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Other Places
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The sewers

This place which shouldn't be of enormous importance has been hurled into the foreground, for the simple reason that it is the most direct and the most secret way to get to the factory.

Kadic Academy has two secret passages that lead there. The fastest is the one in the park (a manhole with a ladder to go down). The second one is located in the boiler room. We can suppose that these passages date back to the time when Franz Hopper used to teach at Kadic. We mustn't forget that there is also a secret passage from the Hermitage, the one that Hopper and Aelita took to flee from the Hermitage.
The sewers lead to the factory, directly onto the bridge.

So the sewers are a transit place for the heroes, between the place where they live and the place where they fight, just like how the scanners allow travel from the real world to the virtual world. We frequently see them in season 1, then they will be erased afterwards. Yumi, Odd and Ulrich pass through there in transit with skateboards, never missing an opportunity to do some tricks, while Jeremy and Aelita ride micro-scooters.

There are two scenarios that sometimes happen around the sewers in the episodes.
The first is that XANA is blocking access to them. In episode 11 “Plagued”, it fills it with rats, in episode 86 “Canine Conundrum”, the mechanical dogs patrol there and in episode 12 “Swarming Attack”, hornets are blocking the exit.
The second scenario simply consists of the extension of an attack to within the sewers. It happens in particular in episode 55 “Tidal Wave” when the food colossus tracks Ulrich down there. In other cases, it is a chase, if a xanafied person (like Yolanda in episode 47 “Tip-Top Shape”) uses this way to reach the factory.

Sometimes, more eccentric events happen. In episode 59 “The Secret”, William chases Odd and Ulrich who he saw using the manhole. In episode 29 “Exploration”, the principal, Jim, Sissi, and Yumi's parents are guided by Kiwi to the factory.

Aside from in the Lyoko War, the sewers don't have great importance. We will mainly pity Ulrich who fell into the water in episode 55.

The city

All the real places described elsewhere are, of course, included in this city! By the way, strictly speaking it isn't a large city that the factory and Kadic Academy are located in! It is in the outskirts of Paris. In the animated series, it is proven three times:
  • In episode 9, where the military satellite that's after Yumi locks its shot onto Paris.
  • In episode 75 “Hot Shower”, where the comet swoops down towards Paris.
  • In episode 84 “Guided Missile”, Jeremy's fighter jet is located at the coordinates 47°43'13" N, 01°34'45" E and heads to the north-northeast; bearing 042, which matches to the position of a nuclear plant in the Loir-et-Cher (at Saint-Laurent, 150km away from Paris). Bearing 042 leads him to Boulogne-Billancourt (8km away from Paris).
According to hypotheses, the heroes' city would be either Boulogne-Billancourt, the city the factory is in, or Sceaux, city of Lycée Lakanal, recognized model of Kadic.

These two cities are separated by a few kilometres. Less complications in the animated series: both are in the same city in the Parisian outskirts!
Remark that episode 84 “Guided Missile” gives us a superb aerial view, identical in all respects to Bastille Square.

There isn't much to say about this city, except that it seems a peaceful place to live; the buildings fade for the benefit of small residential houses. This is especially the case for the district around Kadic. There seem to be less residential zones like the one the petrochemical factory from episode 4 “Log Book” is in, or even the thermal power station from episode 2 “Seeing is Believing”.


It is also an important space for Kadic's students because when they can go out, they go into town to do young people's activities (shopping, cinema, fast food...).

Sometimes in season 1, XANA's attacks which were born at the Academy expand into the city, like the hornet attack in episode 12 “Swarming Attack”. It is no longer the case in the other seasons (except for episodes 45 “Cold War” and 63 “Triple Trouble”).

Some attacks completely cross the city without hitting it. We will name the 4 XANA attacks where vehicles are important: the possessed ambulance in episode 38 “Temptation”, the xanafied school bus from episode 4 “Log Book”, the hijacked military plane from episode 84 “Guided Missile” and finally the car driven by a polymorphic clone, in pursuit of Aelita in episode 72 “Crash Course”.
The city shelters places where shows are held, like the Subdigitals concert (episode 89 “Music To Soothe the Savage Beast”, but the city isn't big enough to shake off Sissi (episode 81 “A Lack of Goodwill”).


