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Sector 5
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Sector description and topology
Sector 5 is the very centre of the virtual world, situated in the middle of the two other Surface Sectors. It notably harbours the Core of Lyoko, a central element without which the Virtual World would not subsist. It was dubbed Sector 5 by the heroes, because it was the last Sector to be discovered. With the disappearance of the Forest and Ice Sectors following the Supercomputer being shut down for a long period of time, the name became incongruous.

The Sector has been enormously simplified compared to in the original series, both in its function and its concept. Some elements were totally deleted or modified. The reason for this change is explained in the interview with the two series producers.
On the other hand, some elements of Sector 5 haven't been mentioned at all in Code Lyoko Evolution... Should we assume that they disappeared? It's hard to say. In any case, this section will be based only on the content of Code Lyoko Evolution. We advise you to consult the Code Lyoko Sector 5 page to better appreciate this atypical Sector.

The structure of Sector 5 is complex and deserves a place-by-place explanation.

A) The Arena

The Arena is a room situated at the centre of Carthage, just above the Core Chamber.
The circular room is surrounded by blue walls. Its floor is a dark blue and decorated with a gigantic eye of XANA. This room is where the heroes appear while being directly virtualised into Sector 5. The Arena is like a foyer, leading to the rest of the Sector.


B) The Labyrinth

There aren't just a few rooms in Carthage, but a complex network of rooms and corridors, small and large. This is especially the case in the northern hemisphere of Sector 5. This entanglement of spaces forms an enormous labyrinth which can be very difficult to navigate. But the heroes began to get used to it. However, the size of the place complicates some tasks, like when they had to find a transmitter hidden by a Ninja (episode 17 “A Professional Career Guaranteed”).
There was previously only one tower in Sector 5. But, when XANA re-manifests after the heroes turn the Supercomputer back on, new towers appear (episode 01 “XANA 2.0”).


These winding passages often attract Megatanks and their strong firepower. Above all, the Sector remains mainly a place to visit in passing. It leads to the Celestial Dome or the Skid Hangar, via the Elevator... But it also contains the Core of Lyoko!

C) The Core Chamber

This is one of the rooms of Sector 5, at the centre of the Virtual World. It contains the Core (or Heart) of Lyoko, in the physical form of a shining sphere: a sphere that generates the entire Virtual World. Without it, Lyoko disappears. Moreover, even if we don't witness the launch of Jeremy's virus in the final episode, we see during the tests in episode 08 “Virus” that the simulation of Jeremy's virus targets the Core of Lyoko. It is therefore likely that the final version of the virus would have targeted the Core of the Cortex when engaged.


The Core centralises all of Lyoko's data. Access to the Core grants access to the entire Virtual World. The Ninja who breaks into Lyoko in episode 14 “Intrusion” takes the path to the Core Chamber before being defeated.

Finally, we note that the Core seems to symbolise the heart of Lyoko (Bah yeah! A bit like the heart of the cards in Yu-Gi-Oh...). In episode 19 “The Trap”, Aelita speaks to the Core as if she were speaking to her if Franz Hopper's soul was able to survive there, at the epicentre of his creation and the location of his death.

D) The Elevator

When leaving the Labyrinth, we don't arrive directly in the Celestial Dome, as the main part of Carthage is surrounded by an envelope. All around this envelope circles the high-velocity Elevator of Sector 5. The Elevator can take people to two destinations: the first is an opening leading to the Celestial Dome. The second is the Skid Hangar.


E) The Celestial Dome

Once off the Elevator, a passage opens in the wall and overlooks the vast Celestial Dome. In actual fact, this place is impractical without a vehicle because all there is is a small pathway above the Digital Void. However, at the end of this path, there is something important: the Sector 5 interface!


When Aelita connects to it, she has access to heaps of data. It is therefore a workplace within the system itself. A sort of Virtual World equivalent of Jeremy's computer. Aelita works there on preparing the virus in episode 08 “Virus”.

F) The Skid Hangar

Configured by Jeremy and Aelita during their previous adventure, the Skid Hangar is a room made-to-measure by the heroes, for the heroes. And especially for stowing the Skidbladnir, their exploratory submarine for the Network outside Lyoko. However, when the machine is restarted, the Hangar is empty, as the Skid had not survived the heroes' last exploits. After being reprogrammed, it takes its place in the Hangar, held in place by four pillars.

The room is circular, and a walkway runs around the pillars. This space also includes five transfer pads. Four small ones arranged around a larger one, forming a sort of cross. These pads are used to teleport the heroes into the Skidbladnir. The largest is reserved for Aelita and leads to the Skid cockpit, while the four others go to the Navskids. We should note that these places can be used by different Lyoko Warriors, and that a game of scissors-paper-rock may be needed to determine who will pilot the ship in Aelita's absence (episode 23 “Jeremy's Blues”).

Finally, at the perfect north pole of the Carthaginian globe, there is an opening that lets light into the Skid Hangar, and especially allows the submarine to exit into the Celestial Dome described above, and then into the sky of Lyoko.

In the end, the Skid Hangar would have a secondary role, in other words a room they pass through to get somewhere else...but the submarine is so important from a strategic point of view that some battles take place within the Hangar. In episode 13 “Friday the 13th”, XANA uses a tower to implant a virus in the Skid. In episode 14 “Intrusion”, an invisible Ninja hangs onto the Skid and enters the room as the ship does, returning from a mission in the Cortex. This is followed by a virulent confrontation between Tyron's creature and the heroes.


Appearances in episodes
Appearances in episodes

#01 XANA 2.0
#06 Suspicions
#08 Virus
#12 Chaos at Kadic
#13 Friday the 13th
#14 Intrusion
#17 A Professional Career Guaranteed
#19 The Trap

Important events

ImageIn episode 01 “XANA 2.0”, XANA launches its first attack since the Supercomputer's reactivation. New towers appear in the Sector.
ImageBetween episodes 14 “Intrusion” and 17 “A Professional Career Guaranteed”, the heroes face the problem of a radar deviced placed by a Ninja, allowing Tyron to localise Lyoko. The heroes get rid of it in time.