentagon" (and this one sort of makes sense, since the shape in the middle is a pentagon). In the French, she keeps using the same word.

4:22 In the French, Nicolas and Herb call for help as they run away screaming.

4:25 Again, French Sissi sticks to her guns while English Sissi comes up with a new word for the pentagram: "pentathlon."

5:02 In the English, Nicolas and Herb talk over each other before Jim tells them to calm down. In the French, only Nicolas speaks at first.

FrenchNicolas: C'était l'horreur, Monsieur Moralès ! J'vous le jure ! Faut me croire, hein !
Jim: Répétez que j'sois sûr d'avoir compris.
French translationNicolas: It was horrible, Jim! I swear to you! You have to believe me, huh!
Jim: Repeat that so I know I've understood.
EnglishHerb (at the same time as Nicolas): Let- let me tell him! No, it's true, I mean-
Nicolas (at the same time as Herb): It was horrible, Jim, really! I swear, it's true!
Jim: Come on, you two. Calm down.

7:38 In the script, Jeremy hit the ghost with the extinguisher instead of spraying it, hence this English line.

FrenchJeremy: T'avais raison, Ulrich. Ce monstre s'est dépixellisé quand je l'ai arrosé.
French translationJeremy: You were right, Ulrich. The monster depixelised when I sprayed it.
EnglishJeremy: You saw right. The monster depixelised when I hit it!

10:21 Yumi and Odd's dialogue is a little different after they arrive on Lyoko.

FrenchYumi: Ah ouais, t'es mieux comme ça qu'en pyjama !
Odd: J'te le fais pas dire, très chère !
French translationYumi: Oh yeah, you look better like that than in your pyjamas!
Odd: How right you are, my dear!
EnglishYumi: Whoa! Nice to see you without your pyjamas on!
Odd: Hm! Nice of you to notice!

12:10 Some small changes to the dialogue when the ghost enters the lab.

FrenchUlrich: Oh ! Le voilà.
Jeremy: Bon, et maintenant?
Ulrich: On s'tire d'ici ! Bouge-toi !
French translationUlrich: Oh! There he is.
Jeremy: Ok, what now?
Ulrich: We get out of here! Move it!
EnglishUlrich: Jeremy...
Jeremy: What do we do?!
Ulrich: Come on.

12:29 Odd's English line here is a lot plainer compared to the French.

FrenchOdd: Bon, Territoire Désert OK ! Circulez, y'a rien à voir ! Allez en route vers d'nouvelles aventures !
French translationOdd: Right, Desert Sector ok! Move along, there's nothing to see here! Onwards to new adventures!
EnglishOdd: The Desert looks normal. I'll move on to another Sector!

12:36 Jeremy's mouth moves in this bit, but Ulrich speaks this line in the French.

FrenchUlrich: On n'y arrivera pas !
Jeremy: Pourquoi on cours, alors ? On se fatigue pour rien !
French translationUlrich: We'll never make it!
Jeremy: Why are we running, then? We're wearing ourselves out for nothing!
EnglishJeremy: Can't shake him! There's no point running, he'll catch us every time!

13:56 When Yumi catches Aelita in the French, she says "I got you!"

14:19 When the girls see the Creepers climbing up the block towards them, Yumi has a line in the English only.

French translation-
EnglishYumi: This is getting creepy.

15:28 Another Yumi line that was only in the French, when she hits the key: "That's it!"

15:38 And another Yumi line that's in the French only. (Was it a trap, though? You just ran out of time.)

FrenchYumi: C'était un piège !
French translationYumi: It was a trap!

18:23 In the French, when Odd realises his tail is on fire, he says "Hey..."

21:34 In the French, Odd calls the ghost "alien-face."

23:12 Ulrich gets the last word of the episode in the French version. In the English, it's Odd.

FrenchOdd: Et alors ?
Ulrich: Alors, elle a eu la peur de sa vie !
French translationOdd: Well then?
Ulrich: Well, she had the fright of her life!
EnglishOdd: Well...
Ulrich: Ye-heah!
Odd: I don't think she's going to try to wake the dead again!

Episode 49 - Franz Hopper
ImageFranz Hopper
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Franz Hopper
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

3:35 In the French, Jeremy says Hopper has Nobel Prize potential.

FrenchJeremy: Franz Hopper, lui, c'est un génie ! Un prix Nobel en puissance !
French translationJeremy: Franz Hopper is a genius! Nobel Prize potential!
EnglishJeremy: But this Franz Hopper is a real live genius!