The forest

This forest is a sort of woodland of broad-leaved trees which has been preserved in the middle of the suburbs! It's a perfect forest from a bedtime story but luckily, we don't meet wolves, except if XANA wants us to (episode 44 “Vertigo”)! We can notice some similarities between this forest and the one where Mister Pück runs away from wolves in Aelita's nightmares. Maybe Aelita had the habit of playing there before the day that changed her life!

The forest extends not far from the Academy and is quite vast; yet it is well-known for most Kadic students, well enough that they can find their way around thanks to places like the Red Trail Crossroads. The students don't often go there because they don't have the rights to, yet some of them, like Ulrich, go there when they have to sulk or to be alone for a while!


In episode 27 “New Order”, the students have to go into the forest to make sketches of plants, which marks the first appearance of this place (and William's first appearance by the way). We see it again in episode 54 “Lyoko Minus One” because Mrs Hertz leads the students to the forest in order to observe the impact of pollution on the forest!


For the heroes, it is a bit of a special place because it leads to the Hermitage. It is also there that Aelita has her first visions! For XANA, it is an opportunity to find some inspiration for some attacks like taking over roots (episode 61 “Sabotage”), sending xanafied wolves, and as for the poor Yumi, she found herself chased by her whole class of xanafied students. We must recognize that as discrete place to get rid of someone, we can rarely find better. Odd will bear the brunt of this in episode 51 “Revelation” in which it is not a secret admirer but a polymorphic clone that traps him!

During the last attack there (episode 74 “I'd Rather Not Talk About It”), we discover the forest a lot more clearly. XANA takes control of a boar. The heroes came for training with Jim in the forest and we realize that some parts of the place contain sporting equipment. It's certainly a fitness trail like the ones we find in some forests.

The swimming pool

Kadic doesn't have a swimming pool within its walls, that's why on some occasions, the students have to go to the nearest public pool!
Sometimes for sport classes such as swimming (episode 46 “Deja Vu”), or synchronized swimming (episode 59 “The Secret”), sometimes for personal entertainment (episodes 36 “Marabounta” & 85 “Kadic Bombshell”).

The Pontoise-Quartier Latin swimming-pool in "Paris 5ème" (France) is the source of inspiration of Code Lyoko's swimming-pool. (cf scripts d'épisode).


XANA only did one attack here: the swimming pool attack. We don't know what really happened there, we simply think that Ulrich and Yumi found their way into a position that was either embarrassing or which highlighted their feelings. Odd mentioned this event in episode 72 “Crash Course”.
Nevertheless, the swimming pool is far from being a peaceful place for all that. When William goes there with Yumi, Ulrich feels the irresistible need to interfere and play spy, then play the braggart in order to impress his love! However, when he falls to the bottom of the pool, and William saves him and Jim does mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, it generates much hubbub within the group (episode 36 “Marabounta”). Our jealous guy doesn't change.

When it comes to possessiveness, it's also at the pool, while accompanying his girlfriend Bringa, that Odd realizes that she cares more about her arrogance and her impact on crowd than for her boyfriend. So he ditches her, going back to his friends whom he'd abandoned (in a cowardly way).

The hospital

The Lyoko War wreaks some devastation!
It's very sad, but it does happen that the heroes don't end up in the infirmary, but at the city hospital! There, we always find a team of doctors raring to go. Yet, despite the progress of science, they don't have the required skills to mend the aches and pains suffered a person targeted by XANA. We can name Odd, suffering from a fall in heart rate because of the killer music from episode 18 of the same name, but also Aelita whose heart stops beating at each deactivation of the Supercomputer (episode 37 “Common Interest”)!


Sometimes, the courageous team of doctors is more a trouble than anything else: when they want to hold their patients back in the hospital. If the heroes need to lead, for example, the Hopperfied Sissi (episode 50 “Contact”) or Odd and Ulrich (completely mad in the episode “Temporary Insanity”) to the factory, the heroes have to improvise a distraction to deal with the doctors!

