[Special] Chronicle of a translation... #1!
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Hello everyone!

Today, we are happy to announce to you that Book 1 of the Code Lyoko Chronicles is now available translated and for download as a PDF in English!

[The Underground Castle]

In the future, you can expect a new chapter from Book 2 to come out each Monday in English. Stick around to finally be able to read these novels for the first time!

  • As for the site

Some other pages have been updated and translated pertaining to the Chronicles.

-Creation of the category "Books and Comics" page where you can find the Chronicles and comics in various languages.
-Addition of a link to this category in the Chronicles section of the site, on the comics page and on the books page of the Related products section.

  • Two new pages in the Chronicles section!

-One page is called "Chronicle of a translation" which sums up the fanproject. There you will be able to also discover all of the fans who worked on the translation of the Chronicles for CodeLyoko.Fr and find out exactly what each of their roles was in the process.
-The second new page is the Gallery page which contains an assortment of all the images we have from the novels. You can discover the wonderful art the novels have added to the Code Lyoko universe here.

From a more general standpoint, the entire Chronicles section has been updated.

  • By the way!

A new banner has been made in honor of the fanslation of the novels for the site! You see it at the top of this news post. Congratulations and thank you to Lénaelle for its creation. Starting from left to right, each character features a novel in the series from Book 1 to Book 4. The nationality of each character was also chosen based off of their names. And from left to right, the nationalities represent the order of release of the Chronicles in various languages. It's the perfect banner to celebrate this magnificent project and the international cooperation of the community.

We hope all this has made you happy...
...and that you will understand the amount of work this required!
Because we worked our butts off for this!

Have a good week on!

And thanks to some others who helped out with this project:
FloraMagic, Poppy, Lénaelle, Rhys, TheAppleFreak!