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The Mountain Sector
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Sector's description and topology
This Sector is not ideal for holding a skateboarding competition! Not only because of its rocky peaks and its pointed stones, but also because one clumsy movement by our friends would send them spiralling into rocks and to falling into the void. Sometimes they must brave the very narrow passages between the rocks. Add to all this some clouds of fog and you will understand why our friends don't picnic here very often...

These are there the three components of the Mountain sector: a permanent fog, long bridges which connect average-sized plateaux to rocks (from small stones to large peaks) found everywhere. Dangerous, but to the eyes, the most aesthetic of the Sectors throughout its somewhat extreme Oriental atmosphere...

Most of the mountains are hollow, containing tunnels, passages or other cavities like caves. We also find a labyrinth around a tower in which the heroes took cover and faced a troop of Kankrelats in episode 11 “Rendezvous”.

Many summits float all around this Sector. They are inaccessible, except by Supersmoke or vehicle. Again, their importance is only minor, however, the heroes sometimes make use of them to shake off monsters or to take them by surprise. Their role thus appears during aerial confrontations.
Yumi barely saves her life in episode 23 “Jeremy's Blues”. Following a fall towards the Digital Sea, she grabbed onto the edge just in time.

Appearances of the Sector
Appearances in episodes

#05 Rivalry
#11 Rendezvous
#12 Chaos at Kadic
#15 The Codeless
#23 Jeremy's Blues
#25 Massacre

Significant events

Image In episode 11 “Rendezvous”, XANA activates the tower in the Mountain Sector simultaneously to another on the Desert Sector.
Image In episode 23 “Jeremy's Blues”, XANA deploys Kankrelats which can duplicate themselves if they are destroyed.