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Kadic Academy
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 Here you will discover our heroes' school. The place where they live as perfectly normal teenagers...but where their double life as saviours of mankind regularly catches up with them, disguised as a spectre, a ringtone or a bug in the Academy computer system.

The series provides little information about the layout of the different rooms in relation to one another. So we will just stick to enumerating each place.

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The front gate
Entrance to the whole establishment. Nothing special to mention. It is the usual meeting place of all students, where you can find those who enter (this is the place where Yumi hands out leaflets in episode 10 “The Warrior Awakens”) and those who go out (like Aelita and Yumi when they spend a girl's day out in episode 21 “False Pretences”). But anyone who wants to go out must make it trough the hard-nosed customs of GI-Jim, who lets the day students out and supervises the comings and goings of the boarders.

It is also the place where deliveries are made, be it mistakes caused by XANA (episode 12 “Chaos at Kadic”) or an exceptionally large order of flowers (episode 13 “Friday the 13th”).


The schoolyards
Like the aerial view of the school shows, there are several playgrounds. Some of which are rather empty while others are embellished with lots of plants, benches and tables so that the students may work and get some rest.
The perimeter of some yards are ornamented with long archways which the students and the staff can access. There, there are lockers, doors to the classrooms and simple closets in which you can hide (episode 25 “Massacre”).

For our heroes, the yards and the archways are a place to meet each other (episode 04 “Miss Einstein”), work (for Yumi and William in episode 05 “Rivalry”) and talk about everything and nothing. This is also where one might try to drive a bargain so that Yumi will accept one of Baudelaire's books (episode 22 “Mutiny”), or where our heroes shrug Laura off and sneak off in spite of Jim's surveillance.
It is also a dangerous place. Indeed, the yard is crawling with students. In such a crowd, XANA's spectres are granted the most efficient cover they may hope for. Be it an unknown little year 6 student (episode 03 “Spectromania”) or one of the adults from Kadic (episode 07 “Countdown”), or even one of our heroes (episode 05 “Rivalry”), XANA can make its spectres look like just about anyone to fool our heroes and sneak up on them when they least expect it.

Even when the spectre appears elsewhere, it is not rare for the Lyoko Warriors have to run through the schoolyards to get away from it and reach the factory.


The cafeteria
You could not find a more common cafeteria. Beside the entrance, there is a small storeroom in which Odd is inopportunely locked after he purchased an illegal copy of a video game (episode 02 “Cortex”).

The everyday situations are somewhat banal. The heroes often meet up around a meal. Sometimes, Odd thinks about his dog while he strokes a kiwifruit. This is also where they have to babysit Aelita's clone at one point (episode 20 “Espionage”).
In episode 07 “Countdown”, Odd, well-dressed, meets up with Samantha to try and flirt with her. Unfortunately, he is attacked by a spectre before he can even begin to do so.


The classrooms
Outside their activities as saviours of mankind, our heroes are just regular high school students. As such, they live what each of us has had to experience during our lives. “Hard” exercises on the board (episode 04 “Miss Einstein”), receiving one's report card (episode 12 “Chaos at Kadic”), confessions about love stories (episode 01 “XANA 2.0”) – in short, the everyday life of a student.
They sometimes find refuge in the classrooms to get away from spectres (episode 09 “How To Fool XANA”).


The dormitory
Above the classrooms, there are dormitories. It is our heroes' hideout when they are not at the factory, where they like to hold briefings and debriefings (episode 08 “Virus”). The rooms are simple, their dimensions are modest, but they are decorated according to their occupants' liking.

The dorms are also a dangerous place, for the same reasons for which the schoolyards should be avoided. You never know if a spectre will appear in front of you when you turn down the corridor, or if it will appear directly in the common bathrooms (episode 16 “Confusion”).

  • Ulrich and Odd's room

In this room, there are two beds and it is decorated according to the taste of two teenagers. On the walls, there are pieces of paper covered in graffiti, probably made by Odd. As for Ulrich, we can see manga on the shelves, and martial arts posters on the walls.
When spectres attack them in episode 03 “Spectromania”, Ulrich and Odd try to barricade themselves there. In the end, a spectre manages to break down the door, just before disappearing right after the deactivation of the tower.

  • Aelita's room

Unlike Ulrich and Odd, Aelita has her own room to herself, and her own laptop. She uses it when she tries to find her mother using social networks; XANA also uses it to set a trap for her by sending her an e-mail pretending it's from her parents (episode 11 “Rendezvous”).

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  • Jeremy's room

Jeremy's room is the most important one. It is our heroes' main meeting-place, especially when they need to review the situation, mainly when it comes to source codes (episode 15 “The Codeless”), or when they want to draw up a report after a mission.

Jeremy spends a great deal of time in his room, working on his computer. For example, this is where he repairs the video in which Tyron and Hopper appear (episode 07 “Countdown”). He also develops the Megapod (episode 04 “Miss Einstein”) and works with Laura, all night long if it is needed, on the virus intended to destroy the Cortex (episode 18 “Tenacity”).

Finally, this is where the alarm tone rings when XANA attacks in the middle of the night – when he allows himself to rest for a bit.

  • Jim's room

Dormitory supervisor, Jim also has his own room. This is where we learn that our PE teacher is keen on animal documentaries, which he watches while stuffing himself with junk food. The room is also seen when Ulrich comes looking for advice about martial arts, or wants to thank his mentor.

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The gymnasium
There is a gymnasium at Kadic. It is well-equipped (climbing wall, pommel horse, ropes) and much used. The students can go there for training whenever they want, like Ulrich and Yumi in episode 01 “XANA 2.0”, or meditation, like Ulrich in episode 25 “Massacre”.

That is also where Jim gives his PE lessons. He often has to face strange scenes: a time loop that pushes his students to insolent behaviour (episode 24 “Temporal Paradox”), Aelita's clone not obeying instructions correctly (episode 20 “Espionage”), or even the appearance of a spectre in the storeroom while he's changing the fuse (episode 01 “XANA 2.0”). Even when the gymnasium is used for other purposes, like hosting a charity party (episode 06 “Suspicions”), XANA finds a way to send spectres there. It is also the place where inter-school tournaments are held, in particular karate tournaments (episode 10 “The Warrior Awakens”).

Finally, there is a body-building room at Kadic, and it is probably adjacent to the gym. William's spectre breaks down its door (episode 05 “Rivalry”). Odd tries to barricade Aelita and Ulrich inside, but with very little success (episode 15 “The Codeless”).

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The library and computer room
Two special rooms, but you can find them in any school...therefore, there is not much to say about them. The computer room is shown only once, when Jim tries to give a cybersports lesson, which fails because of XANA (episode 01 “XANA 2.0”).

Sometimes, our heroes meet at the library. One time, Yumi and William have to ensure that Aelita remains there while Jeremy is is truing to figure out something about her mother (episode 23 “Jeremy's Blues”).
In episode 08 “Virus”, Odd steals Laura's tablet so that she follows him to the factory, where our heroes intend to brief the little genius. Finally, it is in this same library that Laura makes an inquiry of her own into Franz Hopper (episode 16 “Confusion”).


Delmas's office
The principal's office is where important events take place. It is decorated in an old style, with old furniture, some period paintings and a bunch of old-fashioned things.
This is where extraordinary visitors like Graven (episode 17 “A Professional Career Guaranteed”) or Tyron (epiosde 26 “Ultimate Mission”) are welcomed.
It is also where Mr Delmas sees displeased parents (like Laura's father in episode 12 “Chaos at Kadic”) or students who were punished by teachers (episode 15 “The Codeless”).

You can also find there the microphone that enables the principal to make an announcement to the whole school...or Jim to call one specific student. Odd uses its sound waves to weaken a spectre on one occasion, by singing “Frère Jacques” (episode 15).


The manor
A little further away from the school, there is a building that the students call either the chapel or the manor. Well-named, the place looks ancient and evokes an atmosphere of spirituality. Aelita is lured there by XANA, who materialises a clone of Anthea Hopper. The young girl, convinced that she and her mother are about to be reunited, becomes suddenly gullible and rushes there to see her mother in spite of Jeremy's warnings, which costs her a large amount of source codes.


The park
All around the school, there is a huge park. Far from being a small area of grass, it rather looks like a little wood. The students seem to be allowed to go and move there quite freely since we frequently see them there. Odd seems quite fond of it: he uses it to go jogging (episode 15 “The Codeless”), or just lie down and listen to some music (episode 25 “Massacre”). Jim is not outdone, since he practises tai-chi there every morning (episode 11 “Rendezvous”).

However, the park is above all else a transitory setting, because it is where the entrance to the secret passage that leads to the factory is located... But in any conflict, roads and movements are a very strategic element to control: as a result, a huge part of the action takes place in the woods.
It would be pointless to establish a list of all the to-ing and fro-ing that goes on there. Let us just point out that our heroes are very often ambushed in the park by XANA's spectres. This is the case with the spectre of the man in black (episode 19 “The Trap”), that of the American footballer (episode 15 “The Codeless”), or that of Michael Rouiller (episode 25 “Massacre”). In episode 21 “False Pretences”, a polymorphic spectre causes a bunch of misunderstandings during which the heroes come across each other and have to determine whether they are facing a spectre or not.

“Lighter” events also take place in the park. Like the love fight-and-reconciliation between Ulrich and Yumi in episode 10 “The Warrior Awakens”. In episode 22 “Mutiny”, Jim organises an obstacle course through that school and the park as well.


The secret passage
The entrance of the secret passage, a manhole at the top of a big metal block, is not very discreet. But it does not really matter since nobody is fond of going down into the sewers.
In episode 02 “Cortex”, it is where William waits to trip our heroes up, to complain about the fact he was not re-integrated into the group.

The function of the sewers is similar to that of the park: they are but a place on the way to the factory. Our heroes often use it but there is not much that happens there. Two special elements take place there. The first one is the fight between Jim's spectre and Ulrich/Odd at the very beginning of the fight against XANA (episode 01 “XANA 2.0”). The other one might sound unimportant, but it is so incredible that it is worth mentioning: Aelita thanks Laura (episode 11 “Rendezvous”). This will go down in history.

Besides that, nothing really significant happens in the sewers. Except for some banter, like an orientation course for Aelita's confused clone.


Sources of inspiration
ImageKadic Academy's name is a homage to a famous novelist, Philip K. Dick (pronounced "ka" Dick in French). Click on the image to read our file on him.
ImageIn the animates series, Kadic Academy used Lycée Lakanal in Paris as a model. Yet Code Lyoko Evolution was shot elsewhere: in Lycée Guez-de-Balzac, located in Angoulême. We will soon write a file about this school. Click here to discover a video about the matte painting used around the school.
ImageThe forest in which the series, and the park in particular, were shot is the Bois de Soyaux, located in the surroundings of Guez-de-Balzac.

Behind the scenes
ImageThe portrait in Mr Delmas's office is of Colonel Sylvain Raynal. Since this painting looks a little similar to to some pro-military paintings reminiscent of Maréchal Pétain, it was the subject of debate during the filming, some people wondering if it should appear in the series or not.
ImageOn each dormitory door, there is a small piece of paper indicating the names of some of the borders who live inside. The props person, unfamiliar with the series, gave Yumi her own room; however, Morgane, the Lyokofan script helper who was present at the filming, pointed out the mistake and it was corrected.
ImageThe graffiti that appears on the wall of Odd and Ulrich's room are the winners of a graffiti contest that was organised while Code Lyoko Evolution was being prepared.
ImageThe manga seen in Aelita and Ulrich and Odd's rooms are exactly the same props, used in both locations. Also, most of them were written in Japanese, the original version.
ImageThe textbooks used in the classrooms are intended for year 12 students, not year 10.