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IFSCL 3.6.X: Trailer
Posted by Immu on 03/09/2018 at 19:00 (2 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hello everyone, the Fictional Interface of Code Lyoko's Supercomputer (IFSCL) is back... back again! And this time, for nothing less than creating the skidbladnir!

Original IFSCL music courtesy of Roroxana!

3.6.X ??

In fact 3.6.0, but it's in the 3.6.X cycle. New cycles (3.6.X, 4.0.X etc.) are still heavily promoted around annoucement, trailers, new logos, but not versions in between.
In the end, their should be as much ‘officialy promoted’ versions as before, but smaller version fixes should come more often in the background.
Things like Immu’s Room, which tends to be huge technical improvements but only released later after a release, will no longer slow down the process as they’re going to be added via new version after the release.

kolossus launcher

Kolossus Launcher will be the new standard to download and get updates on latest IFSCL version. This tool will also help me distributing Lyoko Conquerors once its released.

The legacy-standalone versions will also continue to be created as soon as a version cycle wraps up, to mark the history of IFSCL.
As soon as we get on a new major version (3.7.X for example), the previous major version latest update (3.6.3 for example) is kept and saved on IFSCL download section as 3.6.X (in this case), without launcher and with its original release date, just like any older version.
Also, to speed up dev process, 32bits windows is ruled out for now form new builds.

Only skidbladnir creation ? When do we get to pilot it ?
Be patient! Creating it will already be a challenge, and protect it from destruction too! That's two new types of attacks that are coming in, the draining scyphozoa and creeper/mantas attacks in the garage!
The creation of the said garage is also there, of course.
In both case, you'll have to read quite a bit! The inventory is filled up with new books containing informations. Fortunately, the game's help is also updated.

IFSCL 36x Screen IFSCL 36x Screen

Many other additions and improvement are also coming, a new main menu, an easier virtual build system, various fixes, and many original displays that never appears in the game (skid being drained, preparing multitower boost/scan...)
And as usual, a big rationalization of the windows (how are supposed to work the shields, the hull, garage skid docking, energy transfer between shields and such) that appeared in the show without further explanation.

Also, the multiscan/4 towers boost has a new purpose, contrary to the series, it will not only be needed to counter scyphozoa, but also the create the skidbladnir itself.
This is a variation around its use in the animated series, to make logical their need to create the skidbladnir 'in two parts', with the same 'timing' challenge they face off.

IFSCL 36x Screen IFSCL 36x Screen

When does it get released?

No day on the video date ? That's normal, the release date hasn't been decided yet and is meant to fit my busy schedulde and avoid useless stress.
The day, when confirmed, will be visible in the changelog and on the social networks, so please, dont' ask me ;)

Plenty of livestreams making of!
You've got hours of your time to lost with the sound of my voice ?

To get to know more about this version's progress and content: changelog!
To chat about it: discord
To discuss on a social network: facebook
If you're old-school, go for the longuest french topic of the forum