Chronicle of a translation #32
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Hello everyone!

We've now given you books 1 and 2 of the Chronicles in English, and we continue our weekly schedule! The heroes' epic adventure now continues on through the Code Lyoko Chronicles' third book: "The Return of the Phoenix". 

Our translators, backed by the rest of the "Chronicle of a translation" team, push on. This week, discover chapter 17 of book III: "Retreat!" and the epilogue, drawing book 3 to a close! Yay!

[The Return of the Phoenix]
[Last version: Complete]
Translated by Kelsey & A_QueenOfFairys

The war escalates and Kadic plunges into chaos...
Who will triumph in this epic battle?

As you will have noticed from our first two books, the following steps have been taken to make sure that our final product looks as much like the real thing as possible:

- A layout that's almost identical to that in the original novels.
- Use of fonts in the original novels.
- The presence of coloured illustrations in high quality that have been adapted into English.
- The presence of icons at the start of every chapter, scanned from the Italian versions and retouched for an optimal rendering.

Finally, we remind you of the section of the site that's completely dedicated to the Chronicles. You can notably find there a gallery containing images from the first two books and which has been updated with illustrations translated into English.

To conclude, for those who haven't already hopped on the bandwagon:

[Book 1] - The Underground Castle
[Book 2] - The Nameless City

Next week, we kick off book 4 "The Army of Nothing"!

Until next Monday on!