The Desert Sector
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Sector's description and topology
Just like any desert of this name, the Desert Sector is dry, yellow and sandy, from all points of view. Its plateaux are rocks, covered by a fine sand which gets kicked up when vehicles and monsters travel across it. Very big, upright rocks pierce the plateaux.

The Desert Sector seems to be the vastest of Lyoko's Surface Sectors!
Indeed, in all other Surface Sectors, we find very long pathways which connect platforms to each other, only this Sector makes an exception. It is conversely constituted by very vast plateaux which are interconnected only by small bridges...

Its second peculiarity is that it is the Sector of Canyons and Pits! Indeed, in multiple places of the Desert are canyons that look like deep trenches which wind long distances in the Sector. They are very dangerous because monsters often wait there for the heroes in ambush (episode 7 “Countdown”).

With regards to pits, there are two categories: those who have no bottom and embody deadly wells towards the Digital Sea, and others who have one! In the latter, it happens that we find a tower, sometimes suspended (episode 7), very difficult to reach when they are well guarded, like by a wall of Bloks.

Lyoko's Desert Sector has almost no decorative element, aside from the rocks scattered all over the Sector, that are coincidentally of great use, either for the monsters, which hide themselves within them...or the heroes who shelter there while they develop a strategy (episode 9 “How to fool XANA”).
The desert also contains some mounds of sand.

Appearances of the Sector
Appearances in episodes

#3 Spectromania
#5 Rivalry
#6 Suspicions
#7 Countdown
#9 How to Fool XANA
#11 Rendezvous
#12 Chaos at Kadic
#13 Friday the 13th
#15 The Codeless
#16 Confusion
#19 The Trap
#21 False Pretences

Important events

ImageIn episode 3 “Spectromania”, the heroes discover that Odd, Ulrich and Yumi are able to deactivate towers.
ImageIn episode 7 “Countdown”, XANA generates a wall of Bloks.
ImageIn episode 15 “The Codeless”, XANA generates a clone of William to manipulate him.
ImageIn episode 19 “The Trap”, residue of a spectre virtualised by mistake comes after the heroes.
ImageIn episode 21 “False Pretences”, XANA generates copies of the heroes to hold them back.