4:08 The group's chatter while Jeremy is on the phone starts and ends at different points in French and English. In the French the voices are also louder and it's easier to make out what they're saying, competing with Jeremy and his father in volume.

6:40 In the French, Aelita defends both Jeremy and the scanners. In the English, she only defends the scanners. Sorry, Jeremy...

FrenchAelita: Sans Jérémy et sans les scanners, je ne serais pas là en face de toi. N'oublie pas ça, Ulrich !
French translationAelita: Without Jeremy and the scanners, I wouldn't be here in front of you. Don't forget that, Ulrich!
EnglishAelita: You know, Ulrich, if it weren't for the scanners, I wouldn't be here.

8:11 In the French, Odd calls their final mission their farewell performance.

FrenchOdd: Oh, ça serait notre dernière mission ! Notre adieu à la scène !
French translationOdd: Oh, it'll be our final mission! Our farewell performance!
EnglishOdd: It'll be our final mission!

8:55 When Aelita runs after Jeremy towards the lift, she also calls out to him in the French.

FrenchAelita: Jérémy, attends, non !
French translationAelita: Jeremy, wait, no!

10:55 Ulrich speaks here in the French, Yumi does in the English.

FrenchUlrich: C'est parti !
French translationUlrich: Here we go!
EnglishYumi: Alright.

13:00 An expanded sentence for Aelita in French.

FrenchAelita: Oui, je suis prête. (Jérémy entre) Mais...
French translationAelita: Yes, I'm ready. (Jeremy enters) But...
EnglishAelita: Yes.

14:58 Hopper-clone does an evil laugh in the English before saying that Jeremy's friends are in a little trouble.

16:17 In the French, Odd says "Take that!" while boxing the Creeper.

16:34 In the English, Odd asks the Creeper if it's had enough before imitating its pose and making a mocking, distressed groan. In the French, he just celebrates a little.

FrenchOdd: ... (en imitant le Rampant) Yahoo ! Hahaaa !
French translationOdd: ... (imitating the Creeper) Yahoo! Hahaaa!
EnglishOdd: Hellooo? Had enough? (imitating the Creeper) Waaah!

16:57 In the French, Odd responds to the Creeper's roar with a question. In the English, he responds in kind with an aggressive meow. The lipsync matches the English better than the French.

FrenchCreeper: GRRROOOOAAARR !
Odd: Quoi, t'en veux encore !?
French translationCreeper: GRRROOOOAAARR!
Odd: What, you want some more of that?!
EnglishCreeper: GRRROOOOAAARR!
Odd (like a cat): REEEOOOWROW!

17:11 When Odd beats his chest, he says "Yeah!" in the French version.

18:32 When the spectre disappears towards the ceiling, Jeremy says "Wow!" in the English.

18:54 Jeremy says "Go...!" in the French just before he presses enter to fix the programs Hopper-clone messed up.

19:30 In the French, Aelita says Ulrich's name when she catches him in the scanner.

21:14 In the English, when Aelita jumps off the platform, Odd shouts her name.

22:10 In the English, Jeremy talks about not finding any sign of cell degeneration. In the English, it's signs of alteration.

Episode 50 - Contact
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:11 When Ulrich and Yumi enter the lab, both of them greet Jeremy in the English. In the French, only Ulrich does.

1:42 A small difference to Yumi's response when Jeremy asks if they've seen any of Odd's short film.

FrenchYumi: Rien. Secret absolu !
French translationYumi: Nothing. Completely under wraps!
EnglishYumi: He wouldn't let us.

2:34 In the French, Chardin makes it more clear that the cinema club's short film night is a reoccurring event. Chardin also doesn't have an accent in the French, while in the English dub he has a French accent from this episode onwards.

FrenchChardin: Eh bien, soyez tous les bienvenus à cette nouvelle édition de la soirée court-métrange du club cinéma du collège Kadic !
French translationChardin: Well, I'd like to welcome you all to this new edition of the Kadic Academy cinema club's short film night!
EnglishChardin: the Kadic Academy cinema club's short film night! Haha...

2:58 Eep.

FrenchSissi: Oh c'est très gentil Hervé ! Hum... et ta main, s'il te plaît, tu froisses ma jupe...
French translationSissi: Oh, that's very sweet, Herb! Uh...and move your hand, please, you're creasing my skirt...
EnglishSissi: Thanks, that's sweet. Uh, but move your hand or lose it at the elbow.

3:04 The start of Chardin's introduction of Odd's film is shortened in the dub.

FrenchChardin: Le court métrage est, fut, et restera à tout jamais, un art majeur qui peut en dire long ! Tout en ayant la suprême élégance de savoir-faire court. C'est pourquoi je vais me taire et laissez parler les images de notre premier film ce soir et est signé, Odd Della Robbia !
French translationChardin: The short film is, was, and always will be, an important art form which can say as much as a full-length feature! All with the supreme elegance of short film savoir-faire. This is why I'm going to stop speaking now and leave the talking to the imagery of our first film tonight, by Odd Della Robbia!
EnglishChardin: The short film is, was...and always will important art form. Which can say as much as a full-length feature! Our first film is by Odd Della Robbia!

4:24 Some small changes in the short film as Romain (portraying Jim) leads Odd outside.

French(Sissi apparaît)
Odd: Oh non, trop tard ! On est fait comme des rats !... Cette fois, c'est la fin !
French translation(Sissi appears)
Odd: Oh no, too late! We're like rats in a trap...! This time, it's all over!
EnglishOdd: Nooo!
(Sissi appears)

5:27-6:44 In French, when Sissi is possessed by Hopper, her speech is garbled and missing syllables. The name "Franz Hopper" and a few key words can sort of be made out. In the English, they recorded the actress speaking Hopper's complete message and then reversed the audio so that Sissi is speaking backwards in the episode, making her words completely incomprehensible. If you play these segments of the episode backwards, you can hear the message clearly.

6:08 Odd makes a different comment about Sissi's acting and the state she ended up in.

FrenchOdd: Oh non, pauvre Sissi ! Qu'elle ait eu un choc en s'voyant à l'écran d'accord, mais de là à avoir les plombs qui sautent !
French translationOdd: Oh no, poor Sissi! She had a shock seeing herself on screen, yeah, but from that to blowing a fuse!
EnglishOdd: Oh, poor Sissi! I have to admit that her acting was really electrifying!

6:38 In the English, Sissi speaks as Jeremy sits up in bed. In the French, she's silent until Jeremy says her name.

French translation-
EnglishSissi: Uoy pleh nac I.

7:48 The audio from Jeremy's decryption program is different. In the French, it's a warped mixture of Sissi's voice and a male voice. The message is a bit garbled but key phrases can be made out here and there. It ends with "Je veux vous aider" ("I want to help you"). In the English, we hear Sissi's reversed speech replaced by a deep male voice speaking normally. The male voice speaks a very clear message: "I can help you. I want to enter into contact with you now."

10:37 When Aelita tells Ulrich to get closer to the tower, in the French he acknowledges her verbally - "Alright" - as well as with a nod.

12:17 Some changes after Ulrich tries to make a joke about Megatanks and bowling, including a poke at Odd and his bad jokes that wasn't included in the English.

FrenchJeremy: T'occupe pas, Aelita. Monsieur veut faire de l'humour !
Ulrich: Bah quoi ? C'est réservé à Odd les vannes à deux balles ?
French translationJeremy: Forget it, Aelita. Monsieur was trying to be funny!
Ulrich: What? Is Odd the only one who's allowed to make bad jokes?
EnglishJeremy: Forget about it. It's a bad joke.
Ulrich: Sometimes I really crack myself up!

13:04 In this scene, Delmas walks past some medical staff next to the water cooler and orders a drink at the machine. In the French, an announcement is made over the PA system calling for a particular doctor to report to a wing of the hospital. In the English, instead we hear the nurse by the water cooler talk about a patient she had.

13:51 After Odd uses the defibrillator on the xanafied doctor and jokes about her having hypertension, Yumi's response is different.

FrenchYumi: Bravo, Docteur Odd ! Allez, on s'depêche !
French translationYumi: Bravo, Doctor Odd! Come on, let's hurry!
EnglishYumi: Not anymore. Quick!

14:11 In the French, Jeremy prompts Ulrich for a response after Ulrich stays silent.

FrenchJeremy: Ulrich ! J'ai une mauvaise nouvelle. Ulrich ? Tu m'entends ?
French translationJeremy: Ulrich! I've got some bad news. Ulrich? Do you read me?
EnglishJeremy: Ulrich! I've got some bad news.

15:46 A bit of wordplay: the French acronym "SAMU" stands for "Service d'Assistance Médical d'Urgence" - the equivalent of the emergency medical services, or EMS (also known as ambulance services or paramedic services). Odd rhymes "SAMU" with "Ça pue," meaning "That stinks." In the English he calls the xanafied doctor "Doctor Doom," likely referencing the Marvel character of the same name.

FrenchOdd: Holà ! C'est pas l'SAMU, c'est l'Ça pue!
French translationOdd: Whoa! That's not the EMS, it's the Stinky Mess!
EnglishOdd: Let's get out of here! Here comes Doctor Doom!

16:49 In the French, Odd has a short line as he, Yumi and Sissi scramble into the lift: "Quick, Yumi!"

19:49 After Odd shoots the Scyphozoa, in the French he calls out "Hey, Princess!" to Aelita before she calls out to him.

20:22 In the French, Jeremy tells Ulrich to take the corridor to get to Yumi and help her.

20:48 When Odd drops Aelita off at the tower, he tells her "Jump!" in the French only.

22:00 In the French, Jeremy greets Sissi in his doorway with a "Hi!"

22:40 In the French, Jeremy says the computer has decrypted "the code that Sissi typed." In the English, he calls it "the code that Sissi spoke."

23:10 Again, the decrypted audio is a different mixture of Sissi's voice and the male voice. In the English, at the end, "I am Franz Hopper" repeats over and over again.

Episode 51 - Revelation
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:44 In the French, Odd has a line as he's bending over backwards to shoot at the Manta as it flies right over him.

FrenchOdd: Tiens, goûte ça !
French translationOdd: Here, taste this!

2:38 Yumi says "Go!" in the French as she sets off on the Overwing with Aelita.

3:34 Some extended dialogue in the French here, including a warning from Jeremy.

FrenchOdd: Hum, temps mort : Pause déjeuner ! À midi c'est steak purée !
Jeremy: Ouais bah, j'te laisse ma purée. J'reste là pour préparer la mission. Eh, oh, évitez de trop vous goinfrer, cet aprèm', vous plongez !
French translationOdd: Hm, time out: lunch break! It's steak and mashed potatoes at noon!
Jeremy: Yeah well, you can have my mashed potato. I'm staying here to prepare the mission. Hey, try not to stuff your faces too much, you're setting out this afternoon!
EnglishOdd: Right, can we go eat now? It's mashed potatoes today!
Jeremy: You can have mine. I'd better stay here to prepare the mission. That way, you can set out right after lunch.

3:58 Odd says "Yeah!" in the English when Rosa gives him a second portion.

4:14 Ulrich, Odd and Aelita's grade point averages are expressed in scores out of 20 in French and 100 in English.

FrenchUlrich: Ben euh, 10,75.
Odd: Ah, moi j'ai eu 11,8 ! Hum, j'te bats !
Ulrich: Ouais bon, c'est parc'que tu t'es rattrapé sur le dessin ! Et toi Aelita, c'est quoi ta moyenne générale ?
Aelita: 18,5.
Ulrich: Dix...
French translationUlrich: Well uh, 10.75.
Odd: Ah, I got 11.8! Hm, I beat ya!
Ulrich: Yeah well, that's because you made up some points in art class! And you, Aelita? What's your grade point average?
Aelita: 18.5.
Ulrich: Eight...
EnglishUlrich: 73 for the term.
Odd: Well me...I got 75! I beat ya!
Ulrich: Only because you made up some points in art class. What about you, Aelita? What's your grade point average?
Aelita: 95.2.

4:56 After Odd talks about the "magical Odd effect," Ulrich calls him "Mister Magician" in the French. In the English, he calls him "Magic Odd Effect."

5:31 In the French, Ulrich compares Odd's love life to an episode of "Les Bœufs de labour," a play on Les Feux de l'amour (lit. "The Fires of Love") which is the French title of The Young and the Restless, an American soap opera. "Le bœuf de labour" means "ox." In the English, Ulrich makes the comparison to soap operas in general.

7:20 Ulrich responds differently to Jeremy's question about the supposed mystery girl.

FrenchUlrich: Bah, justement, c'est un mystère !
French translationUlrich: Well, exactly, it's a mystery!
EnglishUlrich: Mystery girls don't leave their names.

8:24-15:50 The Odd clone sounds like the real Odd in the French version. In the English, the clone speaks curtly and in a flatter tone of voice.

10:37 In the French, Jeremy says "Tower activated!" when he activates the tower, which sounds a lot cooler and matches with Aelita's "Tower deactivated" line at the end of every episode.

FrenchJeremy: Parfait. Bon, attention. J'active la tour ! Tour... activée !
French translationJeremy: Perfect. Ok, heads up. I'm activating the tower! Tower...activated!
EnglishJeremy: Ok. I'm activating the tower... Now.

11:42 In the English, Ulrich verbally reacts to Yumi being shot by the Odd clone with a, "Hey! Huh?!"

11:52 In the French, Jeremy asks if Ulrich is sure that Odd has been possessed by XANA.

FrenchJeremy: T'en es sûr !?
French translationJeremy: Are you sure about that?!

12:44 Some additional lines from the Odd clone and Ulrich in the French.

FrenchOdd-clone: Flèches lasers !
Ulrich: Jérémy ! Odd me lâche pas !
French translationOdd-clone: Laser arrow!
Ulrich: Jeremy! Odd's not letting up!

13:49 An additional line for Aelita in the English dub.

FrenchJeremy: XANA essaye de reprendre le contrôle de la tour.
French translationJeremy: XANA's trying to gain control of the tower.
EnglishAelita: Is there a problem?
Jeremy: Oh man... XANA's trying to gain control of the tower.

14:06 A few differences in this bit of dialogue between Jeremy and Yumi. The French adds some additional context to the conversation, as well as phrasing Jeremy's line so that he's more specific about hacking the phone network just to locate Odd's phone. The way it sounds in the English dub, it's almost like he was hacking "the network" (which?) for some reason and just stumbled upon the phone tracking utility.

FrenchYumi: Dans la forêt. J'essaie de trouver Odd, mais autant chercher une aiguille dans une botte de foin !
Jeremy: Attends, j'ai piraté le réseau d'son opérateur, et j'ai réussi à repérer la borne GSM la plus proche de son téléphone !
Yumi: Tu sais faire ça, toi ?
Jeremy: Ben ouais, c'est pas sorcier !
French translationYumi: In the woods. I'm trying to find Odd, but it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack!
Jeremy: Wait, I hacked the network of his operator, and I managed to locate the emergency telephone closest to his phone!
Yumi: You know how to do that?
Jeremy: Well yeah, it's not rocket science!
EnglishYumi: In the woods. But it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack!
Jeremy: Wait. While I was hacking into the network, I managed to locate the emergency telephone closest to Odd's phone.
Yumi: You can do that?
Jeremy: Of course I can!

15:07 An extended and more desperate-sounding line from Jeremy in the French.

FrenchJeremy: Tu dois à tout prix l'en empêcher ! Tu m'entends ? À tout prix !
French translationJeremy: You have to stop it at all costs! You hear me? At all costs!
EnglishJeremy: You have to stop it.

15:42 Ulrich says "Hey..." in the French when dodging an arrow from the Odd clone.

16:57 In the French, Ulrich cries "Hey, hey!" when the Tarantula starts firing at him from behind while he's fighting the clone.

17:54 The subject of Ulrich's French line is himself. The subject of his English line is his clone.

FrenchUlrich: Mais... chui plein d'surprises !
French translationUlrich: But...I'm full of surprises!
EnglishUlrich: Whoa! Heh, full of surprises, huh?

18:14 Odd's line is different when the water rises and he floats to the top of the well.

FrenchOdd: Bah voilà ! Il suffisait d'attendre l'ascenseur !
French translationOdd: There! Just had to wait for the elevator!
EnglishOdd: It figures. At least I don't have to climb anymore.

20:09-20:20 During this scene, Yumi calls Odd's name three times in the English as opposed to once in the French.

21:53 Aelita verbally marvels at the program as it works at full speed in English only, saying "Amazing..."

21:56 Yumi speaks first in the French when she calls Jeremy, saying his name.

22:02 Change of verb tense.

FrenchJeremy: On a décrypté le journal de Franz Hopper.
French translationJeremy: We decrypted Franz Hopper's diary.
EnglishJeremy: We're decoding Franz Hopper's diary!

23:17 In the French, Aelita is speechless as she shakes her head. In the English, she gets a couple of words out.

French translation-
EnglishAelita: I'm...not...

Episode 52 - The Key
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
The Key
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:10 In the French, it sounds like Hopper was working on Project Carthage without actually knowing what its purpose was. And once he found out, he then decided to create Lyoko and XANA in order to stop it.

FrenchHopper: J'ai compris que le projet Carthage était un programme militaire destiné à bloquer les communications ennemies.
French translationHopper: I realised that Project Carthage was a military program designed to block enemy communications.
EnglishHopper: Project Carthage was a military program used to block enemy communications.

5:29 In the French, Yumi says sorry to William after turning down his offer. In the English, there's no apology, she just says she's sure she doesn't want to go to the dance with him.

6:28 Some differences when Yumi leaves and Odd starts chasing after Ulrich and shouting strange proverbs. It's no surprise the proverbs are worded a bit differently, but Ulrich also has an additional line in the French while Odd is chasing after him.

FrenchUlrich: Euh toi, une remarque ou un proverbe bidon, et t'es mort ! Pigé ?!
Odd: J'en ai un ! « Ulrich qui perd la tête, ferait mieux de rester sous sa couette ! » Hé ! Attends ! J'en ai un autre ! « Ulrich qui sort avec Sissi, risque de ne plus revoir Yumi ! »
Ulrich: Fiche-moi la paix Odd !
French translationUlrich: One remark or stupid proverb out of you, and you are dead! Got it?!
Odd: I've got one! "Ulrich has lost his head, and should have stayed in bed!" Hey! Wait! I got another one! "Ulrich going out with Sissi, risks never again seeing Yumi!"
Ulrich: Leave me alone, Odd!
EnglishUlrich: One more of your stupid proverbs, and you are dead.
Odd: "Ulrich has lost his head...and...should have stayed in bed!" Oh, wait wait, I got another one! "Go with Sissi and your future's gloomy 'cause you're gonna lose Yumi!"

7:06 There's a slight difference in Aelita's motivation for turning off the Supercomputer.

FrenchAelita: Pour sauver la Terre... te sauver toi et les autres...
French translationAelita: To save the save you and the others...
EnglishAelita: To save the world. To save you all...!

7:48 In the French, Ulrich greets Hiroki at the door with a quick "Hi." In the English he cuts straight to asking if Yumi's home.

9:21 Although the French and English lines have the same meaning, it may be worth noting that the phrase Odd uses in the French is to do with a dance, and considering the gang all skipped the end-of-year dance...

FrenchOdd: J'mène la danse !
French translationOdd: I'll lead the way! (lit. I'll lead the dance!)
EnglishOdd: I'll lead the way.

11:46 A change to the line when Odd and Ulrich high-five.

FrenchUlrich: À moi !
French translationUlrich: My turn!
EnglishOdd and Ulrich: Yeah!

13:00 The French has a rather darker way of phrasing this question.

FrenchOdd: Une descente aux enfers, ça tente quelqu'un ?
French translationOdd: Who's up for a descent into the underworld?
EnglishOdd: Wanna see how low you can go, huh, guys?

13:56 When Ulrich gestures for Aelita to run on ahead during the fight with the Creepers, in the French he also gives her a verbal command.

FrenchUlrich: Fonce, Aelita !
French translationUlrich: Get going, Aelita!

14:20 After Odd blows on his finger like a recently-fired gun, in the English he says "Yeah!" In the French, he chuckles.

16:38 Just before the room starts falling apart, Aelita calls Jeremy's name in a questioning tone in the French.

17:03 In the French, Aelita calls Jeremy for help. In the English, she wails for help from nobody in particular.

17:19 In the French, Ulrich apologises to Jeremy for getting devirtualised and leaving Aelita alone on Lyoko. In the English, there's no apologising.

FrenchUlrich: Désolé... Désolé Jérémy, mais j'ai rien pu faire...
French translationUlrich: Sorry... Sorry Jeremy, but there wasn't anything I could do...
EnglishUlrich: There wasn't anything I could do...

19:24 In the French, Hopper says that "Mister Pück" is the name of an elf. In the English, he says that it means "goblin." The French translation provided here matches what was said in a repeat of this flashback in episode 82 "Distant Memory," evidently more accurate to the French dialogue than what was said in this episode.

FrenchYoung Aelita: Oh il est trop mignon ! Je l'adore ! Comment on va l'appeler ?
Hopper: Pourquoi pas Monsieur Pück ? C'est un nom de lutin.
French translationYoung Aelita: Oh he's so cute! I love him! What should I call him?
Hopper: How about Mister Pück? It's the name of an elf.
EnglishYoung Aelita: Oh! He's so cute! What should I call him?
Hopper: What about...Mister Pück? It means "goblin."

20:05 When Aelita tells her father that she's going up to her room, in the French, he acknowledges it.

FrenchHopper: Très bien, ma chérie.
French translationHopper: Alright, my dear.

20:27 Some small changes when Aelita and Hopper reach the bottom of the stairs and find the men in black inside the house.

FrenchAelita: Oh Papa !...
Hopper: Par ici, chérie !
French translationAelita: Oh Daddy...!
Hopper: This way, my dear!
EnglishHopper: This way.

20:38 Hopper says "There" in the English when he blocks the door with a plank of wood.

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