Interview with Gulliver Bevernaege
 Interview of Gulliver Bevernaege
Actor embodying Odd Della Robbia

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Being in contact with the actors thanks to its partnership with Moonscoop, had the opportunity to interview Gulliver Bevernaege in a private Skype chat. Here is the report of the conversation with Gulliver and the website's editor. Thank you Gulliver for having answered the questions!

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The interview of Gulliver, by
Shaka: So, we begin with life outside of Lyoko. Can you tell us more about your passions?

Gulliver Bevernaege: My passions are video games Razz Roller-skating, sport, music and also reading. I also like eating.

Shaka: What kind of music? And what are your favorite dishes?

Gulliver Bevernaege: My favorite kind of music is rap (there's Rizzle Kicks, Chiddy Bang, Eminem, etc.) and my favorite dishes are meat, potatoes Razz , everything fast food and also my BEST is livia pasta (pasta with some ham, peas, some crème fraiche, and grated cheese).

Shaka: Geek moment! Let's talk about video games! Rumors mention that you would be a fan of MMORPG?

Gulliver Bevernaege: I'm not a fan but I spent a LOT of time on World of Warcraft, and now I play Guild Wars 2.

Shaka: Your characters on World Of Warcraft? =)

Gulliver Bevernaege: I have a lot of them actually, (I am going to say my highest levels) so there is Creezy a level 87 zombie thief, Croozy a level 85 zombie witch, Melakir a level 85 Tauren Paladin, Workam a level 85 orc warrior, Neverone (yeah I know that means nothing...) a level 85 blood elf, hmmmm and I have others but we don't care about them Razz. And YES I am VERY MUCH a hoarder.

Shaka: Long live the H2.

Gulliver Bevernaege: That's all.

Shaka: Describe yourself in five words! (You see, that's an example of poor questions! XD)

Gulliver Bevernaege: Crazy, happy, pardon the expression but "wanker", sporty and geeky Razz

Shaka: Sporty and geeky? Have you managed to combine the two?

Gulliver Bevernaege: Yes, totally, I like to play tennis too. Smiley

Shaka: Okay! Can you confirm that Code Lyoko Evolution is your first "huge role" (excluding your appearance in Canaille+)?

Gulliver Bevernaege: I was chosen for a role in a film just after Code Lyoko but, because of the budget, the project was given up.

Shaka: What was the film about?

Gulliver Bevernaege: A whole family who find themselves in a house in the country because of the grandma's death. I didn't know much about it really =/

Shaka: You told me before that you weren't certain you would be actor later. Now, what is the reason that urged you to be an actor on TV?

Gulliver Bevernaege: My parents and my talent to lie about it xD
And the desire to spend time as a character other than myself... Even if Odd is a bit like me xD

Shaka: Detail about your family: do you have brothers or sisters?

Gulliver Bevernaege: 2 sisters, one is 13 years old, the other one is 18.

Gulliver Bevernaege: Last question before the questions concerning Lyoko: does an idol inspire you? In the world of cinema or elsewhere?

Gulliver Bevernaege: Bob Lennon. xD And also PewDiePie.

Shaka: So, we will enter the Lyokosphere! One of the questions that you will undoubtedly be asked the most: did you know Code Lyoko before the recruitment for the role?

Gulliver Bevernaege: Yes, I watched it when I was young. Moreover, I sometimes thought that Odd was a girl, but yeah.

Shaka: Oh my god, I think you're not the only one. How much did you like the series?

Gulliver Bevernaege: I didn't watch it a lot but in think that I really liked it.

Shaka: Did you have any favorite characters when you was young? Favorite scenes? Favorite episodes?

Gulliver Bevernaege: Mmmmmh, When Odd was putting his hair back and my favorite characters... There's Jim, Sissi (strange yes :p) Yumi (not too much) and Odd Smiley

Shaka: What do you think of your character's hairstyle?

Gulliver Bevernaege: I love it, I'm sticking to it Smiley

Shaka: Would you re-do your hair like that in real life? Smiley

Gulliver Bevernaege: Pff, I wouldn't mind but I don't know how to do it xD

Shaka: Okay! Odd is a fan of purple. Do you like this color?

Gulliver Bevernaege: Yeep, it's one of my favorite colors.

Shaka: Okay. I will try to ask some serious questions... Are there some things that you like about your character, and other things that you don't?

Gulliver Bevernaege: He likes everything I like, so there's no problem Smiley

Shaka: What do you think of his...sassy personality? Is it also like you?

Gulliver Bevernaege: Totally Smiley

Shaka: Do you like it how he changes girlfriends every week? (In Code Lyoko, not in Evolution) Or when he has two at the same time? (Trap question XD)

Gulliver Bevernaege: That's TOTALLY like me :P

Shaka: Did the episodes of Code Lyoko inspire you for Odd's personality, or did you just follow the script to the letter?

Gulliver Bevernaege: Nah I wasn't inspired by anything, in fact I inspired myself :O I putted lots of "huh" at the ends of sentences, it's a reflex... And that came from me. I'm not sure that I answered right but yeah.

Shaka: How did the casting take place for you? Did you think that you would be chosen? How did you find out about the auditions? Did you know that you would play Odd?

Gulliver Bevernaege: Yes, I knew that I will be Odd and I had 3 auditions. The first for Odd, the second for Jeremy, and the third for Odd. :P

Shaka: Can you tell us about the preparation that you had for the filming (information about the series, exercise, training, etc...)?

Gulliver Bevernaege: We had one week during Easter to train.

Shaka: What kind of training? Smiley

Gulliver Bevernaege: To properly fit into our characters' roles.

Shaka: Did they make you see the original episodes? Or something like that?

Gulliver Bevernaege: Nope.

Shaka: So a question has been on peoples' minds hehe: who won the laser game which you had with the other actors at the beginning to get to know each other?

Gulliver Bevernaege: Ahah :P It's Matthieu, the first assistant Smiley

Shaka: Okay. So the film crew was involved. And among the actors, who got the best score?

Gulliver Bevernaege: Hm, I think it was Diego but I'm not sure anymore.

Shaka: Your feelings about the filming: the atmosphere, relationship with the film crew?

Gulliver Bevernaege: Perfecto.

Shaka: The pressure was easy to manage?

Gulliver Bevernaege: Yes. Personally, I wasn't stressed.

Shaka: Are there actors/actresses with whom you were closer during the filming? Who did you like filming with in particular?

Gulliver Bevernaege: No, I was close with everyone, though a little closer to Marin and Pauline because we are of the same age, and we lived together.

Shaka: That allows me to do a wonderful transition to the following question: how was life in the host house?According to the law, the minors have to be under guardianship, but was it strict? Was it cool? Not too boring after a busy day of filming?

Gulliver Bevernaege: It sucked, we had to go bed at 10PM... We wished we were 16 so that we could go to the other house.

Shaka: There were two houses?

Gulliver Bevernaege: For the adults and for the kids (us).

Shaka: Was the house nice?

Gulliver Bevernaege: Yeah, not bad.

Shaka: How were your meetings with the other actors? Did you get closer to them outside the filming?

Gulliver Bevernaege: Yeah, we became friends so fast. And even more for two certain actors xD

Shaka: Won't we talk about Mélanie and Quentin?

Gulliver Bevernaege: Nooo absolutely not!

Shaka: Have you seen each other outside of the filming? Have you decided to keep in touch after the filming is finished?

Gulliver Bevernaege: We haven't met since the last screening

Shaka: Within the limits of information that you are authorized to reveal: what was the moment that made a deep impression on you?

Gulliver Bevernaege: When the filming was finished, that was a shock. I was happy and sad.