The Ishiyamas' house

The Ishiyamas' house is in a good residential area in the suburbs where Kadic is located! It is not far from the Academy, nor from the factory.! Indeed, when there's urgency, Yumi always manages to reach the factory quickly enough (except when she crosses paths with a teenager with black hair who desires a kiss)... Yumi lives a few blocks away from Kadic, it surely only takes her a minute or two to reach the establishment when at running pace! We mainly remark this in episodes 1 & 39, “Teddygozilla” and “A Bad Turn”, when Ulrich goes to Yumi's at top speed!


Our young Japanese girl is lucky not to live in a flat but in a pleasant little house. In episode 34 “Missing Link”, we see that the small house has a little garden around it and a little terrace out the back. It isn't stuck to other buildings.

Do we enter? Youkoso zainichi Nihon! (Welcome to Japan!)


Though the house is very French, the style of the inside is indubitably Japanese!
Made up of three storeys, the house's rooms all have Japanese decoration. The furniture very much reflects this liking: wooden pieces of furniture, low tables, low beds etc. On the ground, no tiles, just fitted carpet or a floor made of wood! The best part is on the walls: small calligraphies or paintings showing Sino-Japanese landscapes in the parents' bedroom; everything's there!


As well as the decoration, Japanese customs are part of their everyday lives! Odd, accidently sent into Yumi's body, makes us discover in episode 42 “A Fine Mess” that they eat in the Japanese way at the Ishiyamas'. During other scenes of Yumi's everyday life, other rooms join the puzzle! The Ishiyamas don't play games on high tables like us but on the ground, on their knees. Obviously, Monopoly is erased in favour of the game Go.

The large bathtub in the bathroom reminds us of “Rotenburo” (hot springs), which Japanese people adore!

Like when it comes to families, Yumi's house is the one which is the most revealed. Only Hiroki's bedroom is unknown to us! In Yumi's one, other components of the Japanese house find their place, like the big plush from the universe of “My Neighbour Totoro” (an animated movie by Hayao Miyazaki)!

Yumi's house doesn't present any capital interest, although many scenes happen there during episodes!
The action has been brought to Yumi's door a number of times:
-Episode 1 “Teddygozilla”: XANA sends a giant teddy bear to Yumi's.
-Episode 39 “A Bad Turn”: Ulrich is going to declare his love but thinks he sees William kissing Yumi. Later, XANA sends a Krab to Yumi's.
-Episode 52 “The Key”: Ulrich is going to declare his love to Yumi but is interrupted by a phone call from Jeremy.
-Episode 87 “A Space Oddity”: Odd entrusted Kiwi to Hiroki, for the duration of inspections at Kadic.

Though it is the house we discover the most of out of all the heroes' homes, it is because Yumi is the only one who is not a boarder! Our Japanese girl comes back home each evening and the fans are surprised to be able to follow Yumi's daily life from her home. Our heroes will end up in the tabloids!

So we regularly witness familial scenes at Yumi's home. Indeed, they don't show a capital interest, most of the time they are comic scenes about the ludicrous relationship between Mr and Mrs Ishiyama (or Mr Ishiyama playing with Kiwi although he is supposed to hate dogs)!
Yet, there are times when seeing life at the Ishiyamas' is important, either because Yumi is stuck at her home and stays in contact with the heroes by phone, or because XANA's attack targets Yumi and she is at home (see below)...

As Yumi's morale goes hand in hand with the balance of her familial life, we have to dive into the middle of the Ishiyamas' lifestyle to understand some things, such as the parental quarrel from episode 15 “Laughing Fit”.
We can of course appreciate following the psychological evolution of the young Ishiyama as far as her home! What can be more moving than seeing tears drop from Yumi's eyes after Ulrich's disappearance? (episode 62 “Nobody in Particular”) T-T

Other places
In order of appearance:

  • The power plant (episode 2)
  • Ulrich's house (episode 3)
  • The airport (episode 3; episode 82; episode 84)
  • The petrochemical complex (episode 4)
  • The rail traffic control station (episode 5)
  • Yumi's father's colleague's house (episode 15)
  • The railway station (episode 31)
  • The coldrooms (episode 41)
  • Mr and Mrs Schaeffer's chalet (episode 52 and 82)
  • The Subdigitals' studio (episode 72)
  • An island (episode 76)
  • The location of the Subdigitals' concert (episode 89)