End of the licence purchase...and recommencement of the C...
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Hello everyone!

Two news items today.
The first is something that's not very fresh concerning the Code Lyoko licence. As you all know, a while ago, Moonscoop was abolished and its series catalogue was purchased by Dargaud at the start of the year (see older news posts). Beneath this simple appearance, the reality of the catalogue purchase was in fact much more complex, and we've warned that it would take several months for the Code Lyoko licence and others among Moonscoop's babies would finish going through judiciary transactions.

This happened a while back. We haven't made any news about it because, indeed, there hasn't been any news. France Télévision and Canal J, coproducers of the series, who would have rights to the licence, haven't made a move. And in the end, the Code Lyoko licence is now in the hands of Mediatoon, an affiliate of the Media-Participation group...which Dargaud is also an affiliate of.

For more documents and information, here's a French news post by our cousins that has already presented the situation and found several elements on these commerical transactions.

This news post doesn't really deliver anything new as we've had this information for around 10 months...and before a project concerning our licence is started, we'll certainly need to wait a while...if it happens at all.

For the second part of our news, a great surprise newly announced for the players of the CLSG (Code Lyoko Social Game).
3DDuo has just announced on its Facebook page that the game will pick up development again. They're even proposing for players to choose what their new additions will be using a poll.

[Here is the post in question]

More information will come once we've contacted our contacts at 3DDuo. However, the most probable scenario is that the company that developed the social game (and who doesn't want to continue development on the game without certainty that doing so will pay off) has managed to convince Mediatoon that the social game is a great asset, much loved by players.

So, 3DDuo's investment in taking the game up again, financed by Mediatoon, will be overtaken by the gains the game will continue to generate.

And so we can congratulate 3DDuo on the speed with which they were able to relaunch the project coming out of this long stretch of desert. Let's continue to be enthusiastic yet prudent, this doesn't mean a complete reexploitation of the licence. Relaunching the CLSG consists of restarting an already-working machine. Beginning a whole new project with the licence, that's a whole other story.

Thanks to Vivi, who very quickly gave me the news.