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The Mountain Sector
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View from the sky
The Mountain Sector on the Holomap

Temperature: 5°C (41°F)

Climate: Continental

Characteristics: Foggy like a Chinese dawn

Humidity: High

Description: This Sector is not ideal for holding a skateboarding competition! Not only because of its rocky crests and its sharp stones but also because an awkward movement by our friends would send them to overturn against rocks and to fall in the space. Sometimes, they must to borrow narrows between the rocks. Add to all these elements some clouds of mist and you will understand why our friends do not picnic here very often...

These are there the three components of the Mountain sector: a permanent fog, long bridges which connect average-sized plateaux to rocks (from small stones to large peaks) found everywhere. Dangerous, but to the eyes, the most aesthetic of the Sectors throughout its somewhat extreme Oriental atmosphere...

We find a little greenery on the Mountain Sector: in truth small trees, which are only pale imitations of bonsais: knotty trunk, small boughs with foliage leaning towards a khaki colour...

Topological characteristics
The atmosphere of the Mountain Sector is such that a light transparent mist floats permanently in the Sector. It's normally only a little annoying, XANA is however capable of intensifying this mist until it renders everything invisible (episode 47 “Tip-Top Shape”). The intense mist can be dispersed by deactivating a tower.

It, however, is not present in the hollow mountains containing tunnels, passages or other cavities like caves! This Sector even possesses a labyrinth in which the heroes get lost in episode 15 “Laughing Fit”.

Many summits float all around this Sector. They are inaccessible, except by teleportation or by vehicle. Again, their importance is only minor, however, the heroes sometimes make use of them to shake off monsters or to take them by surprise. Their role thus appears during aerial confrontations.
Aelita springs the surprise in episode 91 “Bad Connection”, she saves Ulrich and Yumi from a fall into the Digital Sea by creating one of these levitating summits thanks to her Creativity, on which both fighters will land.

The big originality of the Mountain Sector is the moving platforms. We can see three times in the series:

First type is the one corresponding to the tower deactivated in episode 20 “The Robots”. The tower appears to be on a rotating platform/island. The island making up the platform is inaccessible from the trail leading to it...not counting the kind of “arm” connected to the island which turns at the same time as it! One just has to make a small jump onto this appendage of path and on the condition of not feeling dizzy, one can access all the tower with no problem.

The second type is the more complex one. While the tower is on fixed ground, to get to it, one has to firstly traverse a series of platforms constantly moving up and down, and a final one that travels in a circle around the tower platform.

Except that, we note that the Mountain Sector is a little halfway between the Ice and the Desert: it possesses long pathways connecting equally vast platforms.

We can't, on the other hand, complete this data with information about a Mountain Replika for the simple reason that we've never seen one. The Mountain is the only such case of any Sector.

Monsters and the Mountain Sector
Hornets fare particularly well on the Mountain Sector, where everything seems to be to their advantage: vast sky, mist to hide in, vast Digital Sea to bring down our heroes. What bliss! When Mantas arrive on the Mountain Sector, they feel perfectly comfortable, and we can see a wonderful aerial battle in episode 89: “Music to Soothe the Savage Beast”. The Mantas benefit from the same advantages as the Hornets on the Mountain Sector and, in addition, they can execute magnificent skimming over platforms to trap Aelita.

We can also frequently encounter Bloks because their six legs allow then to climb mountains and even to stand guard on the summit of the latter to watch for Aelita.


Krabs have legs which could allow them to climb the steep surfaces of this summits with a Chinese atmosphere but they apparently don't like this Sector: we rarely saw them (#55 “Tidal Wave” and #91 “Bad Connection”) compared with the other Surface Sectors where the Krabs are a part of the fauna.

The narrow paths suit Megatanks marvellously because they sometimes can move at high speed or stop and block the passage with repetitive laser blasts (#63: “Triple Trouble”)

As for the Scyphozoa, it hides itself in tunnels, or behind the rock faces.
William also feels comfortable on this Sector. He obviously can use the big rocks as anvils and bang Aelita (who is naturally prisoner of Supersmoke). Aelita will experience that in episode 85 “Kadic Bombshell”.
Beyond that, the clear views of the Mountain Sector serve William, who is talented for rough and frontal attacks.

Appearances in episodes
Season 4:

#91 Bad Connection
#89 Music to Soothe the Savage Beast
#85 Kadic Bombshell
#80 Dog Day Afternoon
#72 Crash Course

Season 3:

#64 Double Trouble
#63 Triple Trouble
#62 Nobody in Particular
#61 Sabotage
#57 Aelita
#56 False Lead
#55 Tidal Wave

Season 2:

#51 Revelation
#47 Tip-Top Shape
#45 Cold War
#39 A Bad Turn
#38 Temptation
#30 A Great Day

Season 1:

#24 Ghost Channel
#23 Rock Bottom?
#21 Zero Gravity Zone
#20 The Robots
#19 Frontier
#18 Killer Music
#16 Claustrophobia
#15 Laughing Fit
#10 The Girl of the Dreams


XANA Awakens (parts 1 and 2)

Important events

- Jeremie activates his first tower in episode 47 “Tip-Top Shape”
- A polymorphic spectre takes Odd's place in the scanners and fights on Lyoko against Ulrich in episode 51 “Revelation”. At the same time, Jeremie activates his second tower for decrypting Franz Hopper's diary, and succeeds with its help.
- XANA gobbles up the Sector in episode 55 “Tidal Wave”.
- Odd tries out his “Teleportation” power in episode 63 “Triple Trouble”.
- The destruction of the Sector takes places during episode 64 “Double Trouble”.
- Reappearance of the Sector in episode 67 “Double Take”.


Edge of the Sector
Way Tower

3D map