The end...of the Chronicle of a Translation! (#50)
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Hello everyone.

XANA creatures! Wow!

Today is a very emotional day seeing as the English "Chronicle of a translation" project is reaching its end! Finally we've caught up with the amazing progress done by our French counterparts and can now draw the entire project to a close (well, aside from future updates with proofreading and corrections…). Today, we're giving you both chapter 19 AND the epilogue of book 4, "The Army of Nothing", PLUS the illustrated images from the centre of the book (just before chapter 9)!

With these two chapters, two adventures come to an end.

Notre Jérémie tant attendu...On one hand, the Code Lyoko Chronicles. We've sufficiently sang its praises… This long-awaited sequel to Code Lyoko that sticks to the cartoon far better than Code Lyoko Evolution ever did.
From virtualised Jeremy (thumbnail on the right) to Project Carthage and the men in black. From the origin of XANA's insanity to Anthea Hopper's fate. This four-book sequel that links together the past and the future of Code Lyoko will allow you to find out everything about Franz Hopper's story and the future of our heroes. New charismatic and dangerous secondary characters with…surprising potential (Eva Skinner on Lyoko, thumbnail on the left)…loads of discoveries await you throughout this literary quadrilogy.

Grigory Nictapolus... A very bad...bad guy!!

On the other hand, our project is also ending. This immense yet tedious epic took a whole chunk of the site team to finally allow French- and English-speaking fans to discover all the Chronicles in these languages. Translators, graphic artists, editors, supervisor… A whole programme. To conclude this journey, we've put up a new banner for the site!

To satisfy our perfectionism, we've also replaced the PDFs of books 1, 2 and 3 with new versions. On the menu: spelling corrections and minor formatting changes, and the uniformisation of certain terms. In a few weeks, we'll also publish an edited version of book 4.

However, all is not yet finished! This is not only the end of the beginning, but also the beginning of the end. Weekly readers will be able to fight to the end on a long journey. The numerous fans who've waited for the translation to be finished will also begin the adventure. From there, check out the CL Evolved forum thread to talk about it! We eagerly await your arrival.
In the following weeks we will update the Chronicles section of the site with new pages, including reviews from a long-time fan, a backstory page, differences between the books and the series, and more.

Another huge thanks to the entire project team. Now, you can…

[The Army of Nothing]
[Last version: Complete]
Translated by Kelsey & A_QueenOfFairys

Or start at the beginning…

[Book 1: The Underground Castle]

[Book 2: The Nameless City]

[Book 3: The Return of the Phoenix]

There you have it. And what great timing, this is the 50th news post dedicated to the Code Lyoko Chronicles in English.
Now, they'll become part of the series' heritage.
As such, they deserve their own complete section on
We hope you've enjoyed this adventure...and come back soon for other news.
We can't leave on such a high note! ;)

PS: Don't hesitate to congratulate the project team in the comments, both English and French.
(After all, without our French friends, this project would never have been a success!)
They really deserve